Tuesday, August 23, 2011


  • 50 m Joseph Voorhees:  i swear everytime i hop on a trimet bus theres a family with like 8 kids. Damn!
  • 1 h Julia Davidson:  I wish TriMet would make these!
    OI - Wearable Oyster Card by Benjamin Parton » Yanko Design
    The Oyster card, London’s electronic travel card system, is something synonymous with natives and visitors alike. ...
  • 6 h Travis Logsdon:  I'm going to venture out into the real world by myself today! Workshop at MHCC via Tri-Met.
  • 17 h Bill Todd:  Fuking Trimet....just tryed geting a book of 10 tickets...but only gave me 5....took all the i got to fight with them ...
  • 18 h Ivory Talon Cox:  Have you seen this on the back of a Tri-Met Bus - well look again - cause they are out there!. Very exciting!
  • 20 h Karle Cain:  ... expecially during rush hour traffic! I almost hit you and avoided nailing a Trimet bus trying to do so.
  • 21 h Patti Spurlock Walker:  I took the MAX this morning, got to the train just as the doors closed, the guy next to me hit the open door button and the driver just ...
  • 1 d Susan Mulloy:  Favorite saying I heard one day driving Tri-Met "When things get rough, sometimes you have to breath in the bees and blow out butterflies."
  • 1 d Kendra Reasoner:  Sniches now adayz! SMH at the lady who called trimet police because another women was 1 foot in the none smokin zone..
  • 1 d Roberto Garcia:  F*** You Tri-Met you suck!!!!

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