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Suddenly, cops show up on MAX

A reader who lives way out on the Idaho side of Portland writes
 I am seeing instant results with this new Operation Cool Down. I ride the train every day. Now I see officers on many train rides. Yesterday evening and again this morning there were multiple cops arresting gang-banger types at my MAX stop. They are finally cleaning these sc**s off the street.
And it's really nice. Things seem less depressed, and it makes the outlook optimistic. I think citizens should demand we keep this up and fund even more officers. I am sure we can find the funds from pet projects. The first thing our leaders should be worried about is the safety of the citizens. To have other top priorities would be insanity.

"Don’t Believe the Hype About U.S. Debt":

Buses leave cars in the dust



Graniteville woman settles case with Transit for $300,000 |


County’s transportation agency approves $1.1 billion budget | million, budget, octa - News - The Orange County Register


Arbitrator imposes contract rejected by Muni workers

Could you imagine Trimet actually doing this? NOPE!

BART posts online survey to gather feedback on potential general manager | Will Reisman | Under the Dome | San Francisco Examiner


Latest union proposal exempts Wis. transit workers -


@yalestar yalestar
Apparently it's Trimet policy to have the cabin be at least 80 degrees on every bus? Oy!
13 Jun via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

Ah the republicans

First Major Republican Presidential Debate Focuses on Obama, Jobs, Healthcare, Afghan War and Tea Party

Pdxrailtransit's Blog

Call the Transit Company ! - Call the Police !
Coast Starlight
Full House at the Terminal Company


Charts by Jason Mchuff

Gerald Celente

Not “Business as Usual” In the 1920s, US President Calvin Coolidge declared, “The business of America is business.” Four score and 10 years later, the business of America has become war: The forty-year War on Drugs; The ten-year War on Terror; the Afghan War (longest in American history); the eight-years-and-no-end-in-sight Iraq War; the covert wars in Pakistan and Yemen; and most recently, the “time-limited, scope-limited kinetic military action” in Libya.



“By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”
Adolf Hitler quotes (German Chancellor, leader of the Nazi party, 1889-1945) 
TriMet set ridership records in May, during Rose Festival | WOPULAR
TriMet sets rail ridership records | Portland Business Journal
TriMet sets ridership records in Portland, Ore. - Connecticut Post
TriMet sets ridership records in Portland, Ore. - NewsTimes
TriMet sets rail ridership records :: Niuzer
TriMet set ridership records in May, during Rose Festival | WOPULAR
TriMet sets ridership records in Portland, Ore. - San Antonio ...
TriMet sets rail ridership records :: Niuzer
TriMet sets rail ridership records – The Business Journal
TriMet sets rail ridership records - Business in Portland ...
TriMet sets rail ridership records |



What's this all about?

Seen earlier today (6/13), around 11am , 5th & Morrison.  The woman on the right is Tommye Gilbreth, I'm wondering if the dark haired balding guy is Harry Saporta. Guy in the trench coat is familiar, but I can't place him.  Think they might actually be doing something about the mall?


Get on the Bus with Portland Rising on June 30th for a fun-filled, action-packed Day!

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What's a Bitcoin?
Bitcoin! - The Freedomain Radio Interview

21.7 Disclosure of Union Business.

This months phony statistics

TriMet spokeswoman Mary Fetsch attributed the growing ridership in part to gas prices still hovering around $4 a gallon and the Portland region’s job market revving up.
“It is certainly a sign of more people working, especially with WES being commuter and worker focused,” Fetsch said. “It’s good that bus (ridership) is picking up. With all modes up, we may be seeing the economy really turning around.”
(Ya right Mary, sure)

Finally, Trimet releases the full April Statistics

As we can see in graph 1, bus+max ridership are both up the same % of riders.
The ministry of propaganda on the other hand, presents the stats to the public as MAX&WES as being double digit increases and bus as a decrease!
It borders on fraud as far as I am concerned.


