Friday, October 21, 2011

Who knows what's going on around here with our LUMBERING BUREAUCRACY

A week ago I sent out a note about some organizational realignments that I have put in place. Those changes are intended to better align the agency to focus on the very challenging work we have ahead of us. I know that change is hard and I want to thank you for your patience and support over the past few months. Now that the organizational changes have been made, some people will be physically moving to be closer to their new work groups. Throughout this process we attempted to communicate and involve you in conversations about these changes. However, there may have been some cases where we might not have been able to communicate as quickly as we wanted. I hope you understand that this was not intentional. Although the bulk of the organizational changes have been made, continuous improvement means we will be tweaking as needed. We have rough seas ahead of us with our many budget uncertainties. I will definitely keep you abreast of what all of this means as we begin to navigate these troubled waters. Communication, although not an exact science, is key to keeping us all afloat. I would ask that you focus on the destination and stay positive on the journey. We’re all in this together and I need everyone rowing in the same direction! Best to you all! Neil


Al M said...

We have rough seas ahead of us with our many budget uncertainties

That's freaking hilarious, he keeps hiring execs then whines about our budget problems.

Erik H. said...


I'm pretty good at dishing out bullshit, but that is one heck of a paragraph to have been filled with so many corporate buzzwords and cliches.

Maybe if Neil would get out of the office and actually ride his bus system (and not just the one route he rides every day)...he's welcome to join me on the 94 outbound from Portland. Yesterday we had a bus with a malfunctioning horn (safety defect) and a jammed farebox. Two days prior it was an electrical failure. That is what I call "troubled waters", whereas Neil is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.