Sunday, May 22, 2011

TriMet: News Release- Record ridership during April
This was released a while ago (only the ridership numbers, not charts/statistics), but no one ever posted it, so here ya go.

Where are the "COMPLETE" April Statistics?

All we got (that I can find that is) is the March Statistics, but the Ministry of Propaganda released its April baloney.

Another TriMet Story

That’s right, there are no extra buses to handle the overflow crowds attending our much ballyhooed Major League Soccer games. And because the blue and green line MAX trains were full, my husband/son ended up hopping the yellow line to Kaiser on Interstate, where I picked them up in the car.
After all that,  I was glad to see that for once the latest “best transit rankings” story did not put Portland in the top ten and that this article analyzing yet another set of rankings showed Portland actually had a lower transit share than Seattle, despite Portland’s greater investment in light rail.  This comes as no surprise to me, as I grew up on the bus in Seattle, way before taking mass transit became all the rage.  It was that convenient. I now have family spread throughout the city, all of whom are within minutes of several bus lines. 


Woman struck, killed in Seattle by light rail

Timbers fudging attendance numbers already?


Oregon Legislature Seeks to Close Loophole in Distracted Driving Law

how to deal with harassment?



Downtown USA


According to police, everything began when the victim tried to get on the bus near Central NE and Eubank NE, either at or near a bus stop.
The bus did not stop though, that is when investigators said the passenger threw a rock to get the driver’s attention.
Police said the driver responded by stopping the bus, getting off and assaulting the victim.
Once he was finished, officers said he got back on the bus and continued on his route. 


YouTube - A "Quick" Ride on Community Transit Route 413

Imagine seeing this out your airplane window!

YouTube - Video of Iceland volcano eruption, giant ash clouds from Grimsvotn

Sunset at Montgomery Park Layover

The St. Johns Bridge is visible in the far background.

American media totally ignores European turmoil

YouTube - Inside Story - Spain in pain

Can TriMet bus stops have "Transit Tracker" signs? They do in Germany.

And look at the bench under an umbrella for the bus riders...although the bus stop sign itself needs a small adjustment.

Here's another example with an articulated bus at the stop.  Notice the wide paved area for passengers to wait, a proper sign, and the bus arrival sign also has the name of the stop atop it.

Here's a good bus stop.  New sign with lots of easy-to-read information about each bus route and its destinations.  Schedule information on the pole and much more detailed info.  An arrivals sign showing the next four buses.  A very nice shelter - large with plenty of room, a couple advertising signs, and plenty of windbreaks.  An attractive yet simple design.

Close-up of the bus arrivals sign.  Lists four buses at once.

Want to be a fireman?

Another bus stop.  Narrower sidewalk but still most of the same amenities.

Streetcars made in (Sacramento) U.S.A.

Looks like Portland's hometown baby is striking out, while Sacramento based Siemens Transportation Systems (a subsidiary of the German company Siemens) wins a "streetcar" order.

We could have converted the Freightliner factory into a bus factory and re-employed hundreds and hundreds of workers, but instead we are pouring money into an increasingly empty building in Clackamas to employ 65.  The price of being "green"...


Date of Hearing: June 2, 2011 at 1:30 PM
1. Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Transit – West-side Alignment – South Waterfront Segment
Briefing Dave Unsworth, Tri-Met
(Rescheduled From May 19th, 2011) Sean Batty, TriMet
Karen Karlsson, KLK Consulting
Tim Heron, BDS, 503-823-7726

LU 11-124348 DZ - Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Harbor Structure Tim Heron, BDS, 503-823-7726
APPLICANT: Sean Batty, TriMet
SITE ADDRESS: SW Jackson Street/5th Avenue to SW Moody Avenue/SW Porter Street
The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project applicant requests Design Review approval to construct a 1,730 foot long aerial structure [Harbor Structure] to carry light rail trains and buses (“Shared Transitway”) from SW Lincoln St at SW Naito Parkway over SW Harbor Drive and south into the South Waterfront District.