Friday, January 7, 2011

If your furniture needs instructions, you need new furniture.

Rantings from a Regular TriMet Rider

Shutting up the WES

TriMet: News Release - Shhhhh...Train horns silenced in Tualatin starting Jan. 11

Will the New Assaults on Public Employee Unions Undermine All Workers?

U.S. News --

Holy sheep shit-call out the marines!

Envelope Ignites At DC Postal Facility - Portland News Story - KPTV Portland


Although we do not agree with the implementation of the new insurance policy, we want to remind you to save all receipts and documents. As you know, we are fighting this. Our first hearing is in April, and when we prevail it will be essential to identify how and what you should be reimbursed.

Thank you for your continued patience as we move forward and please do not allow this implementation to interfere with the quality of your medical care.


Jonathan Hunt
President – Business Representative



Woman Hit By Bus Dies Day After Birthday

Honolulu News Story - KITV Honolulu

Driver in fatal RTD bus crash in Denver gets probation

The Denver Post

Canby Area Transit's plan for disabled riders up for review

Dealing with Trimet eqiupment

Herb has no spotter!

Lexus driver messes with bus operator

Driver uses ball point pen to punch transfers


NEIL MC(the knife)FARLANE LATEST (warning post uses profanity, prudes should avoid!)


As we begin preparation of next year's budget, I wish I could paint a picture of restoration of service and growth, but I cannot. When you look at the projections, it appears now that it will be another four - five years before we reach pre-recession levels of employment in our region. That's news none of us wants to hear.
Translation-We are fucked!

Although the FY12 budget plan does not currently include any major service cuts or across-the-board cuts, we will keep a close eye on economic trends and must be prepared to make adjustments if necessary. The budget also assumes a sustainable health care benefit structure as reflected in TriMet's union contract proposal. If these benefit changes are not made, we are looking at another $10 million in cuts in the coming fiscal year.
This "status quo" budget means any proposed new expenditures or areas where services may need to be restored must come from reallocation of existing funds. When making these final budget decisions, I will keep four priorities in mind:


*       Implementing the Safety and Service Excellence Task Force and K&J Assessment
        Recommendations. Work is already under way to begin implementation of a bus operator recertification program this year and suggestions for additional safety investments are at the top of my list.  
*       Purchasing new buses to reduce the age of the bus fleet. Even though the ballot measure failed, we still need to replace part of our seriously out-of-date fleet.  In the coming fiscal year, we will receive 55 grant-funded buses and then plan to purchase 40 buses per year with payroll tax backed bonds.
*       Advancing work on the Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Line (PMLR). Although no TriMet dollars will be allocated to PMLR until 2013, the federally funded work needs to continue to ensure a 2015 completion.
*       Providing a sustainable healthcare benefit structure. Health care reform is both a national and local issue. With TriMet's health care costs increasing eight percent per year, it is essential we find a way to provide high quality coverage that aligns with other public agencies and strikes the appropriate levels of cost-sharing between TriMet and employees, and our retirees.

TRANSLATION-we are fucked so bad it might be time to start looking for work waiting tables or delivering pizza's, two distinctly American career growth opportunities. 

This is good news?

Fewer people said they were out of work last month. The number of unemployed fell by more than 500,000 to just under 14.5 million, the lowest since April 2009.

103K New Jobs In Dec. Point To Slow, Steady Growth - Money News Story - KPTV Portland

The ministry of propaganda doing what it does

Soooo Sweeeet......
We are nirvana!
Boondoggles are us and we love them!
How smart are you?
"Mac" the knife
Porltand, a great place to visit, but don't try to get a job here
Patting ourselves on the back

We are #1!
We are #1! 
We are #1!
We are #1! 
We are #1!
We are #1! 

January 6

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The life of a bus driver

The life of a bus driver from al m on Vimeo.