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Trimet about to kick you off your property

‪Daniel Speaks to Businesses - Eminent Domain‬‏ - YouTube


Diane Hallbach Azhdari:  wow see positive attitude gets a free ride on trimet! The driver gave me a free day pass!! Ahhhh!!! Nice!!!

Tony Cooper:  Dear Tri-Met, Find a fire. Jump into it. Stay there. Thanks. 

Karl Kondracki:  FUCK trimet

Stacy Burke:  anyone have a cheap car i can buy???had to give mine back and o i am not friends with tri-met< 

Marcus Moore:  I totally almost got caught twice today using the max at the edge of fairless square without a ticket. I have done this probably 500 ... 

Ben Puckett:  fuck tri-met

Shannon Halda-Wipf:  Oh good. Maybe they will raise rates AGAIN for this new crack-down. 

Britten Jenkins:  I HATE trimet missed my meeting over this slow asss bus driver.

Shawn Aldridge:  I like when TriMet changes bus schedule but doesn't tell anyone 


FROM A FACEBOOK POST: Lauren de la Garza:  omg i cant believe this..the trimet guy gave me the wrong i have to use another ticket instead of using the .

Too many drivers make errors when handing out transfers and I refuse to penalize our riders because our pinhead bosses won't update our fare collection methods!

Interesting tweets

@jonesrich: @trimet once again the MAX overlook park to city center ticket machine is out of service. And youre increasing fare inspection. #entrapment

Rayvhen: Dear Trimet, you suck. thank you. #trime

chavaboyett: Aaahhh...the smell of gin & juice wafting from somebody's paper sack in the morning on

skylark64: Wow. @trimet's detours suck. Every time I check @pdxbus the arrival time is later. Coulda spent this time with my kids

marissawelch: i was just sniffed by a police dog at the albina/mississippi stop again! she looked like my old dog ginger. #yellowline

alanpdx: Crap! Possible medical emergency on the Max train. The one day I was running ahead of schedule. #TryMet #trimet

Trimet didn't show up this morning, leaving me fat and unhappy and missing my gym date. Prom night flashbacks! ACK!

JDThyme: Dear #trimet passenger: 1) you smell of rancid fish, and 2) he's sitting next to you, volume control is sexy. ·

SydRaeMel: Trimet stay hittin cars. Lol

ButchGeek: Omg.. 34 second graders climbing on this #trimet #9 like a chatty pirate hoard. Its been 6 minutes and they're still boarding us.

mikerigsby: Wow. #Trimet buses are like a rubber raft paddling through the shallow end of the gene pool.

mikerigsby: It's a miracle! My #Trimet 56 driver has been on time 2 days in a row.

JustinHanes: Trimet fare nazis are checkin your papers around gateway. #BustinCheapskates #PDX


Trimet comment form


Electricity problem stalls @trimet #max riders at Hollywood station

Portland A-Foot starts podcast

How to lose a kid in 10 seconds-instant replay


Appeal of Christopher Michael Schofield

Hearings Office


Republicans getting outed for who they really are

Although the debate over the debt ceiling is far from over, a new CBS News poll shows that no one is winning -- but one side is certainly losing: congressional Republicans.
According to the survey, a whopping 71% disapprove of their handling of the debt-ceiling negotiations, versus 58% who say that about congressional Democrats and 48% who say that about President Obama.


PORTLAND, Ore. - A mother and her 6-year- old son get separated by a closing door at a MAX light rail stop last weekend, the latest in a series of incidents in which children were separated from parents at transit stations.
The incident took place Sunday in downtown Portland when the young boy dashed onto the train and the doors closed behind him while his mother struggled to get a stroller on the train.
The incident was caught on video and shows the child darting onto the train just as the doors are closing, leaving his mother behind. The train then leaves the platform.
Family members of Donna Negron reportedly yelled at the driver to stop the train, but it kept going with her son Noah on board. Donna tried pushing the door buttons but got no response.
Her brother – who happens to work for TriMet –



Random Paycheck
How is something an "entitlement" if I am paying for it? Hell no it's not an entitlement. These people are planning on stealing things we paid for!

THAT NUT OVER THERE WHO'S BLOG IS ABOUT ME (and others she is obssessed with)

That crazy woman  continues pretending she is a "victim" and continues making up stories about me and others, so it's time to bring back to public attention our history together.


Point of information, I have had nothing to do with this woman since the dispute in question. She continues her sick obsession with me however.



