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BLOGGERS RIDE TRIMET ROUTE 84-PART 1 from al m on Vimeo.

On the Max with Jason and Erik, who argue all the way to Gresham

Follow up, Jeri Ellsworth vs Talking buses #Trimet … Jeri won

Flop of the day: an audible warning system intended to alert pedestrians that a TriMet bus was turning.
The transit agency announced Friday that after three months of testing the system, at a cost of $46,000, the tests had come to the end of the line. Announcements broadcast over external speaker systems on 10 buses didn’t activate when they were supposed to and did activate at inappropriate times, such as when buses were changing lanes.
“It was determined,” a TriMet news release said, “that the technology has not advanced enough to make it an effective tool to help alert pedestrians and people riding bikes that a bus is turning.”
The system was made by ProTran1 of New Jersey, and because the agency bought the book-sized units, they can’t be returned.
Spokeswoman Mary Fetsch said she didn’t know what TriMet would do with the units, but “if there are other transit agencies that would like to try it, we’d be happy to help them out.”

Max and Henry interview the lone 84 passenger (bloggers ride the 84)

Locating Marjama Nursery per Steve Fungs instructions (bloggers ride Trmet 84)

The Boneyard at Merlo

My hat is off to all the mechanics at the 3 garages
who keep the dinosaurs running by scrapping parts off the wrecked buses.

Arguing over the real reason for the "talking bus" project (bloggers ride Trimet route 84)

That new "art" at Rockwood (bloggers ride the 84)

Erik Halstead says something nice about Trimet (bloggers ride the 84)

Respect the union waterfront

Fixing the problem of illicit TriMet tickets not so easy

Trimet general manager says the "spring thaw" has arrived


Not very impressive as far as I am concerned.

Complaints r us...

Complaints are coming in to the Trimet office by the hundreds about operator "misdeeds", most notably running red lights.

I'm not sure if the management is aware of it but with each silly complaint that comes in and routed to the individual another operators morale goes down the tubes.

Any experienced bus driver will tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop at every single red light that they encounter during a work shift.

On the west side there are no walk light countdown clocks and many signals wont change for quite awhile even after the walk light has stopped flashing.
This sets up a situation that forces bus operators to frequently run yellows, some of which might actually turn red before the bus is all the way through the intersection, technically a violation.

Making a fast stop is more hazardous than going through an intersection as stopping quickly causes passengers on the bus to fall and other consequences.

We operators are between a rock and a hard place nowadays, a blood thirsty public that has been prodded by the vampires of the mainstream press and a weak kneed management that finds it easier to blame its drivers than understanding the problem as we do!

The Silly Argument Over BRT and Rail

What is clear is that for the majority of American cities — excluding only a few in the Northeast — buses will remain the predominant mode of public transit for most riders, even after major expansions in train networks planned for cities from Charlotte to Phoenix. So even cities that choose to invest in rail projects must also spend on the improvement of their bus lines.

Click here for story

Pdxrailtransit's Blog

Hand Throw « Pdxrailtransit's Blog


Fairmont Boulevard as an OHSU park-and-hike? (Jack Bog's Blog)

Eye in the sky (Jack Bog's Blog)

Gatsby's got a secret (Jack Bog's Blog)

LaVonne wants power (Jack Bog's Blog)

You're only dancing on this earth for a short while (Jack Bog's Blog)

Portand cops on beatings: "We do things different" (Jack Bog's Blog)

More on those new Nextrip bus stop signs

This new signage – the first part of a larger initiative to update all bus stop signs – brings Nextrip information to each and every bus stop in the system. It’s a project that shows Metro’s commitment to the real time arrival system by making sure that all riders are aware of the service and have access to the neccessary information. 

What to Do at a Yellow Light? And Other Things American Drivers Don’t Know

More on the internet "filter bubble"

Old TriMet fares and fare zones

Jason Mchuff

I Love the Bus

Ambitious Ideas in Urban Transport

Vermont Poised to Become 1st State to Enact Single-Payer Healthcare

The Battle for Wisconsin: Court Strikes Down Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Bill

A Wisconsin judge has struck down Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting law because Republican legislators failed to provide sufficient public notice before passing the measure in March. 

