Saturday, November 5, 2011

The 10 percenters

A Perspective from Portland, Oregon: Maybe not 1 percenters but still . . .: . . . they are making a good buck. See the Oregonian's salary database to find out who on Portland public payroll is making the better inco...


Max said...

In general, your argument seems to me that we don't need as many bureaucrats as we have. I don't have a strong opinion on that argument one way or another.

That said, there is at least some minimum number of (for example) IT jobs that must exist in the public sector. Do you think those folks should take a pay cut compared to their private sector counterparts?

Al M said...

Forget about generalities, specifically we have to many pencil pushers.

Let's look at my current 'discipline', this time for NOT calling stops.

(I actually call the stops but we will not get into that right now)

They demand my presence at yet another meeting(how many of these have I attended) for what purpose? An efficient organization would send me a letter describing the problem, defining the solution, and getting me to agree to the solution in writing, a paper trail that actually has some meaning for the operators

Not at this freaking place, I have to go into a 'meeting' with people (no offense to Greg who I know is just doing what he has been told to do) trying to get me to 'admit' something that is not true or has been distorted. They themselves don't have to put anything in writing, its despicable.

There is no reason to have a meeting, other than the bureaucracy needs to justify itself.

Al M said...

Oh, and I think we have too many IT people and not enough bus cleaners!