Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kaiser Report

YouTube - Keiser Report: Selling Kidney for iPad (E153)

Treasurer Farra and VP Schwarz

President Jon Hunt

Union officer reports-summaries

Khris Alexander:
3 firings for time loss;
six issues with cell phones, one was denied (Trimet had no proof however)
3 were suspensions (operator admissions of guilt)
2 reprimands for headphones, driver admitted guilt.
Trimet is not consistent about discipline of B-812.
Arbitration list grows 3-6 per month due to managers being told to "no" to all grievances.
Jeff Ackerson:
1 grievance filed over Reed Group giving wrong information.
Trimet has been using data packs without the permission of the operators involved,
we now have an agreement to stop that practice without permission from the operators involved.
{This is freaking hilarious since these pin heads made such a big deal out of me using over the air publicly available radio transmissions wrote me up with the threat of termination, but they themselves break rules with impunity, god don't ya just love these people that pose for management?}
David Kay:
Security breach at the garage, trespasser entered personal vehicles in the maintenance lot

Official Trimet stop placard

The failed war on drugs

Bojack commentaries

Citizen input charade in Portland spotlight

Japan admits more truths in Fukushima disaster

In Spain, they don't put a bird on it

Why "expand" Interstate Avenue "urban renewal"?

Do the right thing, Salem

One less squish to answer

War in Wisonsin

Gerald Celente

Help clean up the MAX

Odor of Mass Transit

The #12 bus

Trimet video

YouTube - Trimet driver runs into something and gives passenger a ...

YouTube - Portland crazies love the Trimet Max service

Extend the TriMet transfers and gain riders, sustainability

As cohabitants of this city, we all share a basic human right to safe, affordable and accessible transportation. And yet here in the Portland metro region, champion of “livability”, those who depend on public transportation are disproportionately bearing the burden of TriMet’s decisions to cut service and increase fares. The value of a TriMet fare has never been lower, wait times between buses have never been longer, and riders are getting squeezed with missed connections and overcrowded buses and pass-bys. 

How to overcomplicate a bus shelter cleaning contract

Resolution for hybred buses

The position of bus operator gets worse and worse...stats say it works however

Is Sarah Palin's bus tour really illegal?

Boondoggle moves forward

New designs & safety features revealed for McLoughlin MAX line

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 6

Streetcar debate

The streetcar line planned for Salt Lake City has faced similar criticism, and even the decade-old Portland streetcar, a project hailed by many supporters for causing a $3.5 billion boost to that city's real estate market, still takes fire from critics who argue that the line's funding would be better spent on projects such as road improvements.

Fare increase to bring back service?

Service restoration
The fare increase, if approved, will also help to add back service to help relieve crowding on 10 busy bus lines and the MAX Blue Line. Beginning on Sunday, September 4, the following bus lines will have additional trips: 4, 9, 12, 14, 35, 44, 52, 75, 78 and 94. 

My entry for the WES "heads" contest