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Diary of a mad bus driver-June 2


Bus accident: 18 hurt as bus collides with passenger vehicle -


Lege Speaks, Cap Metro Listens: Screw the Union - News - The Austin Chronicle

Oregonian Chris Fussel busted for video taping transit

Transit police wrongly detain man for taking pictures - National Libertarian |

Getting There: MTA chief repudiates photographer curbs

Light rail lobby does not care what citizens think

TheRecord - Regional council votes against referendum on rail...

Mass Transit Follies

Amusingly, Tigard officials continue to refer to light rail as "high capacity" despite numerous studies demonstrating that it is, in fact, low capacity. Like everybody else, Tigar will "pay" for the expensive rail and development subsidies via TIF, which will siphon money away from basic services such as schools, police, and fire - while claiming that light rail will "spur development".

These never had A/C

The Jury Is Out

Posted on by transitworkersvoice

The Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) heard charges filed by the Union against TriMet for unfair labor practices on May 16-18, 2011 in Salem, Oregon. Complaints heard by the Board included the allegation that TriMet violated ORS 243.672(1)(e) by submitting a proposal in its final offer that did not arise, or logically evolve, from TriMet’s final offer during bargaining.
The other complaints alleged that after the ATU filed the above unfair labor practice complaint, TriMet violated ORS 243.672(1)(a) and (1)(e) when it took the punitive step of suspending the cost of living adjustment payment that was scheduled for December 1, 2010, and refused to pick up the increase in health care premiums that became effective January 1, 2011. The Union claimed that this action by TriMet violated the status quo by TriMet refusing to make those payments.
The hearings before the Oregon Employment Relations Board were heard in two parts. The charge that TriMet changed its bargaining position was heard separately by the three-member board of ERB. The Board will issue a ruling by August 11, 2011. The Board could agree with TriMet that it did not change its bargaining position, or could find TriMet did in fact alter its position andrequire them to change it.
Regardless of what ERB rules, the interest arbitrator has been selected and the matter is scheduled to be heard by the arbitrator on January 13-16, 2012. Once the hearing is concluded, legal briefs will be filed which normally takes 30-45 days, and the arbitrator’s decision on a new contract is expected sometime late April, early May 2012.
The other two complaints were heard by an ERB administrative Law Judge whose decision and final order by ERB is expected by the end of this year. Should ERB find that TriMet violated the law when it unilaterally changed its 17 year past practice of continuing wage and insurance premium increases during expired terms of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement, TriMet will be ordered to return to status quo which would mean reinstate the original health care plans, pay all ACOLA wage increases and reimburse employees for all out-of-pocket costs incurred as a result of TriMet’s action.
This could amount to millions and millions of dollars liability to taxpayers and TriMet would be requjired to continue status quo and all terms of the expired contract until the interest arbitrator’s decision on a new contract expected in late April, early May 2012.
Such a huge financial liability on taxpayers as a result of TriMet’s mismanagement should signal a change in upper-level management at TriMet. If it doesn’t, then the taxpayers are clearly being “taken for a ride” by TriMet.
Jonathan J. Hunt
President – Business Representative

Gerald Celente

United States falls behind China!

Bye Bye Pink Thing!


End of the sign up party hosted by Sunset Bob (and Al M)

Fighting Banker occupation.......

Keiser Report: Regime Change in Greece Now!

US steps up cyber propaganda war

DEAR WES RIDERS..(crazy huh?)

Dear WES riders,
Have you ever played with the sculpture heads at your WES station? Have you ever met someone or had a nice interaction with someone you didn’t know while playing with the heads? Please let us know!

The TriMet public art program has been invited to make a presentation to a national arts conference on the WES Interactivators (aka sculpture heads) and we want to share your experiences with the group.

Please send us your story, pictures or even a video and help us dazzle the artworld! Send to by June 10. First 10 WES riders who have played with the sculptures and respond to this request will receive a free WES Interactivators art catalogue. ·
503-238-RIDE (7433)
TriMet: See where it takes you TriMet on Facebook TriMet on Twitter TriMet on YouTube TriMet on Flickr
4012 SE 17th Ave · Portland, OR 97202



Union Loses the Battle but Wins the War

(It appears now that we lost the battle and the war)

Oh no....

