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County Executive calls on County Council to enact two-year funding for Metro or face 17 percent service reduction

Transit slueth

Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood Boil

I submit my third request for safety assessment.

While it appeared that my first two requests for safety assessment were just brushed off to "business as usual" the management decided to review both requests for further study. A small victory over lumbering self serving bureaucracy we will see if anything is done about them at some point.

This is my third request:

I have been driving the 58 bus this sign up and I am surprised to find out that the walk lights at the intersections where the light rail/ street car cross DO NOT HAVE COUNTDOWN CLOCKS!

This will lead to additional accidents as many drivers (not only professional) will be unaware of what state the green light is currently at.

It would make sense to have a countdown clock at these intersections so drivers won't "take chances" getting through stale lights.

Surprisingly, the cross streets do have countdown cross walk signals.

True news

TriMet plans to phase-in LIFT fare increases


Bureaucratic bullshit

“Mystical references to society and its programs to help may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats.”
Thomas Sowell quotes (American Writer and Economist, b.1930)

The interfaces between different transit agencies


The surreal world of U.S. Homeland Security - Chicago Homeland Security |

Wheels come flying off MTA buses in two incidents, one 'horrifying near-miss' caught on camera

Trimet cracking down everywhere lately

TriMet: News Release - TriMet conducts WES safety campaign

Seattle's Zoo Offering Shuttle to Able-Bodied Only

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo will begin providing a shuttle service - to run on the half-hour every Saturday and Sunday - from the South Kirkland Park and Ride. However - the vans running the shuttles will not be wheelchair accessible, and at last inquiry the zoo had no plans to provide a comparable accessible service.

The service, billed by the Woodland Park Zoo as a "partnership with King County Metro with a focus on reducing vehicle impacts and providing transportation convenience and ease" will begin service on Saturday, June 25 and run through the first weekend in September.

Zoo spokesperson Roxanne Murphy confirmed that none of the vans will accommodate people with disabilities. When asked about why the zoo wasn't offering a service that complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act, Murphy expressed the incorrect assumption that as a nonprofit, the Woodland Park Zoo is "exempt from that law".

Contacts made to the King County and Seattle Offices of Civil Rights uncovered interest from intake personnel, but in a callback from King County's ADA Specialist at OCR that representative said that since the County's sole role has been to authorize the use of the (publicly owned and maintained) Park and Ride lot, that her office had "no jurisdiction". The City of Seattle OCR also claimed no jurisdiction unless and until an actual act of discrimination had occurred and an individual (or individuals) come forward with a specific complaint of refusal of reasonable accommodation.

The Alliance of People with Disabilities is currently looking into the legality of the proposed shuttle service, and may be a resource of legal assistance to anyone with a disability who is denied access. Meanwhile when discrimination does occur (and it will - on June 25th), it will happen on King County property, with the County Office of Civil Rights, the City of Seattle, and the Zoo itself all receiving advance notice.



“They lied to their members,” Mr. Sweeney said. “When I say lied, I mean it. They lied.”
That is only a slight overstatement. The labor movement has many laments and many wounds, more than a few self-inflicted. Some pension provisions were undoubtedly piled too high. And union leaders wheedled special deals and remained silent as governors, Republican and Democrat, declined to pay into the pension system.
Labor leaders and politicians, no less than arbitragers and Goldman Sachs partners, relied on magic bubbles to keep it all afloat. The line between illusion and lie grew indistinct.
But Monday offered a through-the-looking-glass moment of a sort, seen across the nation, as middle-class union members became improbable symbols of a recessionary era brought on by Wall Street financiers.
“Shared sacrifice” is a phrase often repeated, though only the latter of the two words is honored. Governor Christie, like the Democrat Andrew M. Cuomo in New York, has played bulldog for the wealthiest, insisting that he will not extend a so-called millionaire’s income tax surcharge. 

In Deal Changing Unions’ Benefits, Truth Is Scarce but Betrayals Abound -


June 20

Propaganda at Transit districts

Metra's paying $403,000 for spin control -

Rude bus drivers

Rude MARTA Bus Drivers Sent For Retraining - News Story - WSB Atlanta

Working drivers into complete exhaustion

87 MetroAccess workers caught sleeping at the wheel | Kytja Weir | DC | Washington Examiner

How to get medical care in the US of A

Uninsured Man Robs Bank of $1 to Gain Prison Medical Coverage

A North Carolina man who had no health insurance has admitted to recently robbing a bank of one dollar in order to be sent to jail to get free medical coverage. James Verone, a laid-off employee of Coca Cola, recently noticed a protrusion in his chest and had developed arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Without health insurance or money for private care, Verone concluded his best option would be to go to prison. Verone told a local newspaper, “The pain was beyond the tolerance that I could accept. I kind of hit a brick wall with everything.” Since being held in jail he has seen several nurses and has an appointment with a doctor Friday.

The Road Ahead for Community Action


Does Our Full Time Union Officer Honor Equality?

Today after our Union Charter meeting our financial secretary approached me to inform me that the only communication I am allowed to conduct with her is via email. She continued to inform me that I am not authorized to post any recordings of her and walked away from me ignoring me. After the exposure of the meeting she invited me to on June 2nd, 2011 I have to agree that the only secure communication with our Union Officers is documented communications. It has already been demonstrated to me that I will be told one thing and when I quote the statements made to me it is denied. In one room there were 4 people, 1 union member, 1 executive board officer and 2 full time officers. Who will the membership believe? The 1 member or the 3 officers? So I will respect this elected full time officer who swore to equally represent all members her request.

2900's baking operators

Numerous operators are reporting that the 2900 series buses have defrosters that are stuck in the on position and continuously blowing hot air! They cannot be shut off or turned to the "cold" position.

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