Monday, July 25, 2011

Feerless Leader Recieves Commendation

Good job Al!


Al M said...

That's hillarious ! I tell folks NOT to do that!

Al M said...

I wonder what it was?
Probably misidentified if I know Trimet.

punkrawker4783 said...

You don't get a copy of your commendations or complaints?

We do.

Al M said...

I guess not!

J said...

Well it's nice to see Lita in there, I like her.

Jeff Welch said...

We may get copies, but they are often ignored by Chiefs and they don't post them anywhere for your fellow operators to know about.

punkrawker4783 said...

East Base kept up a wall of them while I was out there. And Jeff, Who gives a shit what the Chiefs think, not your job to impress them, but those who called int he commendation. I see your continued negative views on this job hasn't picked up on that yet.

Jeff Welch said...


The last conversation I had with my Chief was over a customer complaint which said basically "Driver was talking too much and not paying attention to his driving". My Chief proceeded to lecture me - a 45 year old, college educated father, ex-military member and all-around grownup - about "the need for safety while driving a bus".

When I objected to being spoken to as if I were a misbehaving 5-year old, my Chief pointed at her computer screen (listing the handful of complaints that I've gotten in the last 3 years) and said "sorry - but since I don't know you, this is all I have to go on".

Now "who cares what the Chiefs think"? Well, I do when I'm sitting in the chair across from their desk in their office. The Chief is what passes for a "boss" in our work, and as I care very deeply about the job, the work I do, and the happiness of my customers - I don't want a short-sighted chief just looking at my customer complaints and passing judgement on me (or lecturing me) on the basis of that information alone.

Not sure where this obsession of yours about my "negative views" (do you even READ Al's blog?) on this job comes from - or frankly where you get off bringing it up over and over again, but whatever floats your boat. I hope I've answered your question, and feel free to get back to me in a few years after you've had a few negative experiences of your own.

As it is, I never saw YOU at a single union meeting, and as somone nearer the chopping block than I next year should budget axes fall - I'd expect you to be a bit more concered about things like that.

punkrawker4783 said...

This post is about commendations. Who cares what the chief thinks means you should feel good about it and not worry about them, tho i will tell you my chief wanted to see me over a commendation to praise me. You turned this into a "Another bad day for Jeff at work", when in reality, no one brought up complaints. This was a positive post, and me asking if they get copies, and you took and ran in the negative direction. Do you see why now? Thats why you got called negative.

Jeff Welch said...

Indeed. This post is about commendations. I think it's great that Trimet posts them - and wish that KC Metro did more of the same. This post is in fact about focusing on the positive - something I believe that Metro could and should do more with regards to how it treats its Operators. It's nice to hear occasionally what you're doing *right*. Wouldn't you agree?

Somehow you turned it into a retread attack on me about being "too negative".

Well, here's the deal on that, Chad:

Like Al (and probably like you), I believe that even though we love our jobs, that there are stresses that occur on the course of our work, and frustrations associated with management, union, policy etc. that are worthy of examination, critique and correction.

Like Al with his own posts jabbing management, bike stations, other drivers ratting each other out etc. - and like your own tweets which frequently blast other drivers and even your own passengers - I recognize that given the stresses we do experience, maybe it's O.K. to vent about it once in awhile.

Not sure why you feel the need to attack me over my post - as you've done elsewhere. Clearly you've decided you don't like me, or at the very least don't like some of the things that I say. That's fine - your right entirely. But frankly if attacking me for being "too negative" on a blog that does as I've described (many posts right here are "negative" and go without similar comment from you) is the best you can do - well that says a great deal more about you than it does about me.

Be well.