Thursday, July 7, 2011

Want a TriMet luggage tag?

Now's your big chance!

Tell us what you like best about riding MAX Red Line to PDX in an email to by July 18 and you’ll receive a TriMet luggage tag! Your story may be featured on too.

(I thought this was a joke, NOPE)

Hot rumor

Hot rumor is that management has been at various bus stops, when the bus pulls up they ask the driver, "hey, got your cell phone?" Five drivers handed the managers the cell phone from their pocket&were suspended for 5 days!

Punkrawker goes to Calgary

Jack Bogdanski editorial on the L.O. streetcar

Lake O. streetcar: shell game in progress

Homer Williams and Dike Dame are tinkering with their plans for condo bunkers with a streetcar at the eastern end of Lake Oswego. Now they're making the streetcar line shorter, so that it will serve even fewer Oswegans, and they're talking about building fewer of their ghastly apartments. But still 120 units to a block, six stories high. And without the streetcar, of course, they say "it won't pencil out."
Good -- let's not have it "pencil out." Use your eraser, fellas.
It's ironic that they've got old Matt Brown working the deal. If we recall correctly, Brown worked for the City of Portland when the economically disastrous SoWhat District was being pushed on that city. Promptly after helping hand the Portland tax coffers over to Homer and Dike, Brown went to work for them. Any city who goes along for a ride with that type of operative will get what it deserves.

Clackamas County commissioners to consider putting Milwaukie light rail to public vote

Where did this go?

YouTube - TriMet's Beaverton Bike & Ride‏ min - 2 hours ago - Uploaded by WTAOregon
Take a tour through TriMet's newest bicycle parking facility.

While Labor Unions Show Their Might In U.K., Workers' Influence Remains Slight In U.S.

Will urban renewal fund light rail?

Clackamas County commissioners see themselves as stuck between a rock and a light rail line on their promise to provide $25 million for MAX trains from Portland through Milwaukie to Oak Grove.

38 dead in bus vs train accident

The Hindu : States / Other States : 38 killed as train rams snag-hit bus in U.P.

Work till You Drop

British Strike Begins Drive to Save Public Pensions | Labor Notes

Transit thiefs

Transit workers plead not guilty to Caltrain theft

Bike-Friendly? Check the City’s Mass Transit System


President Obama hosts Congressional leaders at the White House today for talks on raising the national debt ceiling. According to the Washington Post, Obama is now backing a plan that would impose significant cuts to Medicare spending and retirement benefits under Social Security. A Democratic official said the White House recognizes a consensus to now tackle "entitlement reform" in part by slashing social safety-net programs because "these moments come along at most once a decade." Obama’s proposal of new public spending cuts would come in return for Republican backing of new tax hikes on corporations and wealthy households. At a Town Hall-style event with the social network site Twitter, Obama criticized Republicans for opposing tax increases in talks so far.


At least 14 civilians have been killed in a US-led NATO bombing in Afghanistan. The dead included eight children. The attack in the eastern province of Khost is believed to the deadliest by the US-led occupation force against Afghan civilians this year.

SHOW ME DA $$$$$$$$$$$$

TriMet to pay $2M to boat operator | Portland Business Journal

July 6


Jack Bogdanski under surveillance by Homeland Security

Gulp (Jack Bog's Blog)



Wednesday, July 6, 2011


For the record

I continue to listen to dispatch communications. I share these with other people that enjoy them.
What they do with them is not in my control!
I follow the rules as they were given to me.


It appears that Trimet management has been using bus CCTV video of operators having accidents for other Trimet employees to see.

Some of these incidents are "embarrassing" to the employee involved in the incident.

These employees did not give "express permission" to Trimet management to use their images publicly for other operators to see.

These images are not available publicly, as dispatch communications are,yet the management decides to discipline me but uses "private" images with impunity?

House GOP expected to ax transportation funds

The next flash point in the debate over the nation’s will to live within its means may emerge this week as House Republicans present a long-term transportation bill expected to cut funding for highways and mass transit by almost one third.

Is Los Angeles Metro throwing bus riders under the bus?

