Sunday, June 12, 2011

The road supervisor driving this vehicle was T-boned

If you want workers rights move to South Africa

American workers are screwed.  If you want workers’ rights – move to South Africa.  Wal Mart just inked a new deal to open up stores across South Africa – but in order to get the deal done – Wal Mart had to make some concessions –honoring union contracts among workers.  And it’s not only in South Africa – Wal Mart lets workers unionize all over the world in Brazil – Argentina – China – and the United Kingdom – everywhere except…here in the United States. 
In America – Wal Mart is considered one of the fiercest opponents of unionization – spending millions of dollars to defeat pro-union legislation in Congress – and resorting to underhanded tactics to kill off any organizing attempts among its American workforce. 
Since America embraced so-called Free Trade – American workers have seen their wages and rights collapse.

Chris Parker Update

Went down to see how Chris was doing today.
I was denied access because I was wearing a sweatshirt without a t-shirt underneath. 
I had to go down to Ross and buy myself a T-shirt which I wore over my sweatshirt, completely ridiculous.

Sitting in the main room looking at the different people all of whom are waiting to see somebody they know in custody is a very strange experience. 
Behind the glass sit the deputies, one mans the window were you bring the bail, the other where you request a visit.

Czechs say "fuck your court"

Czech transportation workers will hold a one-day strike on June 16 after a Prague court ruled they couldn’t hold a work stoppage today, union representatives said. 

(Europeans are fighters, Americans are yellow.)

Trimet supervisor gets T-Boned

Trimet passenger attacks her kids and another Trimet passenger, and gets away with it!

Trimet general managers says we are getting new buses

What I found on my morning bus inspection

You can tell it was a big weekend on TriMet.

Guess the layover site

You are one for one Al.Can you be two for two?


Cool Trimet movie

YouTube - 17 to saint johns (speed up)

More crazies on the pride of portland-the max!

Insane hypocracy

YouTube - Don't Tweet Your Meat! Anthony Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Ignorant bus drivers causing passengers trauma

From a rider:Are bus ops not allowed to sell transfers to max riders who dont want to use the ticket machines anymore? I was just told that by 2001.

More 'privatization' of pubic bus services

("Privatization" only means one thing, always, less wages and benefits for the people providing the service)


Guess the Layover Location