Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ken Zatarain responds to my comments on the new safety procedures coming on line


Thank you for your comments. You make a lot of good and valid points. Our proposed safety assessment will include some of the things you suggest and fix some of the shortcomings you note. If our safety assessment works well, we'd like to look at using a similar system for yellow cards (scheduling and road conditions) in the future.

Our goals are to:
• ensure that requests don't get lost or misplaced,
• provide the operator a simple form to fill out,
• have a single point of contact from submittal to conclusion (Kimarie Webber), make sure the Operators gets a complete answer,
• have transparency by posting status of all requests on TriNet, and
• have Operations Support (department with Safety staff and Operations Training staff in it) be in charge of conducting the review and recommendation.

We will use an online from (front page of TriNet, no login required) , at least initially, to help ensure all comments get recorded. Paper forms could get lost.
We will acknowledge receipt of the form and have a single point of contact for Operators regarding status of their request (Kimarie Webber). The time needed to come up with a solution and getting the solution done will vary, depending on the severity of the safety condition.
There will be a summary chart available to all on TriNet to track all the safety assessments including status and conclusion.
Will consider using categories such as you suggested once we see what types of comments Operators submit. Intent of these categories is to make it easier for Operators to fill out.
We agree, keep it simple as 1-2-3:
1. Give us your name and badge
2. How you do want us to get back to you
3. Describe you safety concern and, if you have one, your suggested remedy.

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