Monday, July 25, 2011

You coming to work these days?

June saw a noted improvement in Operations Department attendance. The summer attendance campaign is continuing through the months of July and August.
Why is good attendance important for our organization? On the maintenance side, strong attendance means:
• Our daily maintenance needs are met. Absences prevent work from being completed as scheduled.
• By being here and performing your job at the highest level, you serve our customers who depend on our service to get to work, home, and manage their lives. You can take pride in the work you perform daily and appreciate the impact you have on the metropolitan area. The public appreciates what you do.
• When journey workers and service workers aren’t here as expected, it puts a burden on other members of the work group to get critical needs met.
• You are missed when you are not here. Your daily contribution to the overall mission is critical to our success in maintenance.
Our “In it to win it” attendance incentive is about reminding everyone of the impact of absenteeism on our daily business. By increasing our attendance we improve our service and our workplace. Thank you for your

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