TriMet: News Release - Changes coming to Willamette River due to light rail bridge construction

TriMet's new bridge may come in higher than planned, and I'm not talking about its price tag



China unveils landmark rail line, shrugs off financing worries

Angie goes to Jail

Creating mayhem on the MAX

Our tax dollars hard at work for us

$6.6 Billion Shipped to Iraq Alleged Stolen; Possibly "Largest Theft of Funds in National History"
Federal auditors now believe as much as $6.6 billion earmarked for Iraq might have been stolen in the early years of the Iraq war in what is now being described as possibly "the largest theft of funds in national history." Between 2003 and 2004, the United States shipped $12 billion in cash to Iraq in what was the biggest international cash airlift of all time. For years, the Pentagon has been unable to account for where more than half the money went. The Los Angeles Times reports Iraqi officials are now threatening to go to court to reclaim the money, which came from Iraqi oil sales, seized Iraqi assets and surplus funds from the United Nations’ oil-for-food program.
Soaring Costs of U.S. Involvement in Libya Set to Exceed $750 Million
A leaked Pentagon memo has revealed the cost of the U.S. military involvement in Libya is soaring and is set to soon exceed the Pentagon’s initial estimate of $750 million. In other Libya news, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is examining whether Goldman Sachs and some other financial companies violated bribery laws in dealings with Libya’s sovereign-wealth fund.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The road supervisor driving this vehicle was T-boned

If you want workers rights move to South Africa

American workers are screwed.  If you want workers’ rights – move to South Africa.  Wal Mart just inked a new deal to open up stores across South Africa – but in order to get the deal done – Wal Mart had to make some concessions –honoring union contracts among workers.  And it’s not only in South Africa – Wal Mart lets workers unionize all over the world in Brazil – Argentina – China – and the United Kingdom – everywhere except…here in the United States. 
In America – Wal Mart is considered one of the fiercest opponents of unionization – spending millions of dollars to defeat pro-union legislation in Congress – and resorting to underhanded tactics to kill off any organizing attempts among its American workforce. 
Since America embraced so-called Free Trade – American workers have seen their wages and rights collapse.

Chris Parker Update

Went down to see how Chris was doing today.
I was denied access because I was wearing a sweatshirt without a t-shirt underneath. 
I had to go down to Ross and buy myself a T-shirt which I wore over my sweatshirt, completely ridiculous.

Sitting in the main room looking at the different people all of whom are waiting to see somebody they know in custody is a very strange experience. 
Behind the glass sit the deputies, one mans the window were you bring the bail, the other where you request a visit.

Czechs say "fuck your court"

Czech transportation workers will hold a one-day strike on June 16 after a Prague court ruled they couldn’t hold a work stoppage today, union representatives said. 

(Europeans are fighters, Americans are yellow.)

Trimet supervisor gets T-Boned

Trimet passenger attacks her kids and another Trimet passenger, and gets away with it!

Trimet general managers says we are getting new buses

What I found on my morning bus inspection

You can tell it was a big weekend on TriMet.

Guess the layover site

You are one for one Al.Can you be two for two?


Cool Trimet movie

YouTube - 17 to saint johns (speed up)

More crazies on the pride of portland-the max!

Insane hypocracy

YouTube - Don't Tweet Your Meat! Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Ignorant bus drivers causing passengers trauma

From a rider:Are bus ops not allowed to sell transfers to max riders who dont want to use the ticket machines anymore? I was just told that by 2001.

More 'privatization' of pubic bus services

("Privatization" only means one thing, always, less wages and benefits for the people providing the service)


Guess the Layover Location

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Portland gangs get on multi-modal bandwagon

The gravy train arrives early (Jack Bog's Blog)

Library property tax shell game being played out to perfection

Team Kroger goofs again

Transportation Sue is back

Fukushima radwater filter system sounds unlikely

Oregon says it's still testing air for radiation (Jack Bog's Blog)

The "entire" Portland Rose Parade

The "entire" Portland Rose Parade from al m on Vimeo.

Including before and after events

A 2LonelyGuys Production

The Ships come in for Portland Rose Festival

The Ships come in for Portland Rose Festival from al m on Vimeo.

A 2LonelyGuys Production

What the hell is the "Trimet way award"?

And the winners are: (in order by month)

Jessica Bucciarelli, employee communications coordinator, Organization Development 

Janni Baugh, real property specialist, Capital Projects

Nick Stewart, real property specialist, Capital Projects

Jason Grohs, system engineer II, Capital Projects 

Brian Runyan, mini-run operator, Powell

James Ryan, bus operator Powell


The TriMet Way Award is given to individuals throughout the year who are committed to creating a culture of service excellence by thinking "safety first" and demonstrating their commitment to be responsive, act inclusively, solve problems creatively and do the right thing.

