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I know both the victim and Chris and am having a hard time believing this story as it's being reported.
Your supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but this is a Jerry Springer country.
I am not so quick to condemn Chris, maybe I don't know all the facts but from the facts that I do know, there is less to this story than meets the eye!



Portland father's lawsuit against TriMet dismissed; his young son was stranded at MAX station


“A Violation of Norms”: U.S. & Allies Kill Gaddafi’s Son and Three Grandchildren in Bombing of Compound in Tripoli


(Starring our #1 superstar, Mary Fetsch)



Bus -terror man jailed


Retired Staten Island bus driver John Gillen wins $72M Mega Millions prize


A renegade is brought to justice (Jack Bog's Blog)
Voice of rebel on tape says he's not dead (Jack Bog's Blog)

April 28, 2011 Communication to TriMet Union Employees Regarding the 457 Plan


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ATU757 Black Caucus Officers:

President - Rose Jordan
Vice President - Leonard Lamberth
Secretary - Luerine Jackson
Treasurer - Christopher Day

On April 23rd, 2011 ATU757 Black Caucus members elected the above to represent the membership. The four of us are working hard to assure a successful Caucus and are taking steps to consistently improve our membership. We will be sending more information about events and activities as we have the information available. We are also working on our website to give you a strong resource to communicate. Currently the website is still under construction and does not have much to offer. We are working on improving this and many changes will take place as we improve. Please feel free to keep checking on the website and let us know what you think of it. The website is located at In time you will be able to securely sign into the site and have access to many communication tools. At this time the only features available is the Calendar and the "Call Me". The Calendar is a Google Calendar that we will be maintaining to keep you advised of all events important to our membership. The "Call Me" is a special feature that will allow you to enter your name and phone number so that Google can call your phone and connect you to an officer. This feature gives you the freedom of getting access to talk with an officer directly.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us.

Chris Day - ATU757 Black Caucus Treasurer

Chris Hedges: Chris Hedges Speaks on Osama bin Laden’s Death

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US becomes net exporter of fuel

US becomes net exporter of fuel
By Gregory Meyer in New York
The Financial Times
Published: May 2 2011 22:32 | Last updated: May 2 2011 22:32
The US has become a net exporter of fuel for the first time for nearly 20 years as drivers struggle with high petrol prices.
Energy department data show the world’s largest oil consumer in February shipped out 54,000 barrels more petroleum products each day than it purchased on the global market.
After a five-year decline in net imports, the US became a net exporter in late 2010, a trend analysts say is confirmed by the latest data.
The shift comes as Washington confronts voter frustration over petrol prices that have soared 36 per cent in the past year to nearly $4 per gallon, the highest level since mid-2008.
Barack Obama, the US president, has called for an end to oil company tax breaks, while his attorney-general has launched a taskforce to investigate oil price manipulation.
The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, reported US refined product exports rose 24.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2011 from a year ago, to 2.49m barrels per day. Imports declined 14.4 per cent to 2.16m b/d. The export increase is led by diesel and finished petrol, data from the Energy Information Administration show.
For years the US was not only a net importer of crude oil but also of refined fuels. But oil demand of 19m b/d, while on the rebound, remains 2m b/d below pre-recession levels.
Roads are also carrying less traffic than in 2007 and refiners have boosted fuel output.
“Even though our consumption is up from where it was a year ago, we still have plenty available for export,” said Rayola Dougher, API senior economic adviser.
The leading customers for US oil products are in Latin America, where refineries often cannot keep up with fuel consumption. Mexico relies heavily on US-made fuel. Ecuador, a member of the Opec oil cartel, is also a buyer.
US refineries on the Gulf of Mexico are near these markets. Valero Energy, a US refiner, has told analysts petrol exports were fuelled by demand in Mexico and Brazil. “I do believe that we are seeing just a long-term trend here that’s going to allow Gulf Coast refiners to continue to export barrels,” said Joe Gorder, executive vice-president.
Petrol in Gulf states such as Texas is cheaper than in east-coast cities such as New York and Boston. But it is often more profitable for traders to export it, said Philip Verleger, an independent oil economist. A pipeline connecting the Gulf to New York is fully booked, while federal law requires traders to hire expensive US-flagged vessels to ferry oil in domestic waters.
Petrol exports have become a politically sensitive issue elsewhere as oil prices surge. Russia last week significantly increased petrol export tariffs in response to domestic fuel shortages.


