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Jan 2011 TriMet Board Meeting

TriMet won't post the audio from the meetings and now they say Al's not allowed - so I guess I have to do it.

Jan 2011 TriMet Board Meeting from Don't Worry Robert Romo, It's Not Al M on Vimeo.

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Criteria #1- per capita spending on public transportation
I certainly have no problem believing this statistic! Portland and Trimet spend wild amounts of money on transit “investments”. The debate would be “is it money wisely spent?” Other services are ignored while transit is the main focus of government spending. Is it money well spent? Time will tell.

2-number of safety incidents per million trips
This was a shock to me. Our management has been spending thousands of staff hours and tens of thousands of dollars to transform our culture to a “culture of safety”. So who’s mistaken? US News and World Report or Trimet executive management? If Trimet executive management has been using safety as a control method or propaganda tool then I we have a real problem with who’s running Trimet right now. If US News is wrong then the entire article can be disregarded as faulty research methodology.

3-the number of trips taken per capita
No problem believing this either. Trimet’s methods of collecting data along with its fare less square, and its bogus transfer system (which is basically unenforceable)which  allows riders to travel in any direction for as long as the transfer is good would definitely make this a believable statistic.

All in all, these ratings mean nothing. The only statistic that is of any value is the safety statistic.And that means our management is seriously deluded or just plain liars if the statistic is indeed accurate.

AC Transit Drivers Demand Safer Routes



"It's been several months in the works, but with some hard work and diligence by our respective negotiating teams, we've arrived at a settlement that's been well supported by the membership," said Davies.
Terms of the agreement include a seven-per-cent increase in wages over three years for the 241 transit workers, including bus operators, mechanics and support staff.

Leader Post 

Trimet's rail system is supposedly one of the best in the country, I find that hard to believe

The best thing about these systems is that they ARE FAST, REALLY FAST, no mingling with the automobile/bicycle/pedestrian traffic

Lake Oswego ready to GO BY STREETCAR

A final decision on a transit option connecting Lake Oswego to Portland continues to  roll along. The Portland Business Journal has a story today on the latest with the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project. This week kicked off a series of recommendations scheduled to be handled down over the next few months that will lead to the Metro Council making a final selection sometime this summer on one of three transit options. The streetcar proposal gained a victory on Monday when the alternative took 16 of 23 votes from the project’s community advisory committee. The other options on the table are an enhanced bus service and an alternative that calls for no transit improvements.

San Francisco Supervisors Demand Better Service of Transit system

Recently San Francisco supervisors Carmen Chu and John Avalos were not pleased with the explanations transit authorities gave in January for the increasing practice of leaving riders stranded

Digital Journal

Transit executive ready to sacrifice his exorbitant pay

San Mateo

Kansas City starts MAX service

Troost MAX bus route is off to a good start -

Let's Strike!

We need to stop following the rules and strike this place!
No more business as usual!

Rantings of a man who works for a repressive government agency

February 11, 2011

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The internet greatest threat to the elites since Gutenberg

The Daily Bell

New driver at beaverton transit center spotted