Barbur Boulevard MAX to run all the way to Sherwood | BoJack
Can someone remind these people the PMLR hasn't even been started yet?

“Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon”

The US and the Five Stages of Collapse

Tornadoe smashes Springfield Massachusetts!


Reliable sources have informed us that another army of snitches has been employed by Trimet (mis)management and are out to get BUS DRIVERS!

So those poor unfortunate bus drivers that have to deal with the dilapidated equipment that our beloved "management" (term used loosely) has chosen to ignore for all these years be aware that you WILL BE BLAMED FOR TRIMET'S  FAILURE TO UPGRADE ITS EQUIPMENT if your caught missing a stop or two while you watch out for your TEETH THAT MAY GET KNOCKED right out of your mouth if you use those dangerous microphones.

Who knows what else the snitches have been told to snitch on, so remember, we are the enemy, prepare your battle stations,

MAX to Tigard next

Tigard sets sights on MAX

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 1


I have it from very reliable sources that the management has now implemented a new “SIP” profiling system.

It supposedly involves a “green folder” where all SIP’s will be kept and inventoried.  

After a “threshold” of SIP’s have been accumulated, substantiated or unsubstantiated, the operator will be hauled into the office and subjected to some sort of disciplinary retraining!

So beware Trimet operators, all complaints lodged against you will now count against you, they do not have to be substantiated!

GAIL E. LOWY, Wilsonville

As The Oregonian reported May 28, TriMet has shelved the $46,000 warning system it purchased from ProTran1 because it either overactivated or underactivated and could not be properly calibrated. Because the agency purchased the units outright, TriMet says, they cannot be returned. Spokeswoman Mary Fetsch says, one can only assume with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that "if there are other transit agencies that would like to try it, we'd be happy to help them out."

I guarantee you, if I had purchased an expensive piece of equipment that malfunctioned or otherwise did not work properly, I would go, receipt in hand, right back to the business where I purchased it and ask for a refund. And I would get it. Is there a reason TriMet can't (or won't) do the same? It seems to me a simple matter of consumer satisfaction.

Fred still rides the MAX!

Michael Anderson

Metro North To Bill Driver Of Car Struck by Train

I love this quote from the spokesperson:

"The train was where it was supposed to be, and the car was not," said Metro-North Spokeswoman Marjorie Anders. "The car caused damage to our train."

Sock Puppet gets new post

Clark leaves Pamplin Media Group for OSU post

War on the workers

The 2011 right wing war on workers: How is the Workers’ Rights are Human Rights fightback movement faring?


Keiser Report Here!

History of Greece Here! 

Cell Phone threat

The World Health Organization has designated cell phone use as potentially cancerous for the first time. The announcement follows a peer-reviewed study conducted by 31 scientists from around the world. Cell phones were placed in the same potentially carcinogenic category as exposure to lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. The panel’s chair, Jonathan Samet, said further study is needed.
Jonathan Samet: "Here, fortunately, the evidence says only 'possibly,' and I think it’s an indication that we need to continue to watch and track what is happening with brain tumors and do studies that will inform us as to whether there is a potential cause, causal link."

Stupid bus drivers

Police Probing T Bus Road Rage Case - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

Sagging pants banned from transit system

Saggy Pants Riders Banned From Fort Worth, Texas, Buses -

Transit district in trouble for prohibiting photographs of their system

MTA warned: Let photographers shoot -

Jobs with Justice Rally and Picket Outside June 2 Regence Hearing

WHAT:  Public Hearing by State Insurance Commission on Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield proposed  a 22% rate increase to policyholders who hold individual health plans.

WHO:  Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee and allies

WHEN:  4pm, Thursday, June 2 --

            RALLY & PICKET outside hearing

            4:30 - 7pm -- Testify and Witness --
                            -- Our health care system is broken,  we need single payer!
                            -- anyone can sign up to testify

WHERE: University Place Hotel, 310 SW Lincoln, (southeast of PSU campus,  just s. of College, off 4th)

***If you are unable to attend, consumers can also visit the Insurance Division’s health insurance rate page to learn more about rate review and review documents connected with the Regence request: People who can’t make the hearing can comment online through June 15. The rate page will explain how to do this.***

United States of Morons

Palin uses her hand as note paper

Green Transit



The pink thing drives by

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An open letter to the union on health care

Falling into line

Clackamas County commissioners expected to support $458 million Lake Oswego to Portland streetcar |

May 31

5/31/11 from al m on Vimeo.