Wasting transit dollars

Faced with questions about how much its legal advisers have billed New Orleans taxpayers, the Regional Transit Authority has offered a spirited defense of its in-house general counsel and an outside law firm hired in 2008 that, in some cases, charged $800 an hour for its services. 

Porta Potties at BTC

Revelations From a Humdrum Transit-Fare Statistic (% riders pay for thier ride on mass transit)

Not only that, but the burden is also lighter for subway and bus riders in other American cities. Statistics kept by the Federal Transit Administration put it in the range of 20 to 45 percent in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington. For New Yorkers, the percentage has risen and fallen. It soared as high as 88 percent back in 1997. 

Transit's priority should be neediest riders

Applicable to all transit districts regardless of size:

For me the choice between serving people in need and getting people out of cars is easy. The people who need public transportation should be Job One in Kitsap County — especially in bad economic times.

Vancouver BC mimic's Portland?

Vancouver plots pedestrian-first policy for 2040

CATO Institute (I know, right wingers but some of their stuff makes sense)

Randal O'Toole: Transportation: From the Top Down or Bottom Up?

Lowering performance standards

Even so, "on time" may not be what it sounds like. Trains are considered on time if they are two minutes later than scheduled during peak service -- or up to 50 percent of the wait time during off-peak times. That means if riders are expecting a 15-minute wait on a weekend, Metro considers the train on time if it arrives in 22 minutes.
Buses considered on-time can be two minutes early or seven minutes late.

Las Vegas "MAX" line is the best in the US

Dangerous by Design 2011

Mama, ducklings stop traffic on I-5


Bike has accident on streetcar tracks

When Trimet Advertises for new drivers I bet they never show a pic like this.

Trimet part of the one world government movement?

This piece sounds ‘alarmist’ – ‘it’s meant to be’


Four of the author's of this blog will be meeting tonight for a ride on TRIMET'S FAMOUS ROUTE 84!
Needless to say a full report is forthcoming!


SEPTA: Attacks on drivers on the rise |

Transit ridership reports from around North America

Time to reboot the Sellwood Bridge?

Given all of that--if the existing project constraints were mostly removed, and the region had $200 million to build a southern crossing wherever it liked--where would you put it, how would you fund it, who would run it, and what would it look like? To make this interesting, feel free to imagine other connecting infrastructure projects in the future, if you like.
And if you think that the $200 million ought to be spent elsewhere entirely, or pocketed--with no more vehicular crossing of the Willamette between Oregon City and downtown after the existing bridge reaches the end of its useful life, feel free to say that as well.

Portland Transport

No more "the bus is turning!" Horray!

Let us all rejoice.
After nearly three months of testing an audible pedestrian warning system on 10 buses, TriMet today stopped the test because the announcement didn't activate at the appropriate time—either too soon or too late in the turn—but did activate at other times, such as when the bus was making a lane change.

The external announcement "Pedestrians, bus is turning" was in both English and Spanish and was triggered by a full rotation of the steering wheel, which caused the announcement to be too late into the turn. TriMet also tested having the announcement trigger at a half rotation of the steering wheel to test if it provided earlier warning. That activated the announcement too early, as well as during lane changes.

Review of an audible warning device was suggested as part of the comprehensive safety review initiated following last April's fatal bus crash. TriMet began the test on March 1, and after receiving feedback from operators, riders and TriMet safety and training staff, it was determined that the technology has not advanced enough to make it an effective tool to help alert pedestrians and people riding bikes that a bus is turning.

The system was not intended to change TriMet's legal and professional obligation to operate safely, be alert and scan the intersection before turning.

As the technology advances in this area, TriMet would be interested in testing an audible system in the future.

Press release (but I just posted the entire text above)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Does it really have to be so big?

Columbia Park and Ride: Will span nearly two blocks at Columbia and Fifth streets and hold 570 vehicles.

Sounds like a good idea and a good compromise....

