Monday, December 19, 2011

Teen flashes gun at 2 MAX riders in Gresham


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Erik H. said...

I thought that the fare barriers at Gresham Central was supposed to solve that.

I thought that "eliminating fareless square" (the result of instituting fares on buses only but not trains) was supposed to solve that.

I thought better fare enforcement was supposed to solve that.

I thought that more lighting and more security was supposed to solve that.

At what point does TriMet's insanity defense start to wear out? All of the money spent on things that we knew wouldn't fix the problem, and haven't fixed the problems. And TriMet will just beg and plead for more the same time they can't even maintain their existing service levels or maintain their existing rolling stock in a timely and regular manner.

The "barrier" at Gresham Central is a joke. The security is a joke. The fare enforcement is a joke. What's worse is that crime incidents like this one in Gresham is what initiated the whole discussion on Fareless Square, and the end result (eliminating free rides on buses) not only did not have anything to do with the original discussion, but clearly hasn't resolved it either.