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Diary of a mad bus driver-June 2


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Mass Transit Follies

Amusingly, Tigard officials continue to refer to light rail as "high capacity" despite numerous studies demonstrating that it is, in fact, low capacity. Like everybody else, Tigar will "pay" for the expensive rail and development subsidies via TIF, which will siphon money away from basic services such as schools, police, and fire - while claiming that light rail will "spur development".

These never had A/C

The Jury Is Out

Posted on by transitworkersvoice

The Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB) heard charges filed by the Union against TriMet for unfair labor practices on May 16-18, 2011 in Salem, Oregon. Complaints heard by the Board included the allegation that TriMet violated ORS 243.672(1)(e) by submitting a proposal in its final offer that did not arise, or logically evolve, from TriMet’s final offer during bargaining.
The other complaints alleged that after the ATU filed the above unfair labor practice complaint, TriMet violated ORS 243.672(1)(a) and (1)(e) when it took the punitive step of suspending the cost of living adjustment payment that was scheduled for December 1, 2010, and refused to pick up the increase in health care premiums that became effective January 1, 2011. The Union claimed that this action by TriMet violated the status quo by TriMet refusing to make those payments.
The hearings before the Oregon Employment Relations Board were heard in two parts. The charge that TriMet changed its bargaining position was heard separately by the three-member board of ERB. The Board will issue a ruling by August 11, 2011. The Board could agree with TriMet that it did not change its bargaining position, or could find TriMet did in fact alter its position andrequire them to change it.
Regardless of what ERB rules, the interest arbitrator has been selected and the matter is scheduled to be heard by the arbitrator on January 13-16, 2012. Once the hearing is concluded, legal briefs will be filed which normally takes 30-45 days, and the arbitrator’s decision on a new contract is expected sometime late April, early May 2012.
The other two complaints were heard by an ERB administrative Law Judge whose decision and final order by ERB is expected by the end of this year. Should ERB find that TriMet violated the law when it unilaterally changed its 17 year past practice of continuing wage and insurance premium increases during expired terms of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement, TriMet will be ordered to return to status quo which would mean reinstate the original health care plans, pay all ACOLA wage increases and reimburse employees for all out-of-pocket costs incurred as a result of TriMet’s action.
This could amount to millions and millions of dollars liability to taxpayers and TriMet would be requjired to continue status quo and all terms of the expired contract until the interest arbitrator’s decision on a new contract expected in late April, early May 2012.
Such a huge financial liability on taxpayers as a result of TriMet’s mismanagement should signal a change in upper-level management at TriMet. If it doesn’t, then the taxpayers are clearly being “taken for a ride” by TriMet.
Jonathan J. Hunt
President – Business Representative

Gerald Celente

United States falls behind China!

Bye Bye Pink Thing!


End of the sign up party hosted by Sunset Bob (and Al M)

Fighting Banker occupation.......

Keiser Report: Regime Change in Greece Now!

US steps up cyber propaganda war

DEAR WES RIDERS..(crazy huh?)

Dear WES riders,
Have you ever played with the sculpture heads at your WES station? Have you ever met someone or had a nice interaction with someone you didn’t know while playing with the heads? Please let us know!

The TriMet public art program has been invited to make a presentation to a national arts conference on the WES Interactivators (aka sculpture heads) and we want to share your experiences with the group.

Please send us your story, pictures or even a video and help us dazzle the artworld! Send to by June 10. First 10 WES riders who have played with the sculptures and respond to this request will receive a free WES Interactivators art catalogue. ·
503-238-RIDE (7433)
TriMet: See where it takes you TriMet on Facebook TriMet on Twitter TriMet on YouTube TriMet on Flickr
4012 SE 17th Ave · Portland, OR 97202



Union Loses the Battle but Wins the War

(It appears now that we lost the battle and the war)

Oh no....

Barbur Boulevard MAX to run all the way to Sherwood | BoJack
Can someone remind these people the PMLR hasn't even been started yet?

“Reckless Endangerment: How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon”

The US and the Five Stages of Collapse

Tornadoe smashes Springfield Massachusetts!


Reliable sources have informed us that another army of snitches has been employed by Trimet (mis)management and are out to get BUS DRIVERS!

So those poor unfortunate bus drivers that have to deal with the dilapidated equipment that our beloved "management" (term used loosely) has chosen to ignore for all these years be aware that you WILL BE BLAMED FOR TRIMET'S  FAILURE TO UPGRADE ITS EQUIPMENT if your caught missing a stop or two while you watch out for your TEETH THAT MAY GET KNOCKED right out of your mouth if you use those dangerous microphones.

Who knows what else the snitches have been told to snitch on, so remember, we are the enemy, prepare your battle stations,

MAX to Tigard next

Tigard sets sights on MAX