No mode of transport in this country gets more disrespect than buses. Also low in the pecking order in this country? Women, immigrants, and domestic workers.

Bus driver stabbing suspect arrested

Now here is an idea for Trimet

The latest move by the transit agency? MBTA brass is considering GPS-controlled radio ads on buses, the Boston Globe reports. It's the second time the T has tried audio ads aimed at riders. Response against the first go-round was overwhelming.
“We’re going to take a look at it. We haven’t made a decision, but it’s something I’m interested in," T General Manager Richard Davey told the paper recently.
Radio ads on the MBTA buses? Thank goodness for my car. | Boston Business Journal

How do I ride a bus at 4th and Hall?

12 and 44 stop blocked by construction.  Absolutely no Rider Alert posted at the stop.  The 12 bus ended up stopping a block and a half short (with no notice); there's no temporary bus stop sign up, nor a "Bus Stop Closed" sign at the designated stop.  Nothing on Twitter, Facebook or

Whatever happened to the "culture of safety"?  Oh, that's right.  Just eliminate bus stops.  If the bus can't stop, people can't get on the bus, and they won't ride, so we won't need buses.  "See where it takes you" is taking on a new meaning...

(Waiting for Jason's know-it-all explanation as to why TriMet should unilaterally close off bus stops - WITHOUT WARNING - and deny boarding to would-be riders for no reason...)


One of my rant films created when I was enraged over my being disciplined for "creating a hostile workplace" has been featured on site selling books called THE HOSTILE WORKPLACE!

July 5


For about a year starting today, NW 6th Avenue will close to auto traffic between NW Couch and NW Davis

For about a year starting today, NW 6th Avenue will close to auto traffic between NW Couch and NW Davis for building construction. The following bus lines will not serve the stop on SW 6th and Burnside but will instead serve a temporary stop on NW Broadway between Couch and Davis. The stops on NW Everett and 6th and on NW 6th and Flanders will be open. The MAX Station at NW 6th and Davis will remain open.
8-Jackson Park/NE 15th
17-Holgate/NW 21st
36-South Shore
44-Capitol Hwy/Mocks Crest
94-Sherwood/Pacific Hwy Express
Check for details related to each line.

Tanker collides with South Florida bus, 25 injured

BUS 2931

Defrosters blow out HOT AIR! 

Fort Vancouver Tour

Fort Vancouver tour from al m on Vimeo.

Sent in

Trimet code re:seniors

Ordinance No. 316 updating TM Code Chapter 19 - January 2011 - TriMet

$$$$ Everywhere but for our health and bus service!

The work is expected to cost around $600,000 to $700,000

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dont leave home w/o it!

Streetcar named disaster, Jerusalem tram goes nowhere

Escalator fail

New York Injury News- Escalator Malfunction at MBTA Back Bay Station Injured 5 - Injury News

Wasting our tax dollars

PR firm for high-speed rail project quits before being fired

Steve Fung's movie of the week

Craig Hermann systems administrator

Tiki culture comeback, how to mix it up |

Vancouver (Washington) fireworks show



Our SoWhat immigration jail flap makes headlines (Jack Bog's Blog)

Brains behind WES leaves his Portland State gig

If I had anything to do with the WES rail line between Beaverton and Wilsonville -- one of the biggest mass transit failures in history -- I would be slinking off into a dark corner somewhere and keeping my name out of the limelight. But here in Portland, nothing succeeds like failure, and so a lazy, gushy tribute for a weak track record is always available.

What happened with this?

They were supposedly "evaluating" my safety request which involved putting fans into the old buses. Nothing.....And now its getting H-O-T!
I guess safety really doesn't mean that much around here does it?


They don't talk much about the MAX Green line art


Portland Oregon evening skyline-july 4 2011

Portland skyline July 4 2011 from al m on Vimeo.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bikes vs Luggage on MAX

Discussion over at Reddit: Dear asshole cyclists, you are not entitled to everything within this great city just because you ride a bike.

Portugal drug law show results ten years on, experts say

click here!

Holiday Service

When the west side is graced with buses from Center.

Thom Hartmann

The Story of the 5 Kings Who Rule America | Truthout

HR 202 blog!