Leibenguth said such a system could be either "opt-out," which would give students the free pass unless they turned it down, or "opt-in," which would let students sign up for it.
Now how about free student passes for private schools in Portland? 

TriMet D40LF 2001 at Beaverton Transit Center

Who would have thought that this bus was delivered new to TriMet in 1998, and is now 13 years old?

That's right, this bus is eligible for FTA funding for replacement!!!

TriMet and "Psychopath" post on Facebook?

TriMet had an rather unusual Facebook post earlier today about a story on NPR about psychopaths...

Sorry this picture didn't turn out (I should have learned how to take a screen shot BEFORE I cleared this page), but here's the link that it linked to:

This link has since been deleted and replaced with a story about a MAX maintenance technician who is serving in the National Guard...

TriMet Historical Bus Roster

Celebrating Carter's 7th Birthday with a ride on WES

Took Carter and Kaia out for a quick Tigard-Beaverton-Tigard ride on the ex-Alaska Railroad RDCs.  Here's our train on the Tigard Crossover entering Tigard Transit Center.

WES needs a wash

"Kicker" checks getting the boot


7. Four-Way Flashers are a safety device used as an alert or distress signal. Use them in the following situations:
  • During emergencies and breakdowns, whether stopped in a traffic lane or parked on the shoulder.
  • At railroad crossings where stopping is required.
  • When making a road relief. When laying over on the Transit Mall.
  • Whenever there is an extended delay at a stop.
  • When backing a bus. When using the lift.
  • When driving very slowly in a traffic lane because of vehicle problems.
  • To warn other vehicle operators of a traffic accident or hazard requiring care in approaching, overtaking or passing.
It is not appropriate to use your four-way flashers for a routine service stop where there is no extended delay. Use of four-way flashers for routine service stops can lead to confusion at shared bus stops and to the potential for customers passed ups. 
Instead, follow SOP B804:



Official Trimet photo

Official Trimet photo-2

Jim Hightower (2)



Billionaires are different from you and me, for obvious reasons, including the fact that they buy much pricier baubles than we do.
A sleek car costing $100,000? Why that's just an impulse purchase. A few million bucks for a Matisse original? Go ahead – it'll liven up the hallway. How about throwing a fat wad of cash at a university to get an academic chair named for you? Sure, it's all a part of living in BillionaireLand.

Jim Hightower here!


Motorist sends a message to management

CSI TURNS INTO SIP--operators tell the true story of complaints




The right way to hold steering wheel

Study: Lawmakers Outperform on Stock Investments

A new study says Congress members routinely outperform the stock market in their personal investments. Researchers poured over some 16,000 stock transactions by around 300 lawmakers from 1985 through 2001, finding what they called "significant positive abnormal returns" of around six percent per year. The report speculates the lawmakers’ gains could stem from their ability to trade on non-public information and to vote in favor of their economic interests.

David Sale upset that Sandi Day gets to drive commerically

Safety First!

Portland Transport

Government propaganda machine growing

But Pacific University political science professor Jim Moore says it’s legitimate to ask whether spending so much on PR is justified when some governments are slashing services and laying off workers.
“It becomes an issue for the electorate,” Moore says.
This month, New York-based journalism nonprofit ProPublica published a report noting that the ranks of public-relations reps have surged by more than 30 percent in private PR agencies—while American newsrooms shrank by about 27 percent in recent years. Many former reporters have moved into PR, including former WW managing news editor Hank Stern, who in April took an $80,000 gig at Multnomah County.
As newspapers shrink, government plays a bigger role informing the public. Jim Middaugh, who makes $132,300 as head spokesman for Metro, hired part-time reporter Nick Christensen at $40,560 a year to publish stories about Metro on the agency’s website.

Cascade Policy Institute files complaint with the FTA

Dangerous By Design: How the U.S. Builds Roads That Kill Pedestrians

Millions of Americans live in communities without safe places to walk. And so they either don’t walk, adding to traffic congestion with every trip, or they do walk, risking joining the ranks of the 47,700 pedestrians killed and 688,000 injured in crashes with automobiles in the last decade.

Streetsblog Capitol Hill » Dangerous By Design: How the U.S. Builds Roads That Kill Pedestrians

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Landing PDX from al m on Vimeo.

