Sunday, August 7, 2011

Privatize Trimet?

Sometimes I wonder if all this spending by our management is intentional, with the goal of "privatization".

Macfarlane has publicly stated that all of the projected "savings" is based solely on the backs of the union labor and if the arbitrator actually rules in the unions favor then Trimet will be millions of dollars in the hole.

Trimet had a financial "crisis" that lasted about a year. Layoff's were threatened, service cuts implemented 3 month unpaid furloughs for union workers etc etc. Now all of a sudden everything is back to normal, hiring dozens of new operators, more bureacrats with fancy job titles, building bridges and rails all over, planning future extensions of rail, on and on (the bus service cuts continue, there is no plan to restore any of that service that is not peak hour service.)

The republican playbook it turns out was to bankrupt the country, they are happy about it! It will be a huge boom to private business interests.
Bush starts an expensive war and at the same time cut taxes,they had to know it would bankrupt the country. It was all intentional, Americans too busy being entertained to pay attention, all part of the plan.

Is it possible that Macfarlane may be intentionally bankrupting Trimet So as to "privatize" the labor force? It is happening in other places around the country, don't think it can't happen here.

Trimet functions with the same principles as corporations now. Except that it functions for the good of business, not for the good of the riders.


Erik H. said...

I seem to recall a certain ex-TriMet guy went down to a certain transit agency down in Arizona somewhere where 100% of Operations is privatized.

I think you raise a very good question. Of course, why hasn't TriMet done it sooner (or at least attempted to do so?) Sure, LIFT is privatized, and so is WES - but neither of them was due to the privatization of existing, direct-hire work (in other words, both of those services were contracted out from day one.)

Al M said...

I honestly think that there is a genuine move to privatize the work force going on here.