Real lives of Trimet bus drivers-volume 2
Stupid Trimet rules
Al M did a video about this interaction ...
Trimet general manager is "proud"
Trimet's greatest hits-volume 1

Papa Murphy's labor dispute

The Seven-Day Itch

TriMet's frequent service network is an important element of the regional transportation system. But there's a larger network (which includes the frequent network) which offers a level of service lower than the FS network, but which is nonetheless a critical service gradient. I speak of seven-day service.

 Portland Transport Here!

James Howard Kunstler

 Do you, too, sense the dread abiding in our annual celebration of national wonderfulness? Outside today's barbeque bubble the dark shapes of wild events loom, exciting primal fears of unresolved woe and travail. Yesterday, I saw a man on a back street of a small town with spider webs tattooed on his elbows and a screaming skull on the back of his neck. America, meet your new normal: a citizenry of exterminating angels. Our political exertions mean nothing to them. They think Ronald Reagan was the offspring of John Wayne and Minnie Mouse and the House of representatives is a reality TV show about home improvement. Once they are on the loose, even Rush Limbaugh and other like-minded jingo creeps of the airwaves will despair.

ClusterFuck Nation 

Chris Hedges

The most important moral and intellectual voices within a disintegrating society are slowly discredited when their nonviolent protests and calls for justice cannot alter intransigent and corrupt systems of power. The repeated acts of peaceful civil disobedience, efforts at electoral and political reform and the fight to protect the rule of law are dismissed as useless by an embittered, dispossessed and betrayed public. The demagogues and hatemongers, the purveyors of violence, easily seduce enraged and bewildered masses in the final stages of collapse with false promises of vengeance, new glory and moral renewal. And in the spiral downward the good among us are reviled as naive and ineffectual fools.

Chris Hedges: Ralph Nader Is Tired of Running for President - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig

Man Killed By Trolley in San Diego

Transit workers deserve more than a token raise for the risks they take

Here's a question for the six-figure MTA executives when they try to sell the notion that transit workers should get a series of zeros when their contract is up for negotiation later this year:
When was the last time someone tried to burn down your office when you were in it?
Two punks splashed gasoline on a token booth at the Prospect Park station in Brooklyn before dawn last week and set it on fire with a female clerk inside.

SF Bay Area transit officers kill man on platform

Justice Litle, Editorial Director, Taipan Publishing Group

And in Greece, the choices are seen as bankruptcy, i.e. instant fiscal death, or prolonged economic recession or even depression -- with crushing financial debt loads acting as a millstone for years or even decades to come.
The response of governments virtually everywhere has been to (1) protect the bankers, (2) shield creditors from any losses, and (3) pump up paper assets in the hope of getting things going again.
Why continue on this path if the results have been so ugly? Because the plan is working, at least for some. As the U.K. Guardian reports:
The U.K. economy is flat, the U.S. is weak and the Greek debt crisis, according to some commentators, is threatening another Lehman Brothers-style meltdown. But a new report shows the world's wealthiest people are getting more prosperous -- and more numerous -- by the day.
The globe's richest have now recouped the losses they suffered after the 2008 banking crisis. They are richer than ever, and there are more of them -- nearly 11 million -- than before the recession struck.
In the world of the well-heeled, the rich are referred to as "high net worth individuals" (HNWIs) and defined as people who have more than $1m (£620,000) of free cash.
According to the annual world wealth report by Merrill Lynch and Capgemini, the wealth of HNWIs around the world reached $42.7tn (£26.5tn) in 2010, rising nearly 10% in a year and surpassing the peak of $40.7tn reached in 2007, even as austerity budgets were implemented by many governments in the developed world.

Greece's Turmoil: A Brief History of the General Strike

The capitalists have wealth; they have money. They invest the money in machinery, in the resources of the earth. They operate a factory, a mine, a railroad, a mill. They will keep that factory running just as long as there are profits coming in. When anything happens to disturb the profits, what do the capitalists do? They go on strike, don't they?... They close it down because there are no profits to be made there…. But the working class, on the other hand, has always been taught to take care of the capitalist's interest in the property. You don't look after your own interest, your labor power, realizing that without a certain amount of provision you can't reproduce it. You are always looking after the interest of the capitalist, while a general strike would displace his interest and would put you in possession of it.