Alaska airlines

Report: Social Security Will Run Out In 20 Minutes


Luxury Liner on the #67

As 'J' described,I had a case of classic "dinosauritis'today.Thanks to the BTC mechanic and Smooth as Silk Stewart in the yard,I was given the last low floor to drive for the remainder of the shift.Eat your heart out Al! Welcome home.We missed you!

Hail, hail, the gang's all here

Take off BOS

I'm asking once again for a clarification.

TriMet bus stops have two designations. They are the Stop ID and the stop location. 
Example: Stop ID 2619 and/or SE Hawthorne & 32nd
If you were to visit the TransitTracker ( or the stop information website ( the Stop ID has prominence. If you were to visit the Interactive System Map ( or look at a sign posted at the stop the "stop location" has prominence. 

How to get a new bus

In 4 easy steps!
(bonus cameo appearance)

Step 1: First, you need an old bus. This part is easy - just do a run on the west side, which greatly increases the likelihood that your bus was purchased by TriMet during the Reagan administration.

This is our old bus.

Step 2: Something will probably go wrong with the bus. This is neither your fault, nor especially surprising (see Exhibit A)

Step 3: Ask everyone to leave the bus.

Then drive away.

Some magical, black-box stuff happens here, involving a nice spotter, some confused tourists, and a frustrated passenger whose transfer expired during this exchange. Then...

Step 4: Yay, a new bus!

Now you have air conditioning AND a wheelchair ramp! It's that easy!

(disclaimer: photographer is not a TriMet employee, therefore the restrictions on the photography of TriMet employees, passengers, equipment, bus stops, roads, plants, and wildlife do not apply)

Safety around the world

Though no person has been injured, more than half the fleet has already logged damages due to accidents. 
Sources say that more than half the fleet is involved in accidents, in which drivers damaged the buses while turning or reversing the vehicle.
"Last week, for instance, two buses collided while the drivers were reversing the vehicles. In this case, one of the drivers lost control of the bus as he failed to manage the gear properly," said an official. This not the first instance where drivers were unable to handle the longer, low-floor buses. 

Blueline drivers leave mark on Delhi's new cluster fleet - The Times of India



No Exit

“So here we are pouring shiploads of cash into yet another war, this time in Libya, while simultaneously demolishing school budgets, closing libraries, laying off teachers and police officers, and generally letting the bottom fall out of the quality of life here at home….Limitless greed, unrestrained corporate power and a ferocious addiction to foreign oil have led us into an era of perpetual war and economic decline. Young people today are staring at a future in which they will be less well off than their elders, a reversal of fortune that should send a shudder through everyone….When the most powerful country ever to inhabit the earth finds it so easy to plunge into the horror of warfare but almost impossible to find adequate work for its people or to properly educate its young, it has lost its way entirely….Income and wealth inequality in the U.S. have reached stages that would make the third world blush….The richest 10% of Americans received an unconscionable 100% of the average income growth in the years 2000 to 2007….In 2009, the richest 5% claimed 63.5% of the nation’s wealth. The overwhelming majority, the bottom 80%, collectively held just 12.8%

Deepening the Self-Destruction

We are at a point in American history where, to paraphrase Blake, Bad is Good. This is why I’m rooting for a Palin presidency: if anyone can deepen our self-destruction, it’s Sarah. Meanwhile, two articles just appeared documenting the process even further, so I’d like to share them with you. The first is by my hero and yours, Chris Hedges: “Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System,” which he posted yesterday on The second is by Nobel laureate Joe Stiglitz, titled “Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%,” which you can find at 

Doesn't Punkrawker drive through here?

Two Renton brothers, Kent man charged in beating, robbery at Renton Transit Center -

USA the next GREECE?

Young And Hopeless Greeks Are Returning To The Countryside

PDX Rail


So broke they have to cut our  benefits or else the service area will sustain drastic cuts to service!

The wonders of TECHNOLOGY

We now can blog at 30,000 feet!

The Manny Mota's of Trimet

(Anybody have any idea who the blogger is?)