Be on the lookout for this thief


Technology & Unemployment

Dick Cheney-Welfare Queen

63&Washington Park shuttle duplicate each other?

King 5 News Bus Accident on Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Cyclist seriously injured after being dragged under city bus


Transit bus incidents

Bus Passenger Attacks With Knife | Corpus Christi, TX | |

Video Here!

Seen at Merlo

Some interesting stuff that Adri has dug up

They do love Portland don't they?

Monday, May 30, 2011



I have been participating in reviewing some of the financial documents of our local and there are questions that need answering.

Here is just one example:
According to the March year to date financial report our union was $170,936.00 in the hole.
Now according to the April monthly report the union went a further $ 66,727.00 into the hole.
Obviously accounting standards will show that the year to date should show that our union is now $237,663 in the hole.
But our year to date report shows that the union is $282,122.00 in the hole!
There is $44,459.00 unaccounted for!
Where the hell is it?
We need answers, NOW!

Trimet general manager says people do not FOCUS on their jobs!


Making a difference

Stories of TriMet employees going the extra mile to make a difference in our community—and beyond.

The Subtlest Of Actions

I regret not tackling this earlier.
So, I looked on the Service Alerts today- it's Memorial Day- to see what to look forward to should I take the bus today. That, and I'm a geek and feel a need to know. I noticed that just down the street, line 19 would not be running to Lincoln Memorial due to the possibility of excessive traffic. 
Now that on it own seems like an inconvenience, but take a second and think about it. What a flimsy, flimsy excuse that is to cancel service to the Memorial Cemetery.
The Memorial Cemetery.

On Memorial DAY. 

Trimet's Bekki Witt

YouTube - Sometimes the Sky is Falling, Sometimes It Isn't: Challenges in Social Media

Steve Fung's movie of the week

Checking out the addition to the street car garage

Millions Need Not Apply

Millions of Americans who lost their jobs to the recession and fell behind in payments to creditors are being penalized again, this time by companies that use credit records to screen job applicants. Five states have limited the use of credit histories by potential employers and about 20 are considering similar measures that deserve to become law 

From a reader

Line 58 stops with transit tracker ID's

9976    Beaverton Transit Center
8271    SW Canyon & Broadway
13042    SW Canyon & 115th Ave
908    SW Canyon & 110th
906    SW Canyon & 107th
12405    SW Canyon & 103rd
899    SW Canyon & Walker

Blowback in Wisconsin

Union victory in Illinois!


Investigation of Astoria Transit District

Feds probe transit district’s cruise ship service - The Daily Astorian: Free


TriMet: See where it doesn't take you

Nova Bus Plattsburgh wins $231 million MTA contract

Transit bus crashes

7 hurt as city bus, car crash in Los Angeles - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

The Netherlands decides to create black markets and crime

Dutch government to ban tourists from cannabis shops - Yahoo! News

Memorial Day: Enter Hitler, Release 2.0

Sarah Palin
    As the sage Robert Crumb once remarked about our homeland: "You can't make this shit up." 
      Sarah Palin entered the race for president this week (without stating it in so many words) with a national bus tour, itself kicked off with a motorcycle parade through Washington.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The short history of early pedal powered machines


Police state goes way back in Amerikan history

YouTube - Crips and Bloods: Made in America (2008)