Bus crash kills 23, injures 29 in south China Read more
Well, the service alerts page is all fixed up now
The Service Alerts page appears to have broken down-updated time is yesterday

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th

Arrests linked to video recording cops on the rise

Story here


“There is an organized effort to place blame for budget shortfalls on educators and other public workers. It is one of the biggest scams in modern American history,” Biden said in a speech laden with political red meat and intended to smooth over past disagreements between teachers unions and the Obama administration.,0,5487061.story

Worlds most interesting forms of transit

See the sideshow HERE!

TRIMET employees survey-independent

Date: 2011-07-02, 12:29PM PDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

If you work or have worked for Tri-met, I'm doing independent research on the companies policies and regulations. If you would be willing to talk to take a survey, please get back to me. I'm looking for people who:
Have been asked to forgo safety to meet customer satisfaction.
Have been unable to use any bathroom facilities due to too tight of a schedule.
Have been victims of assault.
Have had to turn down passengers to make schedule.
Have started taking medication for depression/anxiety or alertness.
Have had to work more than 8 hours a day.

If you have any information, please get back to me. 

My other car is TRIMET

I am Vancouver

C-TRAN video

Vancouver's C-TRAN years ahead of Trimet when it comes to public information

Vancouver TV


The tale of Trimet's articulated lemons:

FBI setting up citizens

Entrapment here!

Trimet management begging for operators

Both today and Monday!
(call Macfarlane and see if he wants some overtime)

Italians say NO to high speed rail!

My fireworks

More from the Washington County Museum at Rock Creek

Here is the original jail from Wash.County.

Saturday, July 2, 2011



The Sunset Transit Center

Bus Driver Spit on by Bratty Teen

Rude Dispatcher

Willy Moore turns in his keys

As Al stated,Wm Moore has left the building.Today,he turned in his keys and photo ID.He will be missed.Enjoy retirement Willy.

Stupid TriMet Lost Bike Rule

Mistreating bus drivers

Common Man News Reports

Click here!


They round up inmates at 5:30am that have hearings later on at the court house. We sit together in a cell waiting for the prison truck to take us there, then they chain us together, load us on to the truck for a two block ride to the court house. They stick 20 of us in a cell, where we wait for our hearings. Finally they handcuffed my arms and my legs and I stumbled 20 into the court room. Yea, they treat us like animals in here.

(Remember the person writing this has not been convicted of anything yet. America has become the new Soviet Union complete with Gulags)


Neil Macfarlanes "joke of the day"

Last stop for Sunset Empire Transportation District?

July 1

7/1/30 from al m on Vimeo.

Streetcar fail

14 Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans

Take the enormous amount of misinformation that is taken for truth by Fox audiences: the belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and that he was in on 9/11, the belief that climate change isn't real and/or man-made, the belief that Barack Obama is Muslim and wasn't born in the United States, the insistence that all Arabs are Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists, the inexplicable perceptions that immigrants are both too lazy to work and are about to steal your job. All of these claims are demonstrably false, yet Fox News viewers will maintain their veracity with incredible zeal. Why? Is it simply that we have lost our respect for knowledge? 

TriMet Adopting a Debt Management Policy



These people have not had another meeting since the first meeting.
Were they disbanded?

This thing haunts me

Friday, July 1, 2011

Congratulations to the latest TriMet Way Award Winners!

I bought some fireworks in Oregon for the first time

TriMet "Bridge School" - Portland Transport

My neighborhood

A walk down 3 of Portlands outside stairwells


One of my favorite Trimet persons has decided to hang it up, Willie Moore appeared in several of my old videos and spoke of his experiences here.
He was a true character and I for one will miss him around here!
Thanks to Steve Fung we have this clip of Willie Moore:

Got a horrible boss? Write about your experience BadBoss - My Bad Boss Contest, Tell Your Bad Boss

Don't take trimet to the fireworks?

