Friday, June 3, 2011

Cyclists thank Trimet!

Is Chris On A Fishing Expedition?

Sam Schwarz made some interesting comments during a meeting I had with Evette Farra June 2, 2011 at our union office.

One of the comments made was a threat stating that he will advise the membership that I am on a "Fishing Expedition" because I am being to general about my request for information. The reason I requested the financial reports for July 2010 to current is because I have noticed that most of the numbers do not match each other and I feel that the membership and I are not beeing accruately reported to. This request is to confirm that numbers are not matching. Come to find out that after we are presented monthly and year to date reports on our finances the reports are altered to add late received receipts. Both Sam and Evette confirm that the reports given to the membership will never be accurate after being presented because late receipts and the reports are altered. This means we only get a general idea and that can be off by many of thousands of dollars.

One of the other interesting comments Sam made to me was an insult. He stated "Is your brain the size of an M&M or if your brain was chocolate would it fill an M&M". That was such a repectful thing to say. I am getting use to our Officers intimidations and lack of respect. This is a perfect example of the lack of respect our members receive and guess what? July 1, 2011 we will be paying more for this type of respect. At least Sam is retiring and I will not have to be exposed to his lack of respect much longer.

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Customers will have approximately 1 week to get schedules from the buses they ride.
After that they have to go to one of the other places to get schedules!

* extremely strange; WEIRD.



Sunset Bob under surveillance!

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Union Execs state "reports are just a generality"

According to Chris Day our officers have admitted that the reports given to members are only "representations" of facts, not to be taken as fact.

Why give members anything if it is not ACCURATE?

There was no legitimate explanation as to why the expenses incurred at the end of month do not actually total to the year to date expenses.

According to the treasurer, its all because of "credit card statements?"


Light rail light rail, and even more light rail

Bus Drivers in Australia getting ready to strike

excellence in financial reporting.

In order to receive this award, a governmental entity must satisfy guidelines that show how its budget serves as a policy document, financial plan, operations guide and a communications guide. Budget documents must be proficient in all four categories to be recognized.

(not Trimet huh?)

Stripping Transit Districts of their power

MTA promises to stop violating civil liberties — again

For nearly as long as there has been motorized travel, there have been shutterbugs taking pictures of trains, planes, automobiles and the like. And surely no form of transportation is more romanticized — or attracts a more dedicated fan base — than rail travel.

Metro: Trains to stay in manual mode for several years

It's been nearly two years since Metro started driving its trains manually, a safety step after the deadly Fort Totten train crash. But those herky jerky rides will continue for "several years," according to the agency's deputy general manager.

SFMTA Investigating Why Muni Driver Trapped Passengers On Vomitous Train

Another photography suit thrown out

Judge Tosses Metrolink Engineers' Anti-Camera Suit - Chatsworth, CA Patch

Light rail mantra

The Metro light-rail system is meant to do more than expand our transportation options.
It should also create new housing choices and spur businesses along the route - what planners call "transit-oriented development."

Palin's Bus Is a Road Hazard

Although plenty of Palin-pundits have weighed in on the ex-Alaska governor's bus since the "family vacation" and/or potential campaign roll-out began last week, we've got to hand it to Politico for producing the best reporting of the vehicle we've seen yet. It seems the high-speed parade is a huge menace on the roads, breaking traffic laws and, after narrowly avoiding mowing down a biker, a potential threat to life and limb: 

Decline in cases of ‘unfair labor practices’ leads to drop in notices of strike

“[The figures] suggest that unions won’t use strikes and strike notices in their dealings with management. They are increasingly unwilling to risk their jobs with the uncertain economic and work environment. The risk of replacement of regular workers by contractuals also weighs heavily,” he said. 

Revisionist History