Let Me Stand Next to Your fire

Bus 2556 at the Powell Garage Boneyard

Who would have guessed it?

Mounting evidence of CIA ties to Libyan rebels

One of my favorite bus movies


The big bus does a number on the little bus

Nothing like the international bus news as your source of entertainment

Dangerous Accident-Two men Dead

(Obviously not funny but the presentation certainly is much different than American coverage of bus accidents)


Citizen sock puppets meeting agenda

TriMet Engineering Safety In Hazards OUT

City considers expanding or killing bus ads

Here is an idea for the republicans

Czech government wants trade unions to pay for planned strike - České

Comparing Recessions and Recoveries: Job Changes

There are now 13.9 million workers who are looking for work and cannot find it; the figure nearly doubles if you include workers who are part-time but want to be employed full-time, and workers who want to work but have stopped looking. 

How is it that this arbitration is going so fast and ours is going so slow?

The two sides presented their cases to the arbitrator Thursday, and a decision is expected in quick order. Under rules imposed by voters last fall, the arbitrator, whose decision will be binding, must take into account the impact the new Muni contract will have on fares and service, a scenario that could favor management.

Transit district handed over to the for profit sector

Saving for this comes on the backs of the employees of course.

Bus Management Deal For Augusta Transit | WJBF–TV

Driver fatigue!

(Maybe about tour bus operators but transit bus operator should take notice of this too!)

Fatal Va. bus crash shines light on driver fatigue - Yahoo! News

New TriMet Bridge too short for many boats

Mary Fetsch Here!

The Smart-ALECs Who Are Writing the GOP’s Laws

The term Smart Alec is quite fitting for ALEC. The phrase derives from a mid-19th century con artist named Alec Hoag who worked with his wife to scam money and jewelry from hundreds of men in Manhattan. Alec's wife would pose as a prostitute, and Alec would steal her "customers'" belongings while they were distracted. The couple avoided arrest by bribing two local police officers. Given the impact that ALEC's legislative proposals have on every day Americans, the dishonest ways in which ALEC sells its policies, and the level of virtually bribery that occurs in our political system, the use of the phrase "Smart Alec" to describe ALEC seems especially appropriate.]

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 10

Union solidarity in LA

LA Unions Rally to Support Grocery Workers, as Strike Looms - Working In These Times

Stock markets plunge as losing streak extends to six weeks, longest since 2002

Dutch government, unions, employers agree to increase retirement age to 67

Cascade Policy Institute ♥s MAX Light Rail?

{Be sure to read the comments as well as the post itself}

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bus driver safety growing concern

Making the US Economy "Scream"

Modern Republicans have a simple approach to politics when they are not in the White House: Make America as ungovernable as possible by using almost any means available, from challenging the legitimacy of opponents to spreading lies and disinformation to sabotaging the economy. 


Supermarkets: Union says strike is near for Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons workers -

Financial terrorists poised to take over Spain


The resounding rejection by Muni operators of a proposed contract underscores a deep dissatisfaction among the rank and file that city officials hope won't transform into an angry labor action that could cripple the city.
Muni operators already have authorized their union leaders to call a strike.

(Meanwhile Trimet workers just take the abuse lying down)

Yup! Another bus looses it' cool!

Who's up and who's down

Government taking over your property

Eminent Domain and Business Relocation Workshop Offered for Citizens Affected by the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail and Columbia River Crossing Project - Yahoo! News

Chris Smith gets a lesson in reality

The Futility of Citizen Involvement at the CRC

How to avoid conflicts

Challenging the prevailing paradigm

Transit agencies spend big on lobbying at state level, study finds

Don McKee: Would light rail system improve cable company’s efficiency?

Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal - Don McKee Would light rail system improve cable company�s efficiency

Connecting the dots

In an earlier article, we posed the question, “Why are we in Libya?” We offered some thoughts.
Now, more pieces are falling into place. Those pieces have names of your favorite players: oil companies, banks like Goldman Sachs, and they paint a picture of endless corporate intrigue. The sort that never seems to come out in the corporate media.
Let’s go for a ride. 