Jack Bogdanki comments on the talking bus fiasco

They worked about as well as WES

Tri-Met has abandoned its odd experiment to have a robotic voice on the outside of its buses automatically announce each turn the bus makes. Apparently they had the squawk boxes hooked up to the steering wheel of the bus, set to go off on a full turn of the wheel, and the system couldn't tell whether the bus was turning or just pulling in or out of traffic.
It is not surprising that that didn't work. But assuming that one thinks it's a good idea, why not hook it up to the turn signal? The little lever that the bus driver uses to illuminate the signals could have two stops in each direction -- the first one without the announcement, and the second one with.
Of course, that would require the drivers to use the signals, and even learn new devices, which might defeat the purpose. Part of the original system seemed designed to warn pedestrians and cyclists even when the driver was screwing up -- as one did with horrible results in the incident that initiated the latest flap about dangerous turns.
In any event, we think the robots, which were on some of Tri-Met's lines for about three months, should get a week to say goodbye. Every time the wheel turns, they could say something in the nature of a valedictory. Like "I'm retiring with free medical care for life." Or "So long -- this bus route won't be here much longer, either." Or "As you could tell, I never liked dealing with you, but the pay was great."
Then they can be re-deployed on other government vehicles -- the mayor's pickup truck, Earl the Pearl's SUV, and Fireman Randy's flotilla of custom-built fireboats, to name a few.



38,159 MISSING

“War is when the government tells you who the bad guy is. Revolution is when you decide that for yourself.”

Update on the police state vs the dancers



Salem-Keizer transit contract includes raise|topnews|text|News 


It becomes more and more apparent to me just how tyrannical our management really is compared to the other transit districts around the country.  Now is the time for our management to get together with our union and settle this  dispute once of for all! 

How do we democratically settle the great transit debate?

The bus vs rail argument might have started here in Portland but it has spread around the country like wildfire!

Lazy TriMet Teens


(something I am prohibited from doing by the way, cause I live in the LAND OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!)

Transit executive criminals


Transit bus crashes

Woman hit by bus takes turn for worse - Winnipeg Free Press

Adam Kokesh Arrested!- True News from Freedomain Radio

Deadly Mix: Hubris and Cowardice

Admitting failure in Iraq and Afghanistan is anathema to Official Washington, especially to the still-influential neocons whose status depends on maintaining the illusion of “victory” or at least limited success, even at the cost of more blood and treasure. But Daniel N. White says only a frank acknowledgement of failure can free America from even worse calamities ahead.

Don't plan on taking Trimet to any Memorial Day Cemetary services

Land of the Free? BULLSHIT!

'Nothing stops big banks from ripping off people again'

Weekly report

Milwaukie boondoggle moves forward

Remembering the worst bus crash in US history

Treat Yourself to Lunch Today

This was the lunch at Nakwon on Watson Avenue in Beaverton.It is on the #76/78 line.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Part time bus driver positions

Looks like First Transit is looking for people, also Part time, like Trimet.
Nobody wants to hire full time employees anymore in this sick, unethical country of ours! 


The General Counsel (GC) is the Chief Legal executive within TriMet and represents the agency and its officials in all legal proceedings. The GC is accountable to the General Manager and oversees 8 staff attorneys and 5 support staff. Specific areas of accountability include:

What the heck to 9 attorneys do all day anyway?


But they have the gall to publish their rosy press releases showing how great the Max and WES is doing! The governor needs to send all the executive Trimet management to an ethical standards workshop!

Closest stop to Al's childhood home

This is the closest bus to my house, used to take this bus into Boston to stay with my Grandmother
This bus would take me to the trolley bus that took me to her house.
 But the Best way to get to Downtown Boston Combat Zone which all us kids growing up used to skip school and head into was the commuter rail to the south station stop where we took the Red Line into Downtown Boston to look for trouble
This was 44 years ago and the same transportation is available today!

Trimet takes me where I wanna go????(not worksafe!)

WalMart Transit System

I saw this bus (or one just like it) for the first time today on S.E. Holgate Boulevard headed towards the Eastport Plaza WalMart.  There are signs at the store entrance telling customers to call a toll-free number for shuttle info, but no other info - no brochures or anything inside the store.

Love or hate WalMart, I have to appreciate their ingenuity to bring customers to their store...especially in a city that claims to be so transit-friendly, WalMart is going out of their way to provide an additional service and bringing customers right to the front door instead of TriMet's 72 bus whose stop is 1,140 feet away (for the northbound stop, add another 270 feet for the southbound stop), or 1,170 feet away from the eastbound 17 stop (however the westbound 17 stop is a mere 540 feet away).  Of course, no idea who actually operates the bus, or how much the Operators get paid...

