Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting better all the time

Police: TriMet union boss was driving with nearly twice legal blood alcohol limit |

Joe Rose

Jonathan Hunt's second DUI?

That's the rumor going around!

Stupidity is us

Can you believe that someone authorized power washing the Beaverton Transit Center in the sub freezing weather?

I can believe it, because I have seen this stupidity before!

 They had to get out the ice melter! 

It turns out the guy that does that job has a contract to come out every week, but nobody at the corporate headquarters (Trimet) bothers to tell him not to come out in sub freezing weather!

Talking Trimet with Chris Day and Al M-part 2

The voice of Trimet?

HR 202 blog


Part Time operators benefits cost = $16,123.56 for the year.

Full time operators benefits cost=$18, 580.68 for the year.

In 2009 it cost Trimet  $2457 less for a part time than a full time employee in in benefit costs, but the part time employee is expected to pay more for his/her health care!


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Going Back to TRUE Union Values

HR-202 is controling isn't it?

Going Back to TRUE Union Values: "It states 'You must obtain the express permission of any TriMet employee or customer before making audio or visual recordings of them or usi..."

C-TRAN apologizes for violating US Constitution

VanVoice Blotter

(Yup, it's Marcus!)

Talking transit with Chris Day and Al M-part 1


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