Sunday, July 24, 2011

TWITTERS-rapidly becoming one of my favorite Trimet posts

JacoBrucker: RT @nataweejones: if you can't afford a car, you can't afford kids. so many screaming babies on Trimet right now. #notokay

ea12l: I'm so glad @trimet is actually checking fares now- even on the street cars! Maybe this way there wouldn't be yearly fare hikes.

maxfaqs: MT @SauntChris God damn I love the @trimet tunnel when on a westbound MAX you burst forth into the sunlight.

bryanstearns: Wow, the 14 Hawthorne smells like sunscreen. Nice change,

portortraffic: @uSlackr what is the stop id? That doesn't seem right for the yellow line #trimet max to be running hourly

CCbeardedone: @col_cityhall haha, trimet putting up bambie on Milwaukee line? Thanks for the laugh!

chlobug1233: Scary people ride Trimet. at 1030 pm. #idontwanttogetpunchedagain!

lemon_love: So far on this train ride: 3 delays and 1 stop to "restart the train". Really, trimet??

   INFAMOUSchez: Seriously lady? You have money to get your nails did but not enough to afford to wear shoes? Oooh you nasty! #Trimet 

transit_tweets: RT @jacksenigma: @trimet HEY i've been waiting at pioneer sq 40 mins now for a blue line to gresham - WHERE ARE ALL THE TRAINS???

nearest_exit: Fare inspector checks my stuff as I de-board the bus. Since the driver does the same when I get on, I don't see the point. #Trimet

transit_tweets: RT @UVGKassi: @trimet the vanishing bus phenomenon is not ok. #placestobe

  JDThyme: Dear #trimet rider talking about how u hope the fare chks never go plainclothes, & don't find ur weed? You are why I pray for a fare chk

chuco: Fuck do people on Trimet love to scream-share personal information across bus

driver on #trimet line 15 doesn't know detour and is now lost #fail #pdx

8  peter_yue: Pajamas + food + tent = backyard camping = lawn squatting @ TriMet Bus Stop ID 764

MarySueTwiteth: Why is it when I plan to get somewhere 20 minutes early, Trimet is 25 minutes late?       

  cainmark: RT @Dan_Christensen: Overhead on my #Trimet bus: Me: "no way! that crazy guy is getting in!" Woman Rider "That's what she said"

transit_tweets: RT @leozqin: @trimet please please PLEASE consider adding a rear bike rack or allowing riders to take bikes on busses. After large events, no space!

rohkjit: Gotta love how #Trimet drivers don't give a fuck about customers/ passengers

perezal: Okay, @Trimet. My southbound 6 at Fremont and MLK is already 19 minutes behind schedule. I'd like to go eat dinner now.

Allyson13: @JDThyme must be something in the air with #Trimet - rider got onto a shouting match w/driver this morn 1 stop from work. #annoyed

Anginette3: @yesteryearkidx Snoop Dogg wouldn't ride the trimet.

yesteryearkidx: I'm Pretty Sure I was Standing Next to Snoop Dogg on the TriMet. Hell YEH !

transit_tweets: RT @omelettium: @trimet 17 bus decided not to show up at all. As nice as it is to stand in the sun, I'd really like to get home.

94  Heronymus: Waiting with the crazies. Oh, and @jeanbees (hello, Jean!) (@ TriMet Cascades MAX Station)


Kyle Rochez:  Mr. Griff drove me around on trimet today fool
Kerri Cronin:  FUCK TRIMET D:<
Katelynn Erb:  Damn you Trimet, I want to be downtown before 2:30.
Shane Cruikshank:  Fuck trimet.
Ryan Winchester:  Face crack is the best thing ever for when you have to ride trimet!
Oph Picha:  Fucking Trimet buys just ran past my stop without picking me up. I wish it fucking gets crashed by a MAX.
Nicole Shaylor:  I took trimet everywhere today, guess I'm learning the system. But let me tell u... ALL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SUCKS!!!! I need .
Andrew Eternity Foster:  GET RICH OR RIDE TRI-MET!! Lol #damnit!

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