Famine was declared in two regions of Somalia on Wednesday where 3.7 million people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. Another eight million people need food assistance in neighboring countries including Kenya and Ethiopia. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls the situation a "catastrophic combination of conflict, high food prices and drought" and has appealed for immediate aid.


Story Here!


Fall schedule signup week


XXXX XXXX was charging Trimet for hours worked and thy caught him AGAIN and didn't fire him but a driver who time slipped a total of 16 minutes for work not done and is up for firing.why is XXX treated so different then others and this is his 2nd time being caught? Um wonder what his XXXXX is charging union that's not union business or related to union but keeping for himself.makes you wonder.

Analysis of

Mother Too Busy Fighting A Stranger To Notice Her Child Rolled Out Of Subway Car

Urgent: Make a call to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid


Bonuses for Billionaires

 Republicans won’t extend unemployment benefits, even in the worst downturn in 70 years, because that makes people lazy about finding jobs. They’re right: We should be creating incentives for Americans to rise up the food chain by sending hefty checks to every new billionaire. This could be paid for with a tax surcharge on regular working folks. It’s the least we can do.
Likewise, the government should take sterner measures against the persistent jobless. Don’t just let their unemployment benefits expire. Take their homes! 
Story Here! 

Great Bus Stop @ 14th/Morrison westbound

This is a good example of a good stop-reading material,a sitting area and shelter from the storm.
And yes,I enjoyed my visit to Nostrana Restaurant.



Not this again.....unbelievable

Boy separated from family on downtown MAX - FOX 12 - KPTV
VIDEO: Boy separated from family on downtown MAX train -

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Giant deer art starts debate about what is appropriate for Park Avenue light-rail station

The debate over public art was set off when the Milwaukie neighborhood district association leaders, with one exception, sent a letter last month to the Public Art Advisory Committee, saying they are unhappy with the deer concept and how they could have more influence in finalizing the design.

"If $1 million of our taxes go toward paying for this art, I don't want to pay for it," said Linda Hedges of the Hector Campbell neighborhood at the meeting.


Anybody know what was going on at Ruby?

Tea Baggers Cuckoos Nest

Bike&ride report-2 inside the gate 2 outside the gate!

Latest Portland urban rail expansion project delayed, city to get one less streetcar


Interesting tweets

  WalkOfLife503: Homeless man with four inch blade scratching his scratchets #trimet #maxlife

SKETCH! · 6  ginarau: Completely stressful @trimet train ride this am thanks to girl w/large pitbull sniffing around & she clearly has no control.

@rhickok: @trimet driver just left stop, early as always, while a senior with a broken foot tried yelling at her to stop ·

@robinbalmer: And again, all pioneer square ticket machines are down. 90, 91, and 92. Get your act together

neekaneeks: And today my air is smoke free at the #parkrose stop. HUZZAH @trimet

ReposingRogue: Hey, @Trimet, instead of 45 minutes behind schedule, why not shoot for an entire hour next time? #fai

carlyw66: I hate the MAX @trimet... there are too many sketchy people on after dark!! I want to tape this drunk/high punk's mouth shut! >:

JBspeaksup: Hilarious to watch the people on the mac transform between Hillsboro and Skidmore. #trimet = #portlandia at its finest 

nootelluh: Like! RT @PortlandAfoot Breaking! TriMet spends 25 yrs & $3B building elaborate infrastructure to transport you to our party tomorrow

  yuetsu: oh miz trimet bus driver, please do not “mosey.” got places t'be, bay-bee!
transit_tweets: RT @piggyflowers: @trimet Thanks! NY subway so quiet compared to Max because riders have to pay

gtotheibson: Well that was a trimet-fueled fail of epic proportions

WalkOfLife503: Rt @jonesrich Hope the new fare inspectors spread a little love to NW street car and don't just hammer NoPo and Gresham.

kimberlytnguyen: Never using the 82nd max stop after 6pm again. #Trimet #PDX

revrendoni: RT @WalkOfLife503: The reason I got a fat fine. See you in court #trimet

sarahesterman: And then the bus driver said he'd have gone to prison if he'd had kids. And I live tweeted it... #awkward #trimet

morepoole: RT @VictoriaTaft: Thankyou @SchackMasterMike for handing out toilet seat covers to TriMet riders today for the Victoria Taft Show @CootiesOnMax #5vtshow

RT @GreyDuck: @trimet Highly appreciated. Got the stink-eye from a bus driver because they could barely read the stamp on my ticket/transfer.

nerdword: Oh also fuck trimet

Pink Slips For "Planners"?

