Friday, May 20, 2011


$2,870.75 - $4,019.33 Monthly

Tax Payer funded boondoggles!

End of the World Survival Kit



Tri Met MAX - Portland Oregon - Light Rail Works!

YouTube - Rigs Of Rods Ex Trimet FLixbles

TriMet bus hit when shots are fired

TriMet TV: Visiting Portland? Take TriMet's MAX Light Rail from PDX

YouTube - Snow in Feb 2011 Trimet Bus Mount Tabor

TriMet bus hit when shots are fired

YouTube - 24h Timelapse #1

YouTube - The brittny blog

YouTube - Going to Loyd Center (high speed)-this one is interesting!

My favorite stop on the #67


Steve Carter

TriMet Exclusion Orders -

Pdxrailtransit's Blog

Public pictures of Trimet employees

(Something I get disciplined for)

John Charles says Trimet is violating its Full Funding Grant Agreement with the federal government for MAX Green Line

People that visit Portland really LOVE Portland

Charles R. Wolfe: Framing the Question of Place in Portland

Trimet bus fleet of the future?

Question/Complaint: What's with all the single-car trains?

Max Faqs

Transit driver wanted fried chicken I guess

A Primer for Rank-and-File Union Members

10. Worthy as your grievance may be, don’t get your hopes up. In labor relations there’s no such thing as a “sure thing.” Even if the steward assures you that you have one hell of a case, don’t get too optimistic. Statistics show that the majority of grievances are, in fact, lost (denied outright by the company, subsequently withdrawn by the union, or lost in arbitration). Best to go in assuming you’ll lose, and be pleasantly surprised if you win. 

Portland's Taxpayer-Funded PR Industrial Complex

We know times are tough for government agencies. They’re cutting services—and sometimes trying to raise taxes—because of the recession. But a study by WW reveals there’s one sector of government that seems to be not only surviving, but thriving: public relations. 
Just how many government PR people are out there, and at what cost? To find out, WW sent public records requests to seven local agencies asking how many communications staffers they employ—and how much they’re paid.