Friday, May 13, 2011


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Erik H. said...

Actually, I support this in a way:

Government agencies do not pay a significant amount to TriMet, and yet get discounted fares for their employees.

So this is a hidden tax on taxpayers who subsidize the commuting habits of SOME, while others are forced to go without subsidized transportation.

Since government should be at the forefront, and government wants citizens to understand the "full cost" of our choices, then it seems to reason that government employees should be paying the full cost of their transit pass (or parking), just like a good number of private citizens who have to as well.

(I have no problem with TriMet employees getting free passes, since familiarity and use of the transit system is a benefit to the agency, and it's also necessary sometimes for TriMet employees to use the system for work purposes... But City, County, State, and Federal employees otherwise...can pay.)