What happens when Greece defaults

A second look at the RFK assasination

In the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., the evidence tying the alleged assassins to the case was circumstantial and almost too neat. But here, Sirhan was apprehended on the scene firing a gun within a couple of feet of Kennedy. An open-and-shut case? Ironically, the RFK assassination has the starkest physical and eyewitness evidence indicating a conspiracy involving Sirhan and at least one additional gunman. 

Newt Gangrene's staff tells him to "fuck off"

Gingrich Staffers Resign En Masse Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has seen his Republican presidential hopes derailed with the mass resignation of his senior staff. On Thursday, top aides, including Gingrich’s spokesperson, his campaign manager and a number of other consultants and strategists, stepped down en masse. Gingrich is vowing to continue his campaign.

Fleet Week Steel Bridge Lifts


Diary of a mad bus driver-June 9

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Supervisor being transported; vehicle "in pretty bad shape"

China Demands American Austerity

We tend to go back and forth regarding the world's larger financial fix. We have arrived at the idea, eventually that the Anglo-American power elite responsible for the mess wants to push Western citizens as far as possible without setting up full-scale revolutions. The idea is simply to afflict Western Middle Classes with such misery that they will not notice when their countries' sovereignty is removed in favor of a One World Order.
The best way to do this is to keep people distracted and miserable – hovering on the edge of foreclosure, food insecurity and professional oblivion. In Europe this has been accomplished by ensuring that many counties have borrowed far more than they can pay back, thus ensuring generations of "austerity" (assuming that Europe's young people don't revolt against the prospect). Hey, it's a fine line. 

Cameras coming to federal courts starting next month

A possible end to the insanity?

At the request of Lake Oswego Mayor Jack Hoffman, Clackamas County commissioners this morning postponed until early 2012 a resolution that would have offered the board's conditional support to the streetcar recommendation. Hoffman said he spoke with Portland Mayor Sam Adams earlier this morning and the two planned to send Clackamas County and other project partners a letter in coming days. 

Streetcar isn’t the best way to allocate $450 million

Streetcars are not even environmentally friendly. To build the streetcar tracks and infrastructure requires use of a very large number of earth-moving equipment, heavy trucks and other vehicles for an extended time period. Much equipment, rails etc. needs to be transported over a long distance. Bridges and other infrastructures also need to be built. All this results in expenditure of energy for streetcar thousands of times more compared to energy required to build buses. Battery- powered buses, just as battery-powered cars, will be used for most public commuter traffic in the near future. Thus, the extensive bridges and streetcar track construction and use will have much bigger carbon footprint as compared to battery- powered buses. Furthermore, the streetcar track and bridge construction will have drastically adverse effect on large wetland areas, native species and beautiful landscape. 

Strange but true

Overhead Bin - 'Open-and-shut case': Alleged thief hides in suitcase

Whoa! Portland looks pretty good sometimes!

Teens Attack Chicago Transit Authority Buses | News One

Fighting the financial terrorists-Keiser Report: GIABO! (E154)

My all time favorite global warming video

Mary Fetsch!

Another one bites the dust

Why don't we just expand TriMet?


Diary of a mad bus driver-June 8


Cameron Johnson is interviewed by KGW

Transit debate spawns some high flying ideas

Canby reduces transit service by about one-third

NJ Transit Customers Can Now Report Suspicious Activity Via Text Messaging

Transit Strike

CTA unveils bus rapid transit plans,0,1271645.story?CFID=474&CFTOKEN=39864452

Muni operators overwhelmingly reject contract

The tentative agreement - backed by the executive team of the operators union - was shot down on a vote of 994 to 488, according to management and Transport Workers Union Local 250-A.
It was the third time in 1 1/2 years that the union rank and file has snubbed its leadership and management's requests for cost-saving concessions.

TriMet Youth Pass: Creating our transit riders of the future


Ex-Rose City Transit bus, Tri-Met 575, in 1985,_Tri-Met_575,_in_1985.jpg

SAM I AM » Blog Archive » Woman riding a bicycle rear-ends Mayor Adams in his Prius


A TriMet Rider's Rantings: We need our service back on Line 51!

Portland Streetcar from PSU to 10th and Jefferson


Trimet May (in June) Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trimet critic Robert Butler says Jon Hunt won't return phone calls

Al goes in front of the board-2 versions

A fun day at the Trimet Board meeting!

Google Brings Real-Time TriMet Arrival Times to Portland

Vote over at Bojack

Wasn't expecting myself to in this poll but there I am, so far trailing badly too!

