Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 1


I have it from very reliable sources that the management has now implemented a new “SIP” profiling system.

It supposedly involves a “green folder” where all SIP’s will be kept and inventoried.  

After a “threshold” of SIP’s have been accumulated, substantiated or unsubstantiated, the operator will be hauled into the office and subjected to some sort of disciplinary retraining!

So beware Trimet operators, all complaints lodged against you will now count against you, they do not have to be substantiated!

GAIL E. LOWY, Wilsonville

As The Oregonian reported May 28, TriMet has shelved the $46,000 warning system it purchased from ProTran1 because it either overactivated or underactivated and could not be properly calibrated. Because the agency purchased the units outright, TriMet says, they cannot be returned. Spokeswoman Mary Fetsch says, one can only assume with tongue firmly planted in cheek, that "if there are other transit agencies that would like to try it, we'd be happy to help them out."

I guarantee you, if I had purchased an expensive piece of equipment that malfunctioned or otherwise did not work properly, I would go, receipt in hand, right back to the business where I purchased it and ask for a refund. And I would get it. Is there a reason TriMet can't (or won't) do the same? It seems to me a simple matter of consumer satisfaction.

Fred still rides the MAX!

Michael Anderson

Metro North To Bill Driver Of Car Struck by Train

I love this quote from the spokesperson:

"The train was where it was supposed to be, and the car was not," said Metro-North Spokeswoman Marjorie Anders. "The car caused damage to our train."

Sock Puppet gets new post

Clark leaves Pamplin Media Group for OSU post

War on the workers

The 2011 right wing war on workers: How is the Workers’ Rights are Human Rights fightback movement faring?


Keiser Report Here!

History of Greece Here! 

Cell Phone threat

The World Health Organization has designated cell phone use as potentially cancerous for the first time. The announcement follows a peer-reviewed study conducted by 31 scientists from around the world. Cell phones were placed in the same potentially carcinogenic category as exposure to lead, engine exhaust and chloroform. The panel’s chair, Jonathan Samet, said further study is needed.
Jonathan Samet: "Here, fortunately, the evidence says only 'possibly,' and I think it’s an indication that we need to continue to watch and track what is happening with brain tumors and do studies that will inform us as to whether there is a potential cause, causal link."

Stupid bus drivers

Police Probing T Bus Road Rage Case - Boston News Story - WCVB Boston

Sagging pants banned from transit system

Saggy Pants Riders Banned From Fort Worth, Texas, Buses -

Transit district in trouble for prohibiting photographs of their system

MTA warned: Let photographers shoot -

Jobs with Justice Rally and Picket Outside June 2 Regence Hearing

WHAT:  Public Hearing by State Insurance Commission on Regence Blue Cross/ Blue Shield proposed  a 22% rate increase to policyholders who hold individual health plans.

WHO:  Jobs with Justice Health Care Committee and allies

WHEN:  4pm, Thursday, June 2 --

            RALLY & PICKET outside hearing

            4:30 - 7pm -- Testify and Witness --
                            -- Our health care system is broken,  we need single payer!
                            -- anyone can sign up to testify

WHERE: University Place Hotel, 310 SW Lincoln, (southeast of PSU campus,  just s. of College, off 4th)

***If you are unable to attend, consumers can also visit the Insurance Division’s health insurance rate page to learn more about rate review and review documents connected with the Regence request: People who can’t make the hearing can comment online through June 15. The rate page will explain how to do this.***

United States of Morons

Palin uses her hand as note paper

Green Transit



The pink thing drives by