Saturday, June 11, 2011


Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Portland gangs get on multi-modal bandwagon

The gravy train arrives early (Jack Bog's Blog)

Library property tax shell game being played out to perfection

Team Kroger goofs again

Transportation Sue is back

Fukushima radwater filter system sounds unlikely

Oregon says it's still testing air for radiation (Jack Bog's Blog)

The "entire" Portland Rose Parade

The "entire" Portland Rose Parade from al m on Vimeo.

Including before and after events

A 2LonelyGuys Production

The Ships come in for Portland Rose Festival

The Ships come in for Portland Rose Festival from al m on Vimeo.

A 2LonelyGuys Production

What the hell is the "Trimet way award"?

And the winners are: (in order by month)

Jessica Bucciarelli, employee communications coordinator, Organization Development 

Janni Baugh, real property specialist, Capital Projects

Nick Stewart, real property specialist, Capital Projects

Jason Grohs, system engineer II, Capital Projects 

Brian Runyan, mini-run operator, Powell

James Ryan, bus operator Powell


The TriMet Way Award is given to individuals throughout the year who are committed to creating a culture of service excellence by thinking "safety first" and demonstrating their commitment to be responsive, act inclusively, solve problems creatively and do the right thing.

Let Me Stand Next to Your fire

Bus 2556 at the Powell Garage Boneyard

Who would have guessed it?

Mounting evidence of CIA ties to Libyan rebels

One of my favorite bus movies


The big bus does a number on the little bus

Nothing like the international bus news as your source of entertainment

Dangerous Accident-Two men Dead

(Obviously not funny but the presentation certainly is much different than American coverage of bus accidents)


Citizen sock puppets meeting agenda

TriMet Engineering Safety In Hazards OUT

City considers expanding or killing bus ads

Here is an idea for the republicans

Czech government wants trade unions to pay for planned strike - České

Comparing Recessions and Recoveries: Job Changes

There are now 13.9 million workers who are looking for work and cannot find it; the figure nearly doubles if you include workers who are part-time but want to be employed full-time, and workers who want to work but have stopped looking. 

How is it that this arbitration is going so fast and ours is going so slow?

The two sides presented their cases to the arbitrator Thursday, and a decision is expected in quick order. Under rules imposed by voters last fall, the arbitrator, whose decision will be binding, must take into account the impact the new Muni contract will have on fares and service, a scenario that could favor management.

Transit district handed over to the for profit sector

Saving for this comes on the backs of the employees of course.

Bus Management Deal For Augusta Transit | WJBF–TV

Driver fatigue!

(Maybe about tour bus operators but transit bus operator should take notice of this too!)

Fatal Va. bus crash shines light on driver fatigue - Yahoo! News

New TriMet Bridge too short for many boats

Mary Fetsch Here!

The Smart-ALECs Who Are Writing the GOP’s Laws

The term Smart Alec is quite fitting for ALEC. The phrase derives from a mid-19th century con artist named Alec Hoag who worked with his wife to scam money and jewelry from hundreds of men in Manhattan. Alec's wife would pose as a prostitute, and Alec would steal her "customers'" belongings while they were distracted. The couple avoided arrest by bribing two local police officers. Given the impact that ALEC's legislative proposals have on every day Americans, the dishonest ways in which ALEC sells its policies, and the level of virtually bribery that occurs in our political system, the use of the phrase "Smart Alec" to describe ALEC seems especially appropriate.]

Diary of a mad bus driver-June 10

Union solidarity in LA

LA Unions Rally to Support Grocery Workers, as Strike Looms - Working In These Times

Stock markets plunge as losing streak extends to six weeks, longest since 2002

Dutch government, unions, employers agree to increase retirement age to 67

Cascade Policy Institute ♥s MAX Light Rail?

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