TriMet Board Honors Operators of the Year

Congratulations to Gail,Rolynde and Abigail.Good Job!

TriMet approves rate hike to start in September (surprise!)

I want MARY FESTCH to RIDE MY BUS AND HANG OUT AT BTC! (special guest Joe Rose)

Come on Mary, get on the 58 with me to BTC, meet some of the drivers, then ride back to downtown! We can get some footage of you out in the system. That would look great for your (and our) image!

Facebook discussion on fare increase! (beth and me that is)

Steve Fung says we need windows THAT OPEN!

Michael Levine accuses trimet of Discrimination

Joy Kovacks says the 43 bus needs to continue

Cameron Johnson talks about "change"

Insane republican governors

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has announced a deal that will radically scale back public broadcasting produced in his state. Christie’s administration has agreed to place the publicly owned New Jersey Network under control of New York’s public broadcaster WNET-TV. The deal will mean the firing of all 130 of New Jersey Network’s employees, though around 20 will be hired to produce content for the new station. It also contracts the private Caucus Educational Corporation—owned by the son of a well-connected New Jersey political powerbroker—to provide 20 hours of television content per week. Christie has also reached separate deals to sell all nine of New Jersey Network’s radio licenses to Philadelphia’s WHYY and New York Public Radio.

TriMet chips away some more at bus service

Prison industrial complex

The nation’s largest private prison company has hired the former head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons to a top executive position. Harley Lappin retired as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons last month. On Friday, the Corrections Corporation of America named Lappin its Executive Vice President and Chief Corrections Officer. Lappin had stepped down as federal prison chief following his arrest for driving under the influence. A $1.6 billion company, the CCA has faced widespread allegations of prisoner mistreatment and negligence in the deaths or injuries of prisoners in its prisons and immigrant jails.

Terminating transit monopolies

Fat cat Transit executives

Can they kill off the religion of light rail?

Hillsborough County voters killed light rail last year, but a conservative activist worries it isn't sufficiently dead.
"I want to seal the coffin on this issue," said David Caton, a well-known activist who fought November's transit tax vote.
So over the past few months, Caton has been quietly floating an idea: a proposed amendment to the county charter to prohibit spending county money on rail. 

Print|Email High Speed Rail Is Dead

Greeks tired of slavery

Greek industrial output falls again - Telegraph

Diary of a mad bus driver

June 7


“It is better to have debated a question with out settling it, than to settle it without debate”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kaiser Report

YouTube - Keiser Report: Selling Kidney for iPad (E153)

Treasurer Farra and VP Schwarz

President Jon Hunt

Union officer reports-summaries

Khris Alexander:
3 firings for time loss;
six issues with cell phones, one was denied (Trimet had no proof however)
3 were suspensions (operator admissions of guilt)
2 reprimands for headphones, driver admitted guilt.
Trimet is not consistent about discipline of B-812.
Arbitration list grows 3-6 per month due to managers being told to "no" to all grievances.
Jeff Ackerson:
1 grievance filed over Reed Group giving wrong information.
Trimet has been using data packs without the permission of the operators involved,
we now have an agreement to stop that practice without permission from the operators involved.
{This is freaking hilarious since these pin heads made such a big deal out of me using over the air publicly available radio transmissions wrote me up with the threat of termination, but they themselves break rules with impunity, god don't ya just love these people that pose for management?}
David Kay:
Security breach at the garage, trespasser entered personal vehicles in the maintenance lot

Official Trimet stop placard

The failed war on drugs

Bojack commentaries

Citizen input charade in Portland spotlight

Japan admits more truths in Fukushima disaster

In Spain, they don't put a bird on it

Why "expand" Interstate Avenue "urban renewal"?

Do the right thing, Salem

One less squish to answer

War in Wisonsin

Gerald Celente

Help clean up the MAX

Odor of Mass Transit

The #12 bus

Trimet video

YouTube - Trimet driver runs into something and gives passenger a ...

YouTube - Portland crazies love the Trimet Max service

Extend the TriMet transfers and gain riders, sustainability

As cohabitants of this city, we all share a basic human right to safe, affordable and accessible transportation. And yet here in the Portland metro region, champion of “livability”, those who depend on public transportation are disproportionately bearing the burden of TriMet’s decisions to cut service and increase fares. The value of a TriMet fare has never been lower, wait times between buses have never been longer, and riders are getting squeezed with missed connections and overcrowded buses and pass-bys. 

