Thursday, June 16, 2011


Bees swarm downtown TriMet MAX stop

Story at KGW

Swarm of bees at 6th & Madison. No injuries or delays reported.

Transit union asks why driver, punched and dragged off bus, is suspended

The Keiser Report

I will never understand why people go bonkers over a game that has no effect on their lives

Video of mad Canada riots: Vancouver fans run amok, set cars on fire


Steve Fung watches his first up close bridge lift

4 days in jail

Woman Who Spit On Bus Driver Gets Jail Time - Portland News Story - KPTV Portland

Items of interest

Trimet general manager says too many 'pass ups'.

Huge traffic jam on hwy 26

Tri-Met Bus Pass Sticker (Exp. Aug 2011) - $20 (N. Portland)

The Greeks shake up the world!

Concerns over the volatile situation in Greece, coupled with another round of dismal economic data, sent the major market averages tumbling to the lowest level since March. 

Bus cams help catch killers

Bus driver roughed up

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin police have released security video in the search for a passenger seen punching and roughing up a bus driver before allegedly trying to rob him.

Sgt. Brian Miller says the Capital Metro driver suffered facial injuries June 10 in an apparent fight over why the bus did not stop at a place where the passenger wanted to get off.
Police say the man waited until other passengers departed before slugging the driver, throwing him to the bus floor and going through his pockets.
The bus surveillance video was released Wednesday, as police seek the public's help in identifying the man wanted on assault and attempted robbery charges. The company that employs the driver, Veolia Transportation, is offering a $5,000 reward for information

The Handbook of Human Ownership - A Manual for New Tax Farmers

TriMet Resolution 11-06-34

I make my first Bitcoin purchase

We've got to do something about these banks controlling our lives, this "alternative" currency is a way to make real change in the system without marching or protesting anything. The real power we all have is the power of our money!

That woman over there.....

That woman who has been harassing me for years has been on another tear recently, this time dragging all sorts of fellow employees through her muck and slime.
It's time to re-post my side of the story again!

More rouge transit executives

Electric Buses Get a Jump Start

A GM-funded bus could reduce transit agencies' fuel bills by 80 percent.

MTA driver suspended for the 15th time after using express bus as private meeting room with gal pal

A bungling bus driver with a disciplinary record a mile long used his express bus as a private lounge to meet a lady friend while on duty, an investigation has found.
Edward Meehan - who had racked up 14 suspensions for speeding, running red lights and other infractions - was suspended for the 15th time last week for the unauthorized get-togethers, authorities said.

Transit executives dragging down everything around them

Ford's recent behavior made it clear he was on the way out - from the many, many weeks out of town looking for a job, to the public dance he did with the airport authority in DC (all on the taxpayer dime). This, while he was the highest paid public official, no less, while employees were being asked to give up pay and benefits during a recession. Way to inspire morale, Mr. Ford. (And by the way, cool your jets, I was one of the people that was convinced by facts to support Prop. G, so put down the flamethrower, commenters)

Car Break-Ins Reported At Park-And-Ride Lot

Words of wisdom at Clackamas Community College

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver

June 15

R A Fontes

What’s behind the decision to delay vote on streetcar?

Transit executives always make out big

Muni chief Nathaniel Ford to leave June 30