Monday, May 30, 2011



I have been participating in reviewing some of the financial documents of our local and there are questions that need answering.

Here is just one example:
According to the March year to date financial report our union was $170,936.00 in the hole.
Now according to the April monthly report the union went a further $ 66,727.00 into the hole.
Obviously accounting standards will show that the year to date should show that our union is now $237,663 in the hole.
But our year to date report shows that the union is $282,122.00 in the hole!
There is $44,459.00 unaccounted for!
Where the hell is it?
We need answers, NOW!

Trimet general manager says people do not FOCUS on their jobs!


Making a difference

Stories of TriMet employees going the extra mile to make a difference in our community—and beyond.

The Subtlest Of Actions

I regret not tackling this earlier.
So, I looked on the Service Alerts today- it's Memorial Day- to see what to look forward to should I take the bus today. That, and I'm a geek and feel a need to know. I noticed that just down the street, line 19 would not be running to Lincoln Memorial due to the possibility of excessive traffic. 
Now that on it own seems like an inconvenience, but take a second and think about it. What a flimsy, flimsy excuse that is to cancel service to the Memorial Cemetery.
The Memorial Cemetery.

On Memorial DAY. 

Trimet's Bekki Witt

YouTube - Sometimes the Sky is Falling, Sometimes It Isn't: Challenges in Social Media

Steve Fung's movie of the week

Checking out the addition to the street car garage

Millions Need Not Apply

Millions of Americans who lost their jobs to the recession and fell behind in payments to creditors are being penalized again, this time by companies that use credit records to screen job applicants. Five states have limited the use of credit histories by potential employers and about 20 are considering similar measures that deserve to become law 

From a reader

Line 58 stops with transit tracker ID's

9976    Beaverton Transit Center
8271    SW Canyon & Broadway
13042    SW Canyon & 115th Ave
908    SW Canyon & 110th
906    SW Canyon & 107th
12405    SW Canyon & 103rd
899    SW Canyon & Walker

Blowback in Wisconsin

Union victory in Illinois!


Investigation of Astoria Transit District

Feds probe transit district’s cruise ship service - The Daily Astorian: Free


TriMet: See where it doesn't take you

Nova Bus Plattsburgh wins $231 million MTA contract

Transit bus crashes

7 hurt as city bus, car crash in Los Angeles - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

The Netherlands decides to create black markets and crime

Dutch government to ban tourists from cannabis shops - Yahoo! News

Memorial Day: Enter Hitler, Release 2.0

Sarah Palin
    As the sage Robert Crumb once remarked about our homeland: "You can't make this shit up." 
      Sarah Palin entered the race for president this week (without stating it in so many words) with a national bus tour, itself kicked off with a motorcycle parade through Washington.