How to overcomplicate a bus shelter cleaning contract

Resolution for hybred buses

The position of bus operator gets worse and worse...stats say it works however

Is Sarah Palin's bus tour really illegal?

Boondoggle moves forward

New designs & safety features revealed for McLoughlin MAX line

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 6

Streetcar debate

The streetcar line planned for Salt Lake City has faced similar criticism, and even the decade-old Portland streetcar, a project hailed by many supporters for causing a $3.5 billion boost to that city's real estate market, still takes fire from critics who argue that the line's funding would be better spent on projects such as road improvements.

Fare increase to bring back service?

Service restoration
The fare increase, if approved, will also help to add back service to help relieve crowding on 10 busy bus lines and the MAX Blue Line. Beginning on Sunday, September 4, the following bus lines will have additional trips: 4, 9, 12, 14, 35, 44, 52, 75, 78 and 94. 

My entry for the WES "heads" contest

Monday, June 6, 2011

TriMet is screwing the pass holders!

5¢ fare increase is coming, and you know it, but why do passes rise at $4 per month, and not $2?

Heres some fun with numbers:

On the ORCA Card (in Seattle), It is $9 for every 25¢ increase in fare, or $1.80 per 5¢.

Lets break down TriMets fare, Assuming 365 days per year - 104 weekend days - 6 holidays = 255 average commute days per year:

$77 X 12 = $924 / 255 = $3.62 /2 = $1.81 per trip (assumes one round trip per day, 2-zone pass)
$81 X 12 = $972 / 255 = $3.81 /2 = $1.91 per trip, a 9¢ increase per trip.

Either way you look at it, someone up at TriMet is rewarding cash riders, as the value of the Monthly pass is diminishing. A monthly pass holder is saving 24¢ right now per ride, or $10.20 per month, at the new rate, Pass holders will save 19¢ per trip, or $8.07 per month.

It should be a $2 increase, to realize the fair amount of savings, period.

TriMet fare hike vote set for Wednesday

Jee whiz, I'm on the edge of my seat wondering if the Trimet board would vote no on this!   NOT! 

Thom Hartman

Big Picture: Rich Get Richer; World Gets Poorer

Trimet surveys-from a survey done in 2006

People are riding Trimet!

TriMet sees record ridership for Starlight Parade, prepares for busiest Saturday of year |

Request for proposals for transit climate change adaptation assessment pilots.

If You Know How Mass Transit Can Adapt to Climate Change, the FTA Has A Check for You. – AltTransport: Your Guide to Smarter Ways of Getting Around

CTA on Monday was named most romantic U.S. transit system by Craigslist.

CTA named most romantic transit system -

Dazed and Confused

Operator of bus 72 train 42 lost his way! Supposed to be at Swan Island, went to Parkrose instead.
Luckily they got plenty of 72 buses huh?

Not your job

An operator has called dispatch to complain that he is seeing bus transfers "with too much time on them".
(Better too much than too little IMO)

That "pink thing"

Portland tourists get another option, and that's good for everybody |

Day of parade is TriMet's busiest Saturday of year

Good luck getting to and from this event, no matter how you decide to get there.

Don't miss the excitement! Board meeting next Wednesday at Portland Building 9am

The following is the agenda of the regular meeting of the TriMet Board of Directors to be held at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 8, 2011, at the City of Portland Building, Auditorium, 1120 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, with public forum following the agenda items.
A. General Manager’s Comments – Neil McFarlane
B. LIFT Fares – Claire Potter and Kathy Miller 
Items appearing below are considered to be routine and may be approved by the Board in one blanket motion. (Any Board member may remove an item from the “Consent” portion of the agenda for discussion or questions by requesting such action prior to consideration of this portion of the agenda.)
Resolution directing that all ordinances shall be read by title only

In other transit related news

Transit officers rail against targeting fares

Metro train damaged after pulling out while still plugged in

The insane California high-speed rail project | Michael Barone | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

Well-intended advice for Muni operators

Believe who you want

It has been stated that the two statements I claim Sam Schwarz made to me on June 2, 2011 at the union hall while I was meeting with Evette talking about the financial report was not made. The person stating this is Khris Alexander who states that he was at that meeting. It is true that Khris did not hear Sam’s threat statement. I do feel it is import to share some more factual information about that meeting so you can have more information to determine if Khris Alexander’s statement truly represents what took place. 

