Monday, May 23, 2011

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Several injured in rush hour bus crash |



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This week in the war on workers

This war on workers is massive and comprehensive, stretching from education, school lunches, and child labor law to the Ryan plan to gut Medicare and Social Security, and hitting people of every age in between. Except, of course, the very (very) rich.

ons & offs per TriMet stop data requested by Portland Afoot

can stand on a trimet bus without falling?


Joplin, MO

Funding transit with carbon tax a Ponzi scheme

Funding transit with carbon tax a Ponzi scheme

Bus driver charged!


“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi quotes (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

Going on two weeks now and the union still has not responded to Chris Day's request for copies of already published monthly reports.

One has to wonder why the delay? Why the procrastination? Why the disregard? 

I have been going over some of this information with Mr Day and will confirm there are some questions that sorely need answering! 

Safety around the world

Bus crashes on the rise


A society with the society

Another  growth industry: government.

Cellphone transit nightmare shows decline in people's appropriateness

What's shocking about Beard is that she told officials she was the one who felt "disrespected" and obviously had no clue that she disrespected everyone else who had to suffer through hours of her mind-numbing chatter. They were the ones, after all, who had to lose time getting to their destination to make the unplanned stop and have her removed from the train (though they probably thought the stop was well worth the time loss). 

Clusterfuck Nation (2)

The question all this raises is: can you think of any other high-up officials, say in American finance or banking, who have tried to jam their generative member someplace it was not exactly invited? I can think of a few, starting with, oh, Hank Paulson. He stuck it to a couple hundred million US taxpayers and is now scott-free in the marshes of Maryland pursuing his beloved wild birds with the Swarovski EL 8x32 binoculars ($1,879.00, retail w/discount) and the excellent Sibley field guide. Only a week or so ago Senator Carl Levin's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations sent a bill of particulars to the US Department of Justice outlining the spectacular misdeeds of Goldman Sachs executives Lloyd Blankfein and Daniel Sparks, et. al, alleged to have performed a kind anal rape on customers who did not have that kind of "yield" in mind when they came through the door at 200 West Street. Sources tell me that Attorney General Eric Holder has been using the report as a cocktail coaster. 

Clusterfuck Nation

Notice that Scott Pelley did not announce that the US DOJ is investigating Goldman Sachs, or Citi, or Merrill Lynch, or Bank of America or several other so-called banks for looting the American public and influence-peddling in the halls of government. Or the SEC and the CFTC for failing to regulate the trade in frauds and swindles. The window for that sort of action is closing, and with it the reasonable hopes of citizens in the legitimacy of institutions that manage things.
      The failures in journalism are now so stupendous that there are only a few possible explanations.


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77 Layover on the Sandy River

I enjoyed the views and beauty of the Sandy River at Glenn Otto Park on the #77 Route on Saturday.Too bad this route will not include this destination after June.TriMet should have promoted the #77 as a great way to cool off on the Sandy River in the summer.