There are at least two meanings to that familiar saying. On the one hand, it’s a rule contest organizers use to keep people in the room during an event. On a more philosophical note, it’s a reminder that good things happen in life when we “show up” and give it our best shot. In the case of the summer attendance campaign we launched this week, both meanings apply. For the next three months, the Operations Division is offering extra incentives to reward good attendance. You’ll find the details of this campaign on TriNET. What I want to emphasize is the very real value of good attendance. If we’re scrambling to find people and vehicles to put out there, we run the risk of letting down our customers. And especially in the summer when a lot of employees take their hard-earned scheduled vacations – unexpected absences put a real strain on both the budget and morale. Now, I know you have tough jobs – and that in many cases you’re working long hours – and that things happen to us and our families. But I also know we can do better on the attendance front. Our attendance is below our goal – and down from last year in many work groups. I’m hoping many of you will rise to the occasion to keep our buses and trains on schedule and doing what you can to support our customers and your fellow coworkers. And this summer – there might even be a prize in it for you. Thanks for all your hard work! Neil