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How does this apply to the Sale case?

An accident caused by Tri Met put you in the hospital? Your medical bills over $300,000? Too bad. You can only recover the maximum $200,000. The rest you have to pay for, whether or not you have medical insurance. The law has been in place for decades and was long overdue for a change. Part of the problem was that no yearly cost of living adjustment (COLA) was put into the law when first enacted.

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No end to Max incidents

Rantings from a Regular TriMet Rider

Light rail fraud

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The safest transit system is one where nothing moves

Metro's bag searches will treat everyone like terrorists


It has been my bad luck to command the fixation of two determined stalkers. They use lies and distortions in their quest to  see me fired. Both of these stalkers have traits described in the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders). I have already described Ellen Fox and some of her disturbing behaviors. In this article, I will describe how I view MARCUS GRIFFITH, a so called reporter for the Vancouver Voice on line magazine.


I had never heard of Marcus Griffith Until I became embroiled in a pissing contest Between myself and several participants at blog.

Having witnessed entry after entry of bus driver Bashing by participants of that blog, I launched my own Attack on bicyclists using the same tactics that they employed against bus drivers.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that this was a group of people that were capable of launching vicious ATTACKS against me personally.

These attacks were lead by Marcus Griffith, who published all my personal information on that website and urged as many people to go after to me as possible. Their intent was to see me fired. Members of that blog went so far as to fabricate phony incidents in their zeal to see me fired. (such as someone by the name “Janet Delaware” accused me of filming woman’s asses as they got on the bus!)

The real issue was that someone was filming me while I was driving and that I was talking to them about a subject that was current at bikeportland.

Although I had been engaging in this activity in the open for years, somehow Griffith was able to persuade KGW that my behavior was a “threat to the public safety”.

KGW apparently contacted Trimet management who then contacted me. I proceeded to march on down to KGW and defend myself. KGW ran this story, god knows why since it had absolutely no news value.

Knowing that the news media of Portland is virulent anti Trimet bus driver, I took my own camera man down to record the entire interview, in its entirety.

As a result of this tempest in a teapot, Trimet management changed its regulations henceforth making it a violation of the rules to engage in “blogging” while driving.

“Blogging” while driving is in reality is talking while driving, something that Bus drivers do all day long, day in and day out. There is absolutely no difference, but alas Trimet management seems to panic at every single accusation that is made against one of it’s operators.

Now Marcus Griffith has decided to attack me again, this time for taping my ride on the Max. His issue this time is I do not have “express permission” to record riders on the Max.
I pointed out to him that I am riding as a private citizen, not in uniform, but Griffith, as usual, attempts to twist the reality of that into some sinister “evil” behavior that I am engaging in.
The reality of my work was to get a collage of overcrowded scenes on the Max and use that to illustrate just how bad the conditions are for Trimet users right now!

Our Management continues to grow this agency, all at the expense of the current riders/employees.
I find it unconscionable and am doing what little I can to aid in the attempt to stop it!

The question about Griffith is why? Why does he have it in for me?
I don’t even know the man, never met him, yet he is absolutely determined to see me fired.
Griffith has a very shady history, he calls himself a “reporter” but his past behavior seems more like a sociopath:
–noun Psychiatry .
a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

I have never done anything to this man, yet he is as fixated on me as Ellen Fox is.
He liables me, spinning wild stories by putting together tiny pieces of material that he has found among my thousands and thousands of blog entries.
He has a history of this type of behavior, he has produced nothing on his own, and his entire body of work is in destroying other people.
From where I sit, that makes him a sociopath.

1711 Tri-Met WES RDC at Beaverton, Oregon by Andrew Robb




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Laughingstock of America


Lies, lies, and more lies


The Christmas Bus, Newcastle NSW Australia


ELLEN FOX WATCH BLOG(blog not mine)



Ellen Fox  and I had been casual friends for over ten years.
On several occasions in past volumes of my Rantings blog I gave her support in other disputes she was having with other people.

Our friendship ended after we had a telephone conversation where she advised me about “Trimet’s dirty tricks” and how they went about “setting up” operators they wanted to get rid of.

At that time it was my standard procedure to tape record all telephone calls. I had taped several conversations with various Trimet management officials and placed them on my blog with no voice distortion. Although several managers were offended by that they were apparently informed by Trimet legal that I was not in violation of any laws.

The conversation I had with Ellen was so intriguing, so beyond what I thought possible of Trimet management, that I placed it on my blog, using my advanced voice distortion software so as to protect Ellen’s identity.
The next day she contacted me in a rage. I took the whole thing down immediately per her request and thought that would be the end of it. Fat chance, I had no idea at that time what type of personality I was dealing with. She stated that even with voice distortion they would know it was her, apparently she was the only person alive that would have that information so it would be traced back to her resulting in retaliation. The whole event had very limited exposure since it was up only one day and the blog was relatively unknown except for a handful of transit bloggers.

That was the end of our friendship, and we never had another personal conversation again. If she had let go of the situation nobody would have ever known about it, but that is not MS Fox style. I became her personal enemy and she has been engaging in a smear campaign against me since.

As she would smear me around the internet I would defend myself of her, sometimes using small pieces of the original conversation. She then got a lawyer who persuaded me to remove all content related to her, I agreed with the following provision, she never mention me again on the internet.

Later in the year there was a controversy at the Powell garage. Attending my very first union meeting I was given a copy of the petition, to my shock and surprise my name was prominently displayed as party to the charges against another. Ellen had listed me as a protagonist in the whole situation. To make long story short things got nasty and finally that whole situation ended, unfavorable for Ellen Fox.

She then decided that she would sue me over the original taping. She wanted $7500. The judge saw no damages other than she was upset and awarded her $100. Unable to accept the judge’s ruling she tried again, this time the case was heard at the PEOPLES COURT, where the full judgment was for the defendant (me).

Unable to accept that ruling either Ellen Fox has continued to engage in a libelous smear campaign against me.

She maintains a "smear blog" which is all about me and how evil I am.

Most of my confidants advise me to ignore her,  however one tires of being accused of stalking and menacing for no reason other than revenge.

This is a vicious woman who from my point of view is mentally unstable.

Now you know my side of the story.