I like how TriMet isn't even bothering with "Take TriMet to your 4th of July Fireworks!" promotions this year after how wrong they were last year about where you can actually get with Sunday bus service :)
(a reader txt)


Bus riders worry about safety after recent attacks - Dr. Gridlock - The Washington Post

Breast-feeding in spotlight after nursing mom told to get off bus

Breast-feeding in spotlight after nursing mom told to get off bus - HealthPop - CBS News


Bus driver recovering after attack by passenger

Attention operators sign needs attention


Dispatch pushes my hot buttons

All this whoopla over this new bridge brings back memories of some past bullshit

Trimet-overcrowded, not available nights and weekends, old rickety buses, but these fools pretend everything is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

Typical elitist bullshit, the privileged party on while the rest of us suffer.

Your counting on your pension?

Judges in Colorado and Minnesota have issued rulings that could open the door for states and cities to roll back pensions to retired public workers. The judges rejected lawsuits from retired public employees who claimed that they had a right to specific cost of living adjustments.

Celente on Greece: Int'l Mafia Federation stealing big!

"Bunchie" for new TRIMET LOGO!

Portland lawyer fights development and wins

What a cool quarter million will get you

Maybe part of my negative reaction comes from spending $250,000 on a giant deer with a human face at the same time that fares are going up and buses are falling apart, and poor Dorothy is out of luck after the bond measure failed. I understand that there was a mandatory art budget for the Orange Line so money is going to be spent on art anyway, but so far the reaction to this particular piece seems overwhelmingly negative - the other proposed pieces aren't having nearly the same kind of reaction. I guess I just hope that the art budget is ultimately spent on things that people want to see at their platforms.

TriMet Bridge Groundbreaking Event Video

Portland Transport
(Excellent production by Bob Richardson)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Railfanning last weekend with the Southern Pacific 4449

Six hours, no kids or wife, just me, two cameras, and a lot of trains.  The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is my zen place.

Streetcar fail

Taken over the course of two minutes this morning as I walked to work.  The garbage truck was serving the hotel and the garbage man had to park the truck, walk to the sub-grade parking level, push the garbage can to the street, dump it, and then replace the garbage can.  The streetcar just had to wait...and wait...and wait.
Looks like real progress!

Theme song for Milwaukie Light Rails "Rebirth"

My favorite comments about the "art" (from Bojack)

Looks like something a committee of bureaucrats would come up with.
Posted by Mr. Grumpy | June 30, 2011 8:15 AM

Remember the Simpsons monorail episode?
Posted by Robert Collins | June 30, 2011 8:19 AM

Hopefully it will be vandalized early and often. What an ugly piece of...
Posted by Dave A. | June 30, 2011 8:24 AM

My art suggestion...a very large toilet with thousand dollar bills being flushed down the drain.
Posted by Evergreen Libertarian | June 30, 2011 8:44 AM

Jack Bogdanki weighs in on the "art" for PMLR.

Tri-Met has come up with the perfect art work for one of the stations for the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. I kid you not,
If the $1.5 billion* of public money that's being blown on the new MAX line doesn't give you nightmares, that thing surely will.
* - Preliminary liars' budget. The bridge design isn't anywhere close to finished, and the funding is still sketchy, but the Tri-Met crew is rushing ahead with construction, before the public can come to its senses. This is how things go very, very wrong.

Portland politics

There's got to be a morning after (Jack Bog's Blog)

TriMet has petitioned FRA for a waiver of compliance

Trimet TVM failure

Keiser Report

The Counterattack!

New Trimet TV episode

But not a Trimet production!
YouTube - ‪Stay Alert, Stay Alive. Be Safe Around Buses and Trains.‬‏

Bridge event pics

Uh Oh, Seattle Metro Drivers under attack now

Two problems are special to Metro. One is bus-driver pay. It can be defended by pointing to the 2010 contract, which has minimal raises. But under the previous contracts, between 2000 and 2009, bus-driver pay rose 38.5 percent, to the third-highest figure of any big-city bus operation in the country.
Metro now feels the consequences of the contracts it has signed.
Editorials | King County Metro needs overhaul, not a tax to cover past unsustainable decisions | Seattle Times Newspaper

Screwing transit workers

Labor Changes Irk Transit Workers - News - The Austin Chronicle


Update: METRO rail service restored after shutdown left riders stranded in the heat - 2011-Jun-29 - CultureMap Houston

Now here is something that has a very familiar sound to it

Everyone who has ventured down into the subway is by now too well aware of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's self-promotional "Improving, Nonstop" advertising campaign.
Look, there! It's a placard boasting about how the MTA has adopted the revolutionary approach of fixing things when they've been broken.
And next to that, wow! It's a placard about the countdown clocks you just saw on the platform.

