Friday, April 22, 2011

New Jersey To Rehire Transit Worker Fired For Burning Quran

According to settlement papers released by the ACLU, Fenton will get back his $86,110-a-year position, receive backpay at a rate of $331.20 per day since he was fired and he'll receive $25,000 for "Mr. Fenton's pain and suffering." The settlement also states that Fenton will not have to "disavow or recant that conduct" and will not have to undergo any "sensitivity training."
"Our government cannot pick and choose whose free speech rights are protected, based on whether or not they approve of the content of our statements or actions," Fenton said in a statement. "This is the very essence of the First Amendment.

Safety Slogan Contest?

Insanity continues its grip on Trimet management. 

Their newest crazy idea, a contest to come up with Trimet's new safety slogan!

The winner is going to receive their winning safety slogan PRINTED ON A T-SHIRT!

Health and Safety Hazards for City Bus Drivers

Work Factors Associated with
Stress-related Health Problems

  • traffic congestion
  • constant time pressure
  • little or no input into how work is organized or implemented
  • disorderly passengers
  • threat of physical assault and crime
  • work schedule interference with home life and leisure activities
  • social isolation on the job



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Sunset Transit Center's 'Bike and Ride' is a lonely cage

Potentially 74. After eight months, the bike and ride averages 1.2 bicycles a day, according to TriMet records of users swiping prepaid cards to access the locked facility

Sunset Transit Center's 'Bike and Ride' is a lonely cage |
Wally Feist retired

Trimet Director of Transportation responds to my request for clarification

Sorry for my slow response.

The relevant SOP is B804,Leaving a Bus Stop,

6. Turn your head left for a second scan of the left side and mirror. Scan the interior center mirror as you sweep your vision back to the left to check that your customers appear ready for the bus to move. Look over your left shoulder and rock and roll (lean) in your seat as you scan left to increase what you see in the mirrors, and to see around vision barriers.

What I understand this to mean is this:

It is not our policy that the bus cannot be moved if someone is standing instead of sitting.
We ask operators to observe whether a person "appears ready for the bus to move," that is, appears steady and will not fall if the bus is moved.
Thus senior citizens, disabled citizens, or customers not holding on to a stanchion would be passengers that might cause an operator not to move until they were seated or clearly "stable"

If there is a fall before someone is seated this would not result in an automatic PA because such factors as mentioned above would need to be reviewed to determine if the operator was using good judgment.  A reckless maneuver might be an operator pulling away from the curb at a sharp angle while a senior citizen with a cane is still walking down the aisle towards a seat and not hanging on to a stanchion.

MOVE YOUR CAR-trinet account holders only

Nothing to do for an hour, well you can always watch this exciting feature

Drivers are getting spit on and shot at, but hell, at least you can get transit data, which is what the managment really cares about anyway

Not sure if this is a Trimet involved accident or not


Operators are receiving letters at home telling them when they will be "required" to take this ridiculous class.

In the past operators could chose the times that they would attend these required classes, no more apparently.

Management is structuring the classes during your work shift so you have no choice but to attend since your shift is your required attendance in any event.

Many operators have already expressed outrage over this latest power trip by our beloved management.

They are working hard to get rid of as many "old timers" as possible, it should be obvious to most of us that have been here for some time now.

Get the old timers out of here, get in the new blood for less pay, less vacation, and most of all, less benefits.

Trimet is nothing but another corporation, interested only in money, expansion, and the comfort of its elites, aka, top executive management.


It was the mistake of one operator, just one, in 42 years of providing services to the Portland area that began the reign of terror by the management against its operators.


In Pakistan, U.S. drones have killed 25 people in North Waziristan. The dead reportedly included five children and four women. The attack strike came two days after a visit to Islamabad by U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen.

Trimet general manager "digs" it!

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On eve of tragedy anniversary, TriMet launches 'safety dashboard'

they r starting the recertification classes!...whopeeee!....assholes..we get a letter in company mail telling us wen we more signing up ourselves...text recieved!

A Confusing Intersection for a Reroute

Interstates and States of Grief-A poetic essay and video


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