Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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1) Retaliation via public attacks through printed postings about my character,
2) Accused as anti-union and a plant brought in through TriMet Management to break the union,
3) Horrible graphic attacking my sexuality and accusations of being a pedophile,
4) Our Union President asking me to “Take The High Road” and ignore it while I lose an election and not allowed to return to the open position I was in,
5) Having to except this member’s actions as unstoppable.
The other members who have been exposed to similar type actions have not addressed it because union officers advise against protecting yourself from other members for fear the membership will view the member taking a stance will be viewed as turning on a member. I have been advised it would be poor to address this and just try to do my best around it if I would like any chance of getting voted in to office. I have been advised that I must find a very clear statement in our bylaws, constitution or contract the she has violated or not only would I not get support of the membership I will risk any possible chance of holding any office position.
So the above are pressures I have against me. One member has been able to take away my civil right to not fear persecution for bearing witness, to have to except a bulling, hostile and uncomfortable work environment and to except Libel and Slanderous postings each time I would like to advance in this membership. One member has gone out of her way to welcome me to this union in such a way.
On page 104 of ATU Constitution and General Laws 21.6 Membership in Good Standing it states “No member shall be allowed to injure the interests of a fellow member by undermining him or her in place, wage, or in any other willful act.”

Chris Day

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