Car versus TriMet MAX train crash sends Hillsboro man to local hospital, police say

The Creeping Nausea of American Exceptionalism

That is certainly the case in Europe, especially Greece right now, where the mobs in Syntagma Square denounce their waffling parliament for agreeing to a bailout deal that will make Greece a step-child of Germany. The German voters are none too pleased with this, either, since their country is now on the hook to pay Greece's bills. Ireland, Portugal, and Belgium are standing by for adoption next in Europe's Home for Wayward Children. Spain and Italy may need to become wards of the Euro-state, too, but they are more like adults with drinking problems who are liable to wreck the whole household if invited in.

James Howard Kunstler

Has America changed that much?

We look at the life of former political prisoner, Geronimo Jijaga Pratt, who died in Tanzania on Thursday. In 1972, Pratt was wrongfully convicted of the murder of Caroline Olsen for which he spent 27 years in prison, eight of those in solitary confinement. He was released in 1997 after a judge vacated his conviction. The trial to win his freedom revealed that the Los Angeles Black Panther leader was a target of the FBI’s counter-intelligence program, or COINTELPRO.

Former Black Panther Leader and Political Prisoner Geronimo JiJaga Pratt Dies in Tanzania

Show Time for the CRC at Metro

Portland Transport

Sunday, June 5, 2011


1.0 Purpose:
This procedure outlines how to back up the bus.
2.0 Procedures:
1. Get out of the bus and check for potential hazards around the vehicle.
2. Turn on emergency flashers and sound horn.
3. Check mirrors on both sides continually while backing the bus. Remember to bob and weave or rock and roll (lean) in your seat as you scan to increase what you see in your mirrors, and to see around visual barriers.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You are responsible if an accident occurs when backing the bus, even if you use a spotter.

Can you design an electrical Substation Triennial Testing Service? Then this is for you!

TriMet: Bidding Opportunities

Weird Trimet videos

YouTube - Trimet PSA

Arresting on duty Trimet employees

Average rides per trip per line

How to die in Oregon-an HBO documentary worth seeing

How to die in Oregon from al m on Vimeo.

HBO documentary

Canada Post Workers Begin Rotating Strikes


Layover at Union Station

I drove a 9 hour #33 today.I enjoyed my layovers at the train station.

Portland Starlight Parade (complete version)

Portland Starlight Parade from al m on Vimeo.
A 2LonelyGuys Production

Union Blues

Things are starting to get a little nasty it seems between Chris Day and some union officers.
It's my opinion that Chris is not interested in "union bashing" and I know for a fact that I am not interested in union bashing.

Lets get this straight, if the union bottom line for this month is -$25,000.00 and the year to date figure which was reported last month was -$150,000 then the year to date bottom line figure for this month has to be -$175,000! Now if the figure that is reported is -$230,000  then something is wrong, or needs a very concise explanation.

Is that union bashing?


Financial terrorists about to take over Portugal

The next government inherits a record jobless rate of 12.6 percent and an anticipated economic contraction of 4 percent over the next two years in what is already one of Europe's poorest countries. Necessary welfare and pay cuts, tax hikes and promises of strikes from trade unions will also present tough challenges

Social Democrats Win In Portugal Election : NPR

Dr. Cornel West: Greetings From a 21st-Century Prophet

For even after the world swooned from the megahype of England's latest royal wedding and the hip, hip, hurrah of President Obama's ordered assassination of Osama bin Laden, a cornucopia of catastrophic socioeconomic horrors - in addition to America's continued unpreparedness for natural disaster - still face this nation: endless war, long-term unemployment, swelling prison populations and multiple years of record-breaking home foreclosures. 
It would seem money is tight, except when it comes to finding $100 million a day to drop bombs on Libya. That's a peculiarity that serves as proof that, no matter how supposedly broke the country is, the American government seems to always have a blank check handy for certain things, such as the ambiguous and wildly unsuccessful war on drugs, and the war on terror. 

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2011.06.05 Portland Starlight Parade
Star Wars at the Portland Starlight Parade 2011
Star Wars Portland starlight parade
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Starlight parade portland oregon
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