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EXTEND FARE LESS TO PGE PARK , nah, end fare less square would be better

NWDA to Make Recommendation on PGE Parking Plan Tonight | Neighborhood Notes


punkrawker4783 said...
HEY! That photo is mine, she does not have permission to use my photo in the matter being expressed here.


Trimet is implementing its new safety structure and wants comments.
You don’t have to be paranoid to speak your mind about this!
So far I am the only person to comment!
We need to be active in this safety structure that is about to be imposed on us!
Trimet has now implemented a system that alleviates the need to go and “meet” with a group or a person.
We can put our comments in writing on express line!
So far I am the only person to comment, we need more participation in this process.
This safety structure is going to happen!
At least there is an opportunity here to influence its structure.
Make some real life suggestions:


Well that’s the rumor now.
I knew there was talk of it, but this is the first time I have heard that someone has actually filed “real” charges.
I have no verification of this event, but it came from a credible source.

Ellen Fox lives in a state of constant paranoia!

Her latest post:

Margulies and Day are fostering an atmosphere of hatred and fear against me in my work place, the community and ATU.  At this point, I have serious concerns regarding my personal safety, the safety of my family and home.

This is the same nonsense she tried to pull at the court hearings, pretending that she is "threatened".

Nobody has ever threatened Ellen Fox, EVER!
She doesn’t like that charges are pending against her, and finds herself  in a box, so of course she resorts to her paranoid delusions that somebody actually wants to harm her.
Sorry Ellen, nobody wants to hurt you.
 We want to stop your slanderous, libelous behavior.
Behavior that has been going on for years now!
Behavior that has gone without challenge for years now!
In my particular case, I have had two court hearings and one lawyer mediated settlement, all for nothing.
You continue slandering me with impunity.
At least Chris Day has more balls than I and is willing to put forth this effort to stop you!

The United States of Shame

Portland AFoot

No dancing allowed

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Whjy can't we do stuff like this at the trimet board meeting?

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--A rowdy group of about 200 union protesters shut down a Mortgage Bankers Association conference for about 10 minutes Wednesday, taking over the stage to protest against homebuilder PulteGroup Inc. (PHM) before leaving peacefully.
The protest led to some head-scratching among attendees, who wondered why a mortgage-banking conference was targeted. The protest appeared to be triggered by the presence of Debra Still, chief executive of Pulte's mortgage unit and chairman of the mortgage bankers' newly created council on residential mortgage servicing issues.

Unions sue the governor!

South Carolina governor sued over hostility to unions | Reuters


Federal Eye - TSA union vote tentatively set for March/April



Have you seen this new show called "Portlandia?"

Pretty sad if you ask me!

Two of my favorite Trimet people!


Two suns will be visible?

Click here!

Something nice to look at


I don't know anything about flame-wars. Not interested in participating. Not interested in negativity, name-calling, character assignation or anything else to belittle, degrade or hurt another human being. I'm more interested in supporting, nurturing and loving the human spirit. 

On the same page this pathological liar says the following:
Everyone's pretty much aware of the damage he's caused our Union over the years. His connections to the conservative anti-union,  anti- tax, anti-rail people. Publishing numerous videos over the years  bragging about our benefits when in reality we have far less benefits then the City or County.  This guy's twitter followers and followers on his other blogs were/are people from Common Cause Oregon (Golden Fleece Award), Lars Larson and others. In fact, according to Jon Hunt a couple years ago, he called the guy into his office on three different occasions to ask him to quit talking about our benefits and contract on his blog.  After one of those talks he came out with this video admitting and apologizing for his involvement. The apology lasted less then four days and he was back at it saying he had "Freedom of Speech" and so it went... 
All complete delusional lies made up by an unstable personality!
She's a liar with no conscience CLICK HERE!

Not so sure I would ride on this bus route!




Here's an idea!

Personal rapid transit in Newport News? - Daily Press

Chris Parker advocates for the disabled!

Chris Parker advocates for the disabled! from al m on Vimeo.

30 transit veteran comes to work drunk and gets busted!

Story here!


Dear President Jon Hunt,
As I think about the voting process I have witnessed it has brought up many security questions about the true outcome of our members voting.

I have witnessed blank ballots handed out to members before a vote. I don’t recall if a count of the total ballots is taken. Once the issue at hand is presented to the membership then members are asked to place their vote and turn it in.

I have witnessed some ballots not filled out or turned in and just held by a member for the next vote. It is not clear if a total count of returned votes match the number of ballots put out.

For the next issue any member that kept ahold of their blank ballot has an opportunity to receive another blank ballot and vote twice on that issue or more on another.

After all issues are addressed and ballots are returned and sealed in a labeled envelope they are placed in a large briefcase along with blank ballots and blank envelopes. Upon the ending of the meeting I lose sight of the briefcase and I am not aware of how many chances officers have to get access to these votes.

I am in need of a detailed security breakdown about how our voting process is handled and what opportunities there are for tampering. I have already pointed out a few and the security of our membership is important.