Closest Stop to Max's Childhood Home

Inspired by Erik, let's play a little game. Find the closest bus stop to your childhood home in Google's street view and post the picture. Of the 4 stops (each 1/2 mile away) from my parent's house, here's the only one that had a shelter. Lovely little gem isn't it? The sidewalk extends only the length of the bus stop, as the cars in the back indicate. Be sure to click the image to get the full picture.

Now it's your turn!

Major transit expansion in Paris France

Speaking of safety

 American Public Transportation Association makes it's safety awards, an no, Trimet gets no award from them. I guess US News and World Report stands alone in its ratings.

The 2011 Bus Safety & Security Excellence Award winners are as follows:
Category I: Bus systems with fewer than 4 million passenger trips annually
Safety Excellence Award:
o GOLD Award for Safety – Southwest Transit – Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Category II: Bus systems with more than 4 million and fewer than 20 million
passenger trips annually
Safety Excellence Awards:
o GOLD Award for Safety – Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority – Des Moines, Iowa
o Certificate of Merit - Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority – Cincinnati, Ohio
Security Excellence Award:
o GOLD Award for Security – Pierce Transit – Lakewood, Washington
Category III: Bus systems with 20 million or more passenger trips annually
Safety Excellence Awards:
o GOLD Award for Safety – Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority – Cleveland,
o Certificate of Merit for Safety – Maryland Transit Administration – Baltimore, Maryland
o Certificate of Merit for Safety – Orange County Transportation Authority – Orange,
Security Excellence Awards:
o GOLD Award for Security – New York City Transit – New York, New York
o Certificate of Merit- Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County – Houston, Texas
o Certificate of Merit- Regional Transportation District – Denver, Colorado
Category IV: Private contractors providing transportation management and
services to bus transit systems
Safety Excellence Award:
o GOLD Award for Safety – Forsythe Transportation, Arlington Transit – Arlington, Vir

Transit systems that need a better ethical roadmap ...

This article has a ring to it that sounds familiar!

Sound Transit fined over lobbying

OLYMPIA, Wash. —
The state Public Disclosure Commission has fined the Port of Seattle and Sound Transit for failing to report publicly funded lobbying of the Legislature.
The News Tribune reports the conservative watchdog group Freedom Foundation complained to the PDC last summer, and the agency approved a settlement Thursday with the Port of Seattle. It agreed to pay $3,750 for failing to comply with reporting requirements. Sound Transit agreed to pay $7,500 in another recent settlement.
The Port of Seattle didn't report $270,000 in expenses over more than four years. Sound Transit failed to disclose lobbying expenses worth $682,000 over three years.
Sound Transit called the lapse an administrative oversight caused by staff turnover. Staff changes also played a role in what the Port of Seattle called a lapse in procedures.
Information from: The News Tribune,

Transit buses do crash into rivers unfortunately

And what is the point in all these stories?

Transit buses do crash down the steps and into marathons unfortunately

Speeding bus hits 6 during Stockholm Marathon -

Transit buses crash into stores unfortunately-dramtic video

People do get killed by transit buses unfortunately

Pedestrian killed in bus accident - National - Video - 3 News

The transit bus">How to build a transit bus

YouTube - How To Dispose of an Old Transit Bus

YouTube - Bus driving

YouTube - Bus stunt

YouTube - Birth of a 35' American Built Bus

Freedom my ass

Labor-market deregulation boils down to three things: weak unions, weak worker protection laws and weak overall employment. In addition to protecting wages and benefits, unions also protect jobs. Union contracts prevent management from indiscriminately firing workers and shifting the burden onto remaining employees. After decades of imposed decline, the United States currently has the fourth-lowest private sector union membership in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).
America's low rate of union membership partly explains why unemployment rose so fast and, - thanks to hectic productivity growth - hiring has been so slow.
Proponents of labor-market flexibility argue that it's easier for the private sector to create jobs when the transactional costs associated with hiring and firing are reduced. Perhaps fortunately, legal protections for American workers cannot get any lower: US labor laws make it the easiest place in the word to fire or replace employees, according to the OECD.
Another consequence of labor-market flexibility has been the shift from full-time jobs to temporary positions. In 2010, 26 percent of all news jobs were temporary - compared with less than 11 percent in the early 1990's recovery and just 7.1 percent in the early 2000's.