Protecting bus drivers

MTA installing bus barriers to protect drivers from violent riders - am New York

What's going on at MUNI?

City Insider City Insider / Will Muni deal lead to savings?


(Nope Portland and Trimet are not on the list)

China's 26-mile sea bridge same cost as TriMet's 7.3-mile Orange Line



There was a pot of money that was raised for the case of Ron Heinzman vs ATU International.
What happened to that money?
Is it still there?
If it is still there what will be done with it?

Meanwhile, in Greece

"They are selling out our country from under us," said Demetrios Stamatiou who has camped out in the square since protests began last month transforming it into a shanty town collective. "It's a very dark day in the history of Greece - we have been betrayed by our own politicians."
Riots herald a 'dark day' in Greek history as MPs vote through austerity cuts - Telegraph
YouTube - ‪Athens on Fire: Video of night clashes, Greek capital smoked‬‏

750,000 public employees in Britian walk out

YouTube - ‪UK grinds to a hault as half a million march against govt cuts‬‏
YouTube - ‪Massive anti-austerity protests in UK‬‏

Rantings-June 28

Chris Smith wants to know: What's Up with the FTA and PMLR?

The FTA released their latest round of New Starts funding, and Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail was not on the list.
According to some sources, $200M was anticipated.
We've queried TriMet to get their take on this.

TriMet’s bridge piles up permits

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How many months has this bike&ride been under construction?

Major L.A. study shows importance of bike-transit connection


Feds are on my case over immigration jail floor plan (Jack Bog's Blog)


Operator A hears an over the air communication between a Trimet dispatcher and a Trimet bus driver, operator C.
The communication is very interesting so operator A decides to post this communication for others to hear.
Any member of the public can listen/record and publish this sort of thing.
Operator A does not identify operator C, nor does operator A even know the identity of operator C.
Operator C is embarrassed so operator C goes to management and asks if they would approach operator A and remove the posting.
Operator A has never once ignored a request from the management so the post is removed.
Trimet management decides to discipline operator A in any event.

Operator D publishes operator A address, image, employee number  and consciously conducts a libelous campaign against operator A.  This campaign goes on for years.
Other operators avoid operator A because of operator D libelous campaign.
Operator A informs the Trimet management that operator D is causing him emotional distress.
Trimet management does nothing.
The question is, why is operator A disciplined but operator D allowed to continue?

Is this supposed to be a joke?

This is some of the art that will be going in with the new light rail.
If you don't believe me go to this link HERE!

Trimet golfers!

Stone Creek Golf Tournament August 6th at 1:30pm
Look for flyers in your garage or Yard for more details


The more pain inflicted on average people the higher stock prices go!
We are indeed living inside a Fellini movie and the world has indeed gone mad.


YouTube - ‪Athens Riot Madness: Video of explosions, tear gas in Greece‬‏
YouTube - Till debt do us part: Kofinas LIVE from rioting revolting Athens
YouTube - Greek leader 'dead man walking', Greek bailout 'collective punishment'
YouTube - Greece Barricades: 'We don't owe! We don't sell! We don't pay!'
Greece anti-austerity protest turns violent - Press TV News
Greek Parliament Approves $40B Bailout; Some Economists Predict Vote Will Worsen the Recession
Inside Greek’s General Strike: Video Report From Athens As Thousands Protest Sweeping Austerity Cuts

How to properly manage a transit district

CTA Cuts 54 Jobs, Saves $15 Million As It Holds Off On Big Projects

Don't run after transit buses!