Bob Dylan turns 70!

Buses for Ambulances?

Anne Arundel fire officials unveil 26-patient, bus-style ambulance -

Lost in Logan

What's wrong with this photo?

What's wrong with this Official TriMet photo?

Compulsory Union Membership? No Such Thing.

It's a First Amendment "freedom of association" issue.

No government employer may require membership in any organization (including a union) as a condition of employment, anymore than they can deny employment based on organizational affiliation.

Anyone working for any represented classification under a government employer has the right not to join the union under which there is a labor agreement; any current member has the right to resign membership - in all 50 states.

Those working under a represented classification may still be required to pay fees to the union to cover the cost of negotiating and maintaining the contract. Non-members in a "union shop" are still entitled to representation in grievances, arbitration, etc. though they may lose the ability to vote in union elections or to receive other benefits specific to membership in their Local or National Union.

Is YOUR union full of crooks, liars and incompetents? Are YOUR best interests not represented by your Local, National or International union? Have you been threatened with censorhip, censure, fines or discipline for violating "union rules"? Is your union Board of Directors a virtual kangaroo court stacked with old-time insiders who squash dissent within the ranks? Want to feel free to speak your mind about your representative union's shortcomings without fear of being penalized for doing so?

Then QUIT.



Union Members only allowed to view this info!

Obama's cadillac gets stuck!

Examining the Firmware of War

Patriotism is everywhere thought to be a virtue rather than a mental disorder. I don’t get it.
If I told the Rotarians or an American Legion hall that “John is a patriot,” all would approve greatly of John. If I told them that patriotism was nothing more than the loyalty to each other of dogs in a pack, they would lynch me. Patriotism, they believe, is a Good Thing.
Of course the Japanese pilots who attacked Pearl Harbor were patriots, as were the German soldiers who murdered millions in the Second World War. The men who brought down the towers in New York were patriots, though of a religious sort. Do we admire their patriotism? 

Trimet general manager says TSA "comforts" our riders!

Sandi Day gets her commercial license back!

“I’m angry and pretty hurt because we had some compassion for her (Sandi Day),” said David Sale, father of crash victim Danielle Sale. “But now, in light of the new information, it’s like she’s pouring salt in the wound.”

Ex-Bus Driver From 2010 Crash Given Commercial Driver's License - Portland News Story - KPTV Portland

I can't imagine anyone would give her an actual job driving commercially. 

The First Casualty of War

Death By Drug War

Europeans fighting hard against the machine

Georgia protests in face of force

YouTube - Greeks bearing EU debts squeezed on bailout payback

Turning the first world into the third world

Reversal of fortunes: Indian companies are now outsourcing their work to the U.S. where a struggling economy has caused lower wages

Read more:

Monday, May 23, 2011

TriMet Photos


Several injured in rush hour bus crash |



Guess who?

This week in the war on workers

This war on workers is massive and comprehensive, stretching from education, school lunches, and child labor law to the Ryan plan to gut Medicare and Social Security, and hitting people of every age in between. Except, of course, the very (very) rich.

ons & offs per TriMet stop data requested by Portland Afoot

can stand on a trimet bus without falling?


Joplin, MO

Funding transit with carbon tax a Ponzi scheme

Funding transit with carbon tax a Ponzi scheme

Bus driver charged!


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi quotes (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

Going on two weeks now and the union still has not responded to Chris Day's request for copies of already published monthly reports.

One has to wonder why the delay? Why the procrastination? Why the disregard? 

I have been going over some of this information with Mr Day and will confirm there are some questions that sorely need answering! 

Safety around the world

Bus crashes on the rise


A society with the society

Another  growth industry: government.

Cellphone transit nightmare shows decline in people's appropriateness

What's shocking about Beard is that she told officials she was the one who felt "disrespected" and obviously had no clue that she disrespected everyone else who had to suffer through hours of her mind-numbing chatter. They were the ones, after all, who had to lose time getting to their destination to make the unplanned stop and have her removed from the train (though they probably thought the stop was well worth the time loss). 

