Monday, January 24, 2011

Ellen Fox lives in a state of constant paranoia!

Her latest post:

Margulies and Day are fostering an atmosphere of hatred and fear against me in my work place, the community and ATU.  At this point, I have serious concerns regarding my personal safety, the safety of my family and home.

This is the same nonsense she tried to pull at the court hearings, pretending that she is "threatened".

Nobody has ever threatened Ellen Fox, EVER!
She doesn’t like that charges are pending against her, and finds herself  in a box, so of course she resorts to her paranoid delusions that somebody actually wants to harm her.
Sorry Ellen, nobody wants to hurt you.
 We want to stop your slanderous, libelous behavior.
Behavior that has been going on for years now!
Behavior that has gone without challenge for years now!
In my particular case, I have had two court hearings and one lawyer mediated settlement, all for nothing.
You continue slandering me with impunity.
At least Chris Day has more balls than I and is willing to put forth this effort to stop you!

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