Monday, June 20, 2011

A meeting at ATU757 Office

          On June 2nd, 2011 Evette asked to meet with me at the union office and I did. During this meeting other officers entered the room that Evette and I was meeting in. At one point there was 2 full time officers and one executive board officer in the room. There was another executive board officer in the next room.

Walmart wins (no surprise given the republican court)

Did we get this already?

Not sure if this was posted or not for May but here it is again.
Ridership holding steady system wide.
(propaganda has been removed for factual reasons)

Center St parking warning

TriMet’s Center Street main and south parking lots have designated parking areas. These spaces provide parking for visitors, permit holders, honored citizens, vendors, district vehicles, assigned carpool spaces and Operators of the Month. The spaces are monitored and any vehicles found improperly parked will be subject to enforcement actions including warnings, citations or towing.

285,000 rode Trimet

Approximately 285,000 riders were taken on buses and MAX on Saturday, Grand Floral Parade day. That’s a 37.5 percent increase over a typical Saturday. The two parade days – Grand Floral and Starlight – are TriMet’s busiest Saturdays of the year, and this year TriMet provided more than half a million trips on those two days.

Disabled think they took a hit with Trimet?

Look around the rest of the good ole US of A
Transit gutted | county, bus, day - Willows Journal

Toronto Transit System Paralyzed By Ducklings

Very heartwarming light rail story.
Toronto Transit System Paralyzed By Ducklings : TreeHugger

Privatization of transit is the rule in the third world

And its NOT a pretty picture! - Mother, son from Nepal struggle in crash recovery

Now who do we know that is hanging out in Adelaide Australia?

Police hunting two men over Indecent behaviour at bus stops | Adelaide Now

Bus driving around the world

Brick smashes through Coventry bus window - Coventry News - News - Coventry Telegraph

Bus turning left hits pedestrian

Bus driver hits pedestrian - Breaking News -

All Electric Bus by DesignLine Produces Unparalleled Results

Think Big: For labor law, we have to go back to the future

EFCA failed to move through the 110th Congress, due to a Republican filibuster. But the 2008 landslide provided Democrats with the fabled "filibuster-proof" 60-seat majority, and hopes for the bill's passage skyrocketed. Of course, the "filibuster-proof" majority proved anything but, as Al Franken was denied his seat for months by Norm Coleman's endless recounts, and as a handful of Blue Dog Democrats–most notably, Blanche Lincoln–openly flirted with breaking party ranks to join a Republican filibuster. Harry Reid never scheduled a vote on the legislation, and the White House engaged in no public arm-twisting to convince the recalcitrant Blue Dogs to vote for cloture. Regardless of the motivations of the Democratic leadership in the Senate and the White House, the ultimate fate of EFCA was a silent death. It was taken off life support by the election of Speaker John Boehner, but hope for its passage had evaporated months before.
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Most Romantic Mass Transit Stop in America



NATO Bombs Libyan Home, Killing Nine Civilians, Including Two Babies
NATO warplanes have bombed a home in a residential section of Tripoli, killing nine civilians, including two babies. Libyan officials said another 18 people were injured. NATO admitted to carrying out the strike but blamed the bombing on a “weapons systems failure.” A Libyan government spokesperson described the NATO strike as a “pathetic attempt to break the spirit of the people of Tripoli.”

A MUST READ-A public servant is not a slave

Young guy agreed that the mood on the front lines is bad. “Most of the managers get it, but there’s a disconnect higher up; the higher-ups feel empowered by public animosity.
“We’re very efficient, there isn’t much waste, but being mean to employees isn’t going to make the system better.”
And then she piped in with an example of some of the TTC’s meanest rules. “We’re not supposed to carry newspapers, but the drivers’ seats are unsanitary — they don’t steam-clean the seats. One guy got dismissed — he was relieved of duty — for using a newspaper to sit on.” 

HR blog

Trimet bus driver wants low floor bus or doctor
Spoiled Trimet bus rider thinks she owns the bus service
Trimet bus driver is a "jerk" for attempting to collect fares
Trimet bus driver says trying to deal with people and fares will drive him crazy
Trimet passenger is so drunk they fall out of seat
Official Trimet "insta-chains" movie
Trimet board of directors meet the operators of the year
Former Trimet general manager talks about Trimet bus drivers

Punkrawker Trimet photo's