Clusterfuck Nation (2)

The question all this raises is: can you think of any other high-up officials, say in American finance or banking, who have tried to jam their generative member someplace it was not exactly invited? I can think of a few, starting with, oh, Hank Paulson. He stuck it to a couple hundred million US taxpayers and is now scott-free in the marshes of Maryland pursuing his beloved wild birds with the Swarovski EL 8x32 binoculars ($1,879.00, retail w/discount) and the excellent Sibley field guide. Only a week or so ago Senator Carl Levin's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations sent a bill of particulars to the US Department of Justice outlining the spectacular misdeeds of Goldman Sachs executives Lloyd Blankfein and Daniel Sparks, et. al, alleged to have performed a kind anal rape on customers who did not have that kind of "yield" in mind when they came through the door at 200 West Street. Sources tell me that Attorney General Eric Holder has been using the report as a cocktail coaster. 

Clusterfuck Nation

Notice that Scott Pelley did not announce that the US DOJ is investigating Goldman Sachs, or Citi, or Merrill Lynch, or Bank of America or several other so-called banks for looting the American public and influence-peddling in the halls of government. Or the SEC and the CFTC for failing to regulate the trade in frauds and swindles. The window for that sort of action is closing, and with it the reasonable hopes of citizens in the legitimacy of institutions that manage things.
      The failures in journalism are now so stupendous that there are only a few possible explanations.


Relax, Portland, Relax, Trimet

Weekly readership report

77 Layover on the Sandy River

I enjoyed the views and beauty of the Sandy River at Glenn Otto Park on the #77 Route on Saturday.Too bad this route will not include this destination after June.TriMet should have promoted the #77 as a great way to cool off on the Sandy River in the summer.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

TriMet: News Release- Record ridership during April
This was released a while ago (only the ridership numbers, not charts/statistics), but no one ever posted it, so here ya go.

Where are the "COMPLETE" April Statistics?

All we got (that I can find that is) is the March Statistics, but the Ministry of Propaganda released its April baloney.

Another TriMet Story

That’s right, there are no extra buses to handle the overflow crowds attending our much ballyhooed Major League Soccer games. And because the blue and green line MAX trains were full, my husband/son ended up hopping the yellow line to Kaiser on Interstate, where I picked them up in the car.
After all that,  I was glad to see that for once the latest “best transit rankings” story did not put Portland in the top ten and that this article analyzing yet another set of rankings showed Portland actually had a lower transit share than Seattle, despite Portland’s greater investment in light rail.  This comes as no surprise to me, as I grew up on the bus in Seattle, way before taking mass transit became all the rage.  It was that convenient. I now have family spread throughout the city, all of whom are within minutes of several bus lines. 


Woman struck, killed in Seattle by light rail

Timbers fudging attendance numbers already?


Oregon Legislature Seeks to Close Loophole in Distracted Driving Law

how to deal with harassment?



Downtown USA


According to police, everything began when the victim tried to get on the bus near Central NE and Eubank NE, either at or near a bus stop.
The bus did not stop though, that is when investigators said the passenger threw a rock to get the driver’s attention.
Police said the driver responded by stopping the bus, getting off and assaulting the victim.
Once he was finished, officers said he got back on the bus and continued on his route. 


YouTube - A "Quick" Ride on Community Transit Route 413

Imagine seeing this out your airplane window!

YouTube - Video of Iceland volcano eruption, giant ash clouds from Grimsvotn

Sunset at Montgomery Park Layover

The St. Johns Bridge is visible in the far background.

American media totally ignores European turmoil

YouTube - Inside Story - Spain in pain

Can TriMet bus stops have "Transit Tracker" signs? They do in Germany.

And look at the bench under an umbrella for the bus riders...although the bus stop sign itself needs a small adjustment.

Here's another example with an articulated bus at the stop.  Notice the wide paved area for passengers to wait, a proper sign, and the bus arrival sign also has the name of the stop atop it.

Here's a good bus stop.  New sign with lots of easy-to-read information about each bus route and its destinations.  Schedule information on the pole and much more detailed info.  An arrivals sign showing the next four buses.  A very nice shelter - large with plenty of room, a couple advertising signs, and plenty of windbreaks.  An attractive yet simple design.

