Monday, July 25, 2011


TriMet ridership tops 100 million mark again
I love watching our ministry of propaganda doing its spinning, it's fascinating to me. And I always give credit where credit is due. This public service agency really has perfected the art of spin, my hats off to you in the propaganda department. Todays news release starts off with (you'll never guess), the HUGE WES increases! Of course if you have 100 riders and get 50 more that is a 50% increase, hurrah for WES!
Of course the big disappointment is the bus service, alas, broken down, germ infested, late or never even showing up at all , that bus service will be the death of Trimet huh? (sic) 

July 25, 2011
WES sees double-digit increase over last year

TriMet saw more than 100 million rides in Fiscal Year 2011—the second time in its history to reach this milestone. The last time overall ridership topped 100 million rides was in FY 2009.
Annual Ridership

Bus, MAX and WES trips were up 0.7 percent with 100,002,700 trips compared to FY2010. MAX and WES trips increased, while bus trips were down. Figures compared to FY2010.

MAX – 41,200,200 trips, up 7.5 percent

Bus – 58,431,700 trips, down 3.6 percent

WES – 370,800 trips, up 21.2 percent

"Despite the ongoing recession and high unemployment, reaching the 100 million milestone demonstrates the importance of transit to our region and the connections it provides to work, school, community events and other activities," said General Manager Neil McFarlane.
June Ridership

For the last month of FY11, monthly ridership totaled 8.7 million trips, up 2.2 percent from June 2010. MAX weekend ridership reached a new record averaging more than 200,000 boardings due in part to the Rose Festival Grand Floral and Starlight parades.
Bus, MAX & WES

* Weekly trips increased 2.2 percent, to 2,020,700 trips
* Weekday trips increased 2 percent, to 324,620 trips
* Weekend trips increased 2.8 percent, to 397,600 trips
* Rush hour trips increased 2.4 percent, to 100,020 trips


* Weekly trips declined 1.1 percent, to 1,143,700 trips
* Weekday trips declined 1.1 percent, to 190,500 trips
* Weekend trips declined 1.2 percent, to 191,200 trips
* Rush hour trips declined 0.7 percent, to 59,000 trips


* Weekly trips increased 6.7 percent, to 868,900 trips
* Weekday trips increased 6.6 percent, to 132,500 trips
* Weekend trips increased 6.8 percent, to 206,400 trips
* Rush hour trips increased 6.6 percent, to 38,500 trips

MAX Green Line

* Weekday trips increased 15.9 percent, to 22,600 trips
* Weekend trips increased 6.8 percent, to 31,400 trips


* Weekday/rush hour trips increased 22.7 percent, to 1,620 trips
* Weekly trips increased 22.7 percent, to 8,100 trips

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