Thursday, June 9, 2011

Supervisor being transported; vehicle "in pretty bad shape"

China Demands American Austerity

We tend to go back and forth regarding the world's larger financial fix. We have arrived at the idea, eventually that the Anglo-American power elite responsible for the mess wants to push Western citizens as far as possible without setting up full-scale revolutions. The idea is simply to afflict Western Middle Classes with such misery that they will not notice when their countries' sovereignty is removed in favor of a One World Order.
The best way to do this is to keep people distracted and miserable – hovering on the edge of foreclosure, food insecurity and professional oblivion. In Europe this has been accomplished by ensuring that many counties have borrowed far more than they can pay back, thus ensuring generations of "austerity" (assuming that Europe's young people don't revolt against the prospect). Hey, it's a fine line. 

Cameras coming to federal courts starting next month

A possible end to the insanity?

At the request of Lake Oswego Mayor Jack Hoffman, Clackamas County commissioners this morning postponed until early 2012 a resolution that would have offered the board's conditional support to the streetcar recommendation. Hoffman said he spoke with Portland Mayor Sam Adams earlier this morning and the two planned to send Clackamas County and other project partners a letter in coming days. 

Streetcar isn’t the best way to allocate $450 million

Streetcars are not even environmentally friendly. To build the streetcar tracks and infrastructure requires use of a very large number of earth-moving equipment, heavy trucks and other vehicles for an extended time period. Much equipment, rails etc. needs to be transported over a long distance. Bridges and other infrastructures also need to be built. All this results in expenditure of energy for streetcar thousands of times more compared to energy required to build buses. Battery- powered buses, just as battery-powered cars, will be used for most public commuter traffic in the near future. Thus, the extensive bridges and streetcar track construction and use will have much bigger carbon footprint as compared to battery- powered buses. Furthermore, the streetcar track and bridge construction will have drastically adverse effect on large wetland areas, native species and beautiful landscape. 

Strange but true

Overhead Bin - 'Open-and-shut case': Alleged thief hides in suitcase

Whoa! Portland looks pretty good sometimes!

Teens Attack Chicago Transit Authority Buses | News One

Fighting the financial terrorists-Keiser Report: GIABO! (E154)

My all time favorite global warming video

Mary Fetsch!

Another one bites the dust

Why don't we just expand TriMet?


Diary of a mad bus driver-June 8


Cameron Johnson is interviewed by KGW

Transit debate spawns some high flying ideas

Canby reduces transit service by about one-third

NJ Transit Customers Can Now Report Suspicious Activity Via Text Messaging

Transit Strike

CTA unveils bus rapid transit plans,0,1271645.story?CFID=474&CFTOKEN=39864452

Muni operators overwhelmingly reject contract

The tentative agreement - backed by the executive team of the operators union - was shot down on a vote of 994 to 488, according to management and Transport Workers Union Local 250-A.
It was the third time in 1 1/2 years that the union rank and file has snubbed its leadership and management's requests for cost-saving concessions.

TriMet Youth Pass: Creating our transit riders of the future


Ex-Rose City Transit bus, Tri-Met 575, in 1985,_Tri-Met_575,_in_1985.jpg

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Portland Streetcar from PSU to 10th and Jefferson


Trimet May (in June) Board of Directors Meeting