Close-up of the bus arrivals sign.  Lists four buses at once.

Want to be a fireman?

Another bus stop.  Narrower sidewalk but still most of the same amenities.

Streetcars made in (Sacramento) U.S.A.

Looks like Portland's hometown baby is striking out, while Sacramento based Siemens Transportation Systems (a subsidiary of the German company Siemens) wins a "streetcar" order.

We could have converted the Freightliner factory into a bus factory and re-employed hundreds and hundreds of workers, but instead we are pouring money into an increasingly empty building in Clackamas to employ 65.  The price of being "green"...


Date of Hearing: June 2, 2011 at 1:30 PM
1. Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Transit – West-side Alignment – South Waterfront Segment
Briefing Dave Unsworth, Tri-Met
(Rescheduled From May 19th, 2011) Sean Batty, TriMet
Karen Karlsson, KLK Consulting
Tim Heron, BDS, 503-823-7726

LU 11-124348 DZ - Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Harbor Structure Tim Heron, BDS, 503-823-7726
APPLICANT: Sean Batty, TriMet
SITE ADDRESS: SW Jackson Street/5th Avenue to SW Moody Avenue/SW Porter Street
The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project applicant requests Design Review approval to construct a 1,730 foot long aerial structure [Harbor Structure] to carry light rail trains and buses (“Shared Transitway”) from SW Lincoln St at SW Naito Parkway over SW Harbor Drive and south into the South Waterfront District.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Race

The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic

No one grasps this tragic descent better than West, who did 65 campaign events for Obama, believed in the potential for change and was encouraged by the populist rhetoric of the Obama campaign. He now nurses, like many others who placed their faith in Obama, the anguish of the deceived, manipulated and betrayed. He bitterly describes Obama as “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” 

Golf fanatics

Go get a job in Milwaukie loser!


Troubles Of An RTD Bus Driver

Metrobus Operators Speak Out

The Answer is Clear

Golden Gate BART and other failed rapid transit dreams (photos)

You'll notice that the BART trains in these early photos look a lot more sleek and phallic than they did when the system finally opened to the public in 1972. I'm guessing that was an idea from the Don Drapers of the era, who knew that getting bond money wasn't going to be easy. The eventual Twinkie-shaped cars may have been practical, but they weren't as sexy as the ones shown here.


Is it that 99.2 percent of the people who live in Modesto (Modestonians? Modestites?) just don’t realize they have one of the world’s best public transit systems just waiting at their doorsteps? Or did four folks sitting in a conference room at the Brookings Institution design a bad study?


Ticket scam

The Attorney General’s office says that two 27-year-olds from Revere ripped off the MBTA for $4 million in what’s believed to be the largest larceny scheme in the transit system’s history, but the lawyers for the pair say the two were part of a much bigger criminal enterprise. 

Police seek help in possible bus abduction

According to transit police, a black female aged 15 to 17 with a black, blonde-streaked ponytail wearing a tan jacket, white shirt and light-colored calf-length pants was forcibly taken from a northbound Route 19 bus. 

A dangerous journey for Mexican bus drivers

Assaults, armed men, crossfire, bodies or human heads on the side of the road, form part of the daily stories that drivers have told each other in the past two years. It is a reality that came to light with the discovery last month of mass graves in the town of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, that possibly contained the bodies of kidnapped bus passengers.

Hey, buddy, wanna buy a TriMet pass?

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

Demonstration in Salem

YouTube - Unions, advocacy groups rally at the Capitol

L.O. budget panel: "Stop the streetcar insanity"

10:00 am report

The world has not ended yet on the east coast!

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate. 

Not Broke, Just Twisted

So much talk about debt and austerity; so little focus on gross inequality. A video from the Institute For Policy Studies offers stunning income, profit and tax figures on an America "awash in wealth" held by a fortunate, twisted few.
47.4: Percent of profits corporations paid in taxes in 1961.
11.1: Percent of profits corporations paid in taxes in 2011. 

More government boondoggle money being handed out