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"Sleuth" Should Get a Clue

Blogger Disses Drivers
Transit blogger Adron Hall aka "TransitSleuth" has began a Twitter campaign against late buses - his main target of blame: bus drivers.
Yesterday beginning with a post on his blog and following up on Twitter, Hall began by pointing out that his bus yesterday was 13 minutes late getting to his stop, and 8 minutes late arriving downtown. What Hall was unaware of (or simply doesn't care about) was that a major arterial (Aurora Avenue North) was closed at a choke point due to an accident, causing a lot of diversion to other N-S surface streets including those used by his route.
Also ignored (deliberately it seems) are other factors involved in on-time operation. Instead, Hall has chosen to place the blame (ignorantly and angrily) at the feet of bus drivers themselves. From his tweets:
"A driver can affect their timing, there are multiple criteria that affects the pattern. It's a fact and measurable.""If a driver messes around and stops for greens waiting for reds, waits for every "runner" entering, etc...they WILL BE late."
Aside from apparently arguing that drivers should exercise less care when approaching cold greens (risking running a red light and/or splattering a last-minute pedestrian) and that drivers should simply ignore all those customer complaints that result when pulling away from an intending passenger with the customer service phone number on their cell phone's speed-dial, hall takes further shots at drivers:" That's a lot more than I can say for a lot of drivers, who just mope about, slam on the gas, slam on the brake and are generally smart ass jerks. Building no confidence or backing from the public they're supposed to serve. I'm not talking about safety... a LOT of drivers just screw off and end up late. Probably under facade of Union protection."After some criticism from myself and another Operator, Hall fell back defensively, claiming we were out of line for "praising" a driver. This "praise" however took the form of a backhanded compliment:"Bus driver on #17 this morning is awesome, and driving well enough to stay on time!"Continuing his implication that the reason that buses can run late is that the driver isn't "driving well enough", Hall isn't kidding anyone.I posted an article some time ago on my own blog in answer to the question "why is my bus late?" It's still archived at  
In snarkily placing the blame for late running buses, Hall ignores many realities, including the obstructions (traffic, emergency vehicles, construction delays, utility vehicles); events (accidents, mechanical issues, sporting events) and other delays (wheelchairs, cyclists loading/unloading, passengers fumbling for change or asking questions outside the scope of driver knowledge, poorly written schedules) as well as issuing broad-insult to all the hard-working Operators out there and exposing his own ignorance. He's also ignoring two basic realities from the Operator end: 
1-Operators WANT to be on time. When we're not, pissy whiners like Adron ignorantly blame us, snark at us, snarl at us, curse at us, give us the finger and hey even tweet and blog about us;  
2-Operators WANT to be on time. When we're not, we don't get to have a meal break or even use the restroom.  
3-Operators WANT to be on time. When we're not, our customers are unhappy, may miss their connections, may be late for work etc.
When we're late, bad things happen - not just to our customers, but to us. Operators HATE being late, and do our best not to be.
Sorry, Adron, we're not going to run red lights just to avoid your ignorant attacks. Sorry, Adron, We're not going to pass up regular passengers (or even irregular ones) and put up with having to talk to a supervisor when they call in a complaint just for you. Sorry, Adron, we can't control traffic delays. Sorry, Adron, we don't write the schedules. Sorry, Adron, we're not responsible for the cyclist that fumbles with the bike rack because they didn't bother to learn how to use it before their first commute. Sorry, Adron, we're not going to tell the elderly rider or the wheelchair user or the fare-fumbler to hurry the hell up.
I guess you'll just have to learn to deal with our horrific incompetence. I'm sure that blaming Operators for the bus running late (and taking jabs at our union for some bizarre reason) must be much easier than acknowledging that reality is much more complicated, and that the busing world doesn't revolve around you.
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