Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Race

The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic

No one grasps this tragic descent better than West, who did 65 campaign events for Obama, believed in the potential for change and was encouraged by the populist rhetoric of the Obama campaign. He now nurses, like many others who placed their faith in Obama, the anguish of the deceived, manipulated and betrayed. He bitterly describes Obama as “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” 

Golf fanatics

Go get a job in Milwaukie loser!


Troubles Of An RTD Bus Driver

Metrobus Operators Speak Out

The Answer is Clear

Golden Gate BART and other failed rapid transit dreams (photos)

You'll notice that the BART trains in these early photos look a lot more sleek and phallic than they did when the system finally opened to the public in 1972. I'm guessing that was an idea from the Don Drapers of the era, who knew that getting bond money wasn't going to be easy. The eventual Twinkie-shaped cars may have been practical, but they weren't as sexy as the ones shown here.


Is it that 99.2 percent of the people who live in Modesto (Modestonians? Modestites?) just don’t realize they have one of the world’s best public transit systems just waiting at their doorsteps? Or did four folks sitting in a conference room at the Brookings Institution design a bad study?


Ticket scam

The Attorney General’s office says that two 27-year-olds from Revere ripped off the MBTA for $4 million in what’s believed to be the largest larceny scheme in the transit system’s history, but the lawyers for the pair say the two were part of a much bigger criminal enterprise. 

Police seek help in possible bus abduction

According to transit police, a black female aged 15 to 17 with a black, blonde-streaked ponytail wearing a tan jacket, white shirt and light-colored calf-length pants was forcibly taken from a northbound Route 19 bus. 

A dangerous journey for Mexican bus drivers

Assaults, armed men, crossfire, bodies or human heads on the side of the road, form part of the daily stories that drivers have told each other in the past two years. It is a reality that came to light with the discovery last month of mass graves in the town of San Fernando, Tamaulipas, that possibly contained the bodies of kidnapped bus passengers.

Hey, buddy, wanna buy a TriMet pass?

The War on Drugs Is a War on People

Demonstration in Salem

YouTube - Unions, advocacy groups rally at the Capitol

L.O. budget panel: "Stop the streetcar insanity"

10:00 am report

The world has not ended yet on the east coast!

Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos

In a frightening example of how the state is tightening its grip around the free Internet, it has emerged that You Tube is complying with thousands of requests from governments to censor and remove videos that show protests and other examples of citizens simply asserting their rights, while also deleting search terms by government mandate. 

Not Broke, Just Twisted

So much talk about debt and austerity; so little focus on gross inequality. A video from the Institute For Policy Studies offers stunning income, profit and tax figures on an America "awash in wealth" held by a fortunate, twisted few.
47.4: Percent of profits corporations paid in taxes in 1961.
11.1: Percent of profits corporations paid in taxes in 2011. 

More government boondoggle money being handed out