Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trimet critic Robert Butler says Jon Hunt won't return phone calls

Al goes in front of the board-2 versions

A fun day at the Trimet Board meeting!

Google Brings Real-Time TriMet Arrival Times to Portland

Vote over at Bojack

Wasn't expecting myself to in this poll but there I am, so far trailing badly too!

TriMet Board Honors Operators of the Year

Congratulations to Gail,Rolynde and Abigail.Good Job!

TriMet approves rate hike to start in September (surprise!)

I want MARY FESTCH to RIDE MY BUS AND HANG OUT AT BTC! (special guest Joe Rose)

Come on Mary, get on the 58 with me to BTC, meet some of the drivers, then ride back to downtown! We can get some footage of you out in the system. That would look great for your (and our) image!

Facebook discussion on fare increase! (beth and me that is)

Steve Fung says we need windows THAT OPEN!

Michael Levine accuses trimet of Discrimination

Joy Kovacks says the 43 bus needs to continue

Cameron Johnson talks about "change"

Insane republican governors

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has announced a deal that will radically scale back public broadcasting produced in his state. Christie’s administration has agreed to place the publicly owned New Jersey Network under control of New York’s public broadcaster WNET-TV. The deal will mean the firing of all 130 of New Jersey Network’s employees, though around 20 will be hired to produce content for the new station. It also contracts the private Caucus Educational Corporation—owned by the son of a well-connected New Jersey political powerbroker—to provide 20 hours of television content per week. Christie has also reached separate deals to sell all nine of New Jersey Network’s radio licenses to Philadelphia’s WHYY and New York Public Radio.

TriMet chips away some more at bus service

Prison industrial complex

The nation’s largest private prison company has hired the former head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons to a top executive position. Harley Lappin retired as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons last month. On Friday, the Corrections Corporation of America named Lappin its Executive Vice President and Chief Corrections Officer. Lappin had stepped down as federal prison chief following his arrest for driving under the influence. A $1.6 billion company, the CCA has faced widespread allegations of prisoner mistreatment and negligence in the deaths or injuries of prisoners in its prisons and immigrant jails.

Terminating transit monopolies

Fat cat Transit executives

Can they kill off the religion of light rail?

Hillsborough County voters killed light rail last year, but a conservative activist worries it isn't sufficiently dead.
"I want to seal the coffin on this issue," said David Caton, a well-known activist who fought November's transit tax vote.
So over the past few months, Caton has been quietly floating an idea: a proposed amendment to the county charter to prohibit spending county money on rail. 

Print|Email High Speed Rail Is Dead

Greeks tired of slavery

Greek industrial output falls again - Telegraph

Diary of a mad bus driver

June 7


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