A timely response would be deeply appreciated. -Chris Day

Who's looking?



Paranoid schizophrenia is a schizophrenia subtype in which the patient has false beliefs (delusions) that somebody or some people are plotting against them or members of their family.  The individual may also have delusions of personal grandeur - a false belief that they are much greater and more powerful and influential than they really are.

An individual with paranoid schizophrenia may spend an extraordinary amount of time thinking about ways to protect themselves from their persecutors. 


The Influence Ellen Has on Some People.

And I thought I was slandered by Ellen Fox !

Going Back to TRUE Union Values

Preferring of Charges

Well everything is in motion now. I have done my part and now for our union officers to do their part. I do have some concerns about how much control union officers have over voting. The fact that ballots are sealed in an envelope than are taken from our sight does not sit well with me.

Going Back to TRUE Union Values

Guess where this door leads?

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Fun at Disptach

Trimet bus dispatch call library

Max discusses the Trimet bike and rides

Max Campos discusses the Trimet Bike and Rides from al m on Vimeo.

Forget transit, give us development

Same as it ever was (Jack Bog's Blog)

Downtown Portland Oregon

Do they really think this?

TriMet: Testimonials



Faking injuries on transit

T to fakers: We’re watching -

Seattle bus tunnel security firm cited

Seattle Times Newspaper

Our constitutional right to cheap public transit | Full Comment

 During a recent meeting of the Toronto Transit Commission to discuss cutting service on under-performing bus routes, Councillor Maria Augimeri declared: “We’re not here to run a business. We’re here to be a social service. We are a service provider. We can’t just cut routes because they don’t perform. Wheel-Trans doesn’t perform, it costs us $35 per ride. Do we cut all those routes? It’s a ridiculous proposition. People who say a political venue should offer a business-like approach really don’t know what they’re talking about. We are not a business. We are not here to make money.

 National Post

Portland 23rd worst commute

Survey: How Portland's commute ranks in U.S. | | News | Portland, Oregon

Transit buses collide!

Broward County Transit bus crash: Two Broward Transit buses collide in Lauderhill injuring three riders -


January 21 from al m on Vimeo.


Feedback needed on new way for Bus Operators to raise safety concerns

Posted by Peggy LaPoint at Jan 20, 2011 09:00 AM | Permalink
Small teams of managers are working to implement the recommendations of the General Manager’s Safety & Service Excellence Task Force. This winter, some of these teams are making ‘Safety Exchange’ visits to frontline employee work areas to gather input on decisions they’re weighing. An Operations team is creating an additional way for bus operators to request assessment of a safety concern and would like to hear your thoughts about:
* A draft of the "Request for Safety Assessment"
* Process for the review of requests and responses to operators.
Look for this group conducting a Safety Exchange at the Center report area during bus operator signup:
* Thursday, January 27: 8:30 - 11:30 a.m.
If you can't make it to the Safety Exchange gatherings, you can talk with an assistant manager or add your comment here.


This was my comment:
It seems to me that safety concerns fall into several categories,
 For example:

a-bus stop safety
b-right or left unsafe turns
c-equipment causing safety issues
d-schedules that defeat safety
e-passenger loads creating safety hazards
f-road reliefs that create safety hazards
My suggestion is that a form be created and placed in the pouch that is only for
safety issues with categories such as those listed above.
Then an area for explanation of safety issue.
It needs to be easy to fill out!
Obviously if management is serious about safety then these forms would need to
be addressed in a timely manner, say 24 hours at most.
If the operator request is rejected there needs to be a thorough and concise
explanation as to why this request is rejected.
The safety request needs to be scanned and placed in a data base that is
available for all operators/staff to review as needed, both rejected and approved requests.
These issues need to be tracked accurately and openly.
The yellow cards are a complete and miserable failure as answers would come back
that were disrespectful and then there was no way to track whether or not other
operators were making the same requests.
Management does not drive buses, making rules can only go so far.
Words on a piece of paper do not always translate into real life actions.
Having meetings does not make anything safer.
Listening and responding to those behind the wheel will allow operators to "own" the safety structure at Trimet and will genuinely create a 'CULTURE OF SAFETY'!

The Ministry of Propaganda

The Ministry is among the best in the world for highlighting the good and ignoring the bad. Here is a list of glowing reviews of our wonderful transit system. Keep in mind that all these articles are speaking of Portland,  which absolutely has a damn good transit system.
It's the rest of the Trimet service area that suffers so Portland can get nice little articles like those listed below.

Google, Inc., The Official Google Blog, Dec. 7, 2005
Sunset Magazine, 2005
The Economist, Aug. 31, 2006
USA Today, July 27, 2006
BBC News, Aug. 15, 2006, July 19, 2007
USA Today, Aug. 18, 2008
Popular Science, 2008, Sustainable US City Rankings, 2008
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, July 1, 2009, Sept. 21, 2009, Feb. 22, 2010, Mar. 15, 2010
USA Today, Aug. 30, 2010
GOOD Magazine, Sept. 28, 2010


We were talking about excessive waste of funds by Trimet executives when Rolf gave an example of a bridge that connects two fields at the Sunset Transit Center.
I didn't remember the bridge that Rolf referred to but here it is, on Google earth.
We go under this bridge every time we come in and out of the Sunset Transit Center, and it actually does connect two fields! I drove by this bridge on my way home tonight and you can see that at the end of January 21 movie.

