Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Teams have been formed and a work plan developed to implement the recommendations of the General Manager’s Safety & Service Excellence Task Force. Critical to work plan implementation is gathering employee input.  Collecting this input has already begun with “close calls”.  Denis Van Dyke, interim director of operations support, visited Beaverton and Clackamas Town Center transit centers, and the Center St report area this past week. Accompanied by trainers and field operations supervisors, he spoke with several dozen operators about better ways to identify--and do something about--locations prone to "close calls."

Denis said, "This was a really positive and valuable experience. A lot of people wanted to jump right in to talking about specific locations, but we also heard support for the concept of a better flow of information about close calls. One idea we're considering is a button that operators could push to indicate their willingness to report close call locations. With that kind of data," he says, "We could do a better job of identifying hot spots and sharing that information with employees in the field."

·         What do you think?
·         What's the most realistic and useful way for a rail or bus operator to report a close call?

For the next couple of weeks, the comments section in this Express Line item will host an employee discussion of this question. To participate, click the "read comments" link in this item. In the coming months, other Task Force implementation teams will visit work areas to gather input on other safety related topics.  The data will be analyzed to determine locations where we’re seeing high numbers of reports and then what resources we’re deploying to deal with the reports.  Watch for fliers.


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Although I was not at the union meeting, I have gotten plenty of feedback from folks that were there.
And EVERY SINGLE person I have talked to at work has been appalled that our union is picking a fight with the international right now.

The vote was 372 for Hanley and 272 for Heinzman.  Is it reasonable to assume that all or most of those 372 Hanley supporters were corrupted therefore their vote should be disputed?

When Ron Heinzman is asking for our money to support his appeal but then doesn’t make it a top priority to show up at our meeting is that something that should be supported?

With all the other locals is it reasonable that our local be the one that puts its name on the lawsuit given the fact that Jon Hunt and Ron Heinzman have a long history together?

East coast vs. west coast is how this dispute is being portrayed,   Should we get involved in something so trite?

When so many forces are gathering steam to attack and destroy union labor do we really want to engage in a fight with ourselves right now?

Just wondering!!

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