Staten Island schoolgirl killed in dash for city bus |

Jefferson Transit chooses new general manager

US lags on BRT

When it's done properly, bus rapid transit -- known as BRT -- ranks among the cheapest and quickest ways to cut CO2 emissions from transportation.

U.S. Lags Behind China, Colombia in Bus Rapid Transit -

Fake Trimet security officer selling bogus tickets

Pedestrian hit by cab just after getting off the bus

Washington County Museum

On my layover at PCC Rock Creek,I walked the Japanese Internment Exhibit yesterday.

More MAX video

Rantings-June 28

What about those European cities trying to make driving cars impossible?

The Daily Bell - The Times' kudos to European Petty Tyrants

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Light Rail Transit Webinar -- May 24, 2011

On the MAX video

Remember this fiasco

Commit to safety!

Let's take a look at how bus service could be!

I wonder who this is?!/ExPdxBusDriver

Northrop Nut needs a new ID

Republican bimbo's for president

While the American labor movement is impotent and paralyzed the Greek unions join in real protest

Greek Police Fire Tear Gas as Strike Overshadows Budget Vote - Bloomberg
Thousands of Greek demonstrators have begun gathering in front of the parliament in Athens at the start of a 48-hour general strike. Union leaders called for the strike to protest against deep budget cuts demanded by international lenders as the price for more financial aid.

What voters get when they elect republicans


All Work and No Pay

Except what's good for American business isn't necessarily good for Americans. We're not just working smarter, but harder. And harder. And harder, to the point where the driver is no longer American industriousness, but something much more predatory.

Vancouver City Council says it's sold on I-5 Columbia River Crossing

Feds handing out some loot

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver

June 27

First zoo bus-thanks Mark Dillon

Saw your 6/27 link to old Trimet bus wraps. Beginning in the early 80's, I worked at the Zoo. The very first Trimet art wrap bus I ever saw was this Flxible New Look bus in Zoo/OMSI/Forestry Center graphics. It was painted directly on the bus skin. At that time, Trimet only used this bus on the old #63 run to the Zoo. After a decade, it was replaced by the one pictured on the "Rantings Of People..." blog.

Jeff talks about the recertification class

Monday, June 27, 2011

AK Rucker program starts

Teens Learn Value Of Hard Work Through TriMet Program · OPB News

At least 16 killed when Indonesian passenger bus plunges into river

28 dead after Bolivia bus plunges off road

How to properly reduce transit expenses

Notice how they have clearly delineated the cuts.
Chicago Transit Authority cuts managers, trims $15 mil. | Transportation | Crain's Chicago Business

"Locking" transit funding

New York Passes Transit Lockbox Bill – AltTransport: Your Guide to Smarter Ways of Getting Around

Another rail operator gets cancer

Reliable sources have informed us that another light rail operator has come down with stomach cancer. One has to wonder where all these cases of stomach cancer are coming from? The job maybe?

Using our tax money for everything except US citizens

In news from Africa, the Pentagon is planning to send nearly $45 million in military equipment, including four small drones, to Uganda and Burundi as part of the U.S. effort to battle Islamic militants in Somalia. The military package includes four small, shoulder-launched Raven drones, body armor, night-vision gear, communications and heavy construction equipment, generators and surveillance systems. The U.S. military is also sending aid to a number of other African nations including Mauritania, Djibouti, Kenya and Mali.

Firefighters Train to Respond Quickly & Efficiently to MAX Light-Rail Incidents

Republicans not happy with Tribune story on light rail expansion

NW Republican: Portland Tribune Drops Ball On Major Story

Kinda blew it huh?

Some Line 44 stops are closed in North Portland 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today due to Sunday Parkways. by trimet/responses follow:

Milwaukie Open House at 6 tonight, TriMet launches live cameras of construction

Man killed by MAX train at East Burnside and 122nd Avenue in Portland 'a clear suicide,' investigators say

Man killed by MAX train at East Burnside and 122nd Avenue in Portland 'a clear suicide,' investigators say |
Ore. transit train death believed to be suicide - Times Union
MaxRedline: Don't Go Losing Your Head
Pedestrian struck and killed by MAX train | Portland