Regarding Ellen Fox

For readers that are not familiar with Ellen Fox and her history, it needs to be stated that she was fired from Trimet. She was able to get her job back, the details of how she got her job back are unknown to me. From what I have been told, an administrative blunder secured her re hire.
However, she was fired, and that doesn't happen just because they don't like you!
She continues libeling me with impunity and now this very troubled woman has  Chris Day as her target.

This guy not happy with his bus driver

 (The gentleman that made this video dd not publish my comment which was as follows: "don't you think you are being a little bit hard on this woman?" I stand by that comment.

YouTube - Trimet Driver distracted

Friday, January 21, 2011

Gulags of Amerika

Lawsuit: Federal Prisoners With "Unpopular Political Beliefs" Isolated, Abused

N=1,022? huh?

When Trimet Drivers Snap???


(I don't get it?)

This is the interesting statistic

About half (51%) of riders say they use a combination of buses and MAX, 37% use MAX only, and 13% use buses only.

This answers one of the main questions I have had.
How many riders originate on the bus then move to the max.
That looks to me like 51% of Max ridership actually originates on a bus.
I have extreme doubts of anybody driving to a park and ride to get on a max and then get on the bus after.   

So what about these stats? Do we believe them?

  • 81% of riders say they have a car available but prefer to ride TriMet, or they choose not to own a car because they prefer TriMet.
  • 81% of residents in the TriMet service area (age 16 and older) say they ride TriMet to some degree, and 43% ride "a couple of times a month or more."
  • About half (51%) of riders say they use a combination of buses and MAX, 37% use MAX only, and 13% use buses only.
  • 83% of frequent/regular riders say they approve of the job we're doing.

Tri-Met board goes full steam ahead on Milwaukie MAX



Don't miss the next action packed excitement extravaganza called the TRIMET BOARD MEETING

 (Or maybe don't bother?)

What will be discussed?

Bikini barrista stories

Man Steals From Bikini-Clad Barista
OR bikini barista says she chased thief onto bus
Bikini barista chases thief onto bus
Bikini Barista Says She Chased Thief Who Stole Her Tips onto Bus

People get killed by transit buses

Toronto pedestrian killed by bus - The Globe and Mail

Stay Back

Chris says hi

January 20

Untitled from al m on Vimeo.


This is weird

According to TRIMET data, there were There were 7.8 million trips taken on buses, MAX and WES in December 2010.

According to Wikipeda Portland  has an estimated population of 582,130

That would mean that every single person living in Portland boarded our system 13 times?

His excellency explains

The Federal government has revised the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to change the definition of a “service animal” to “a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.”After consideration by our Committee on Accessible Transportation, the TriMet Board is expected to adopt the new definition at its meeting next week. Operators, field supervisors and customer service personnel will receive detailed information about this change before it goes into effect March 15.  The topic will also be addressed during bus operator recertification, which begins in April.
TriMet Code has always been modeled on the ADA guidelines. The ADA’s “service animal” definition formerly lacked a species restriction and allowed for “comfort animals,” defined as any species that provided emotional support or comfort to a customer. The new definition is more restrictive and provides greater clarity when it comes to what animals can be used. Note that the new definition does not prohibit specific breeds of dogs.
The revised Federal regulations include one detail which has captured the attention of the local media: An exception for miniature horses. Although this kind of service animal is becoming slightly more popular across the country, we are unaware of any miniature horses working as service animals in the Portland area. The new Federal regulations provide a list of factors to assess , including  whether: (1) the miniature horse has been individually trained to perform a task for the benefit of a person with a disability, and the task they perform relates directly to the person’s disability, (2) our vehicles can accommodate the type, size and weight of the animal, (3) the person has sufficient control of the animal, (4) the animal is housebroken, and (5) the animal’s presence in a District vehicle does not compromise legitimate safety requirements.
TriMet has established an administrative rule that outlines how we will handle exceptions to the service animal definition. We will follow this process for any non-canine requests for exception. A person using a TriMet-approved non-canine service animal will be issued a TriMet sticker that designates the animal as allowed to ride on our system outside of a closed container. They would, of course, still have to behave appropriately. We do not expect that this administrative process will be used often, and all exceptions must be approved by the general manager.  
Since the TriMet Board will officially adopt this revision next Wednesday it is possible we will continue to hear more about this in the media. I wanted you to know the reasons for the change and that we will have procedures in place to deal with exceptions. We believe these changes help clarify this issue for both our customers and operators, allowing us to enforce our code more clearly and promote civility on our system.