Unaccompanied Minors in Transit

TriMet fare inspectors

P(DX)eeves and Cheers:

Notice of Hearing, Case #3110299

Hearings Office

Are We Living In A Nazi State?

Are Portland Police ever going to stop their persecution of young black males in this supposedly avant-garde city of ours? Sure he may have been taking a small portion of business away from TriMet's Max train profits, but Zach was only trying to earn a living. I'm sure you're going to ask what exactly was Zach doing to provoke an arrest for Interfering With Public Transportation and there is a perfectly reasonable answer for that. 


For eight years, Bush spent like a drunk monkey. The world was the GOP's Bergdorf and they had our credit card. If there was a shiny, new war on the shelf, they just had to have it: Iraq, Afghanistan, and let's not forget the Fantasy Wars, the half a trillion dollars a year on fancy-ass weapons for a war that won't happen. (Example: the Virginia Class submarine. (The V-class was designed to attack Soviet subs. There are no more Soviet subs, but Bush ordered three dozen anyway - at $1.8 billion each.)
Altogether, George W. Bush blew up the national debt by over $3 TRILLION - then left the bills to Barack Obama.
EXCLUSIVE: The Deficit Is Not Default of Obama | Truthout

Video log-July 20

Crazy directives

One of the operators was having a problem with his front doors.
He was instructed by dispatch to use only the back door and remain in service. (incredible huh?)
The operator hung up on the dispatcher.
The dispatcher finally decided that using the back doors to board and deboard passengers probably not a good idea so he sent a mechanic instead.
(It was the same dispatcher I had a problem with)

They are "looking" into the modern age of fare collection

Why doesn’t TriMet move to an electronic fare system like many other cities have?
Wouldn’t that cut down on fare evasion and on operator-customer conflicts?

There are many benefits—and costs—to electronic fare systems. We gathering information and
looking carefully at all our options.

(unbelievable that they have such a problem getting on board the era of technology for fares, even though Trimet is supposed to be a technological leader in the transit industry)


Why is the change happening now?
There are several reasons:
• Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) performance has improved. TriMet has increased the
number of technicians dedicated to maintaining TVMs on the MAX platforms. TVMs now
perform at approximately 93 percent uptime. While checking fares, fare enforcers have
access to real-time TVM performance data to verify if a machine is out of service through a
call to the Operations Command Center (OCC).
• Although TriMet’s finances are still “tight as a drum,” there was enough “breathing room” in
the FY12 budget to avoid service cuts and make a few key investments, including bus
operator recertification, bus replacement, some service restoration—and the six new
supervisor positions.

Ohio voters to decide on anti union measures!

Streetcar news from Portland Transport

Eastside Streetcar delays and Buy America requirements
Oregonian Discovers Change in Streetcar Schedule

Layover on the #15 Thurman

I have found a great location to eat my food in peace and quiet.


Locations of collisions from Janaury to June 2011

What does a fare inspector do anyway

SOP 312 Effective 11/18/2002
TriMet goals are customer education and service, increased ridership, and the efficient collection of revenue in an equitable and effective manner.  The Field Operations Inspectors’ Mission Statement reflects agency goals:
Our mission is to provide our customers with excellent service and support with particular focus on customer assistance, education, TriMet Code enforcement and security.  Our commitment is to value all members of the community and to treat them in a fair and equitable manner through interactions that are positive, professional and respectful.

Speaking of fare evasion

43% of subway fare-beaters are kids, report finds, costing the MTA millions

For years, TransLink officials made the ridiculous claim that the loss of revenue from using the honour system for fare payments was so little it didn't justify the high cost of gates.
Almost no one agreed, particularly since nearly every other transit system in the world has used faregates for decades.

When design kills: The criminalization of walking

Bad design kills people.
That's right. It's not a matter of aesthetics, or of politics, or of opinion. It's a plain fact: When you design streets solely for cars, people die as a result. The underlying conditions that are responsible for those deaths are rarely or never challenged. The victims often get blamed for their own injuries or deaths. 

Bus drivers battle each other

A Napier Go Bus driver who was prosecuted and dismissed from his job after punching more than tickets, has failed in his bid to get his job back.
Ralph John Dickinson, 46, was found guilty of assault after a back-seat brawl with colleague Gary Esau while they were travelling to work in 2009, and subsequently dismissed from his job with the bus company. 

Foothills, streetcar challenged

One or two West Linn residents looked completely lost as if they were a 2017 TriMet feeder bus line driver searching for a bus-to-streetcar transit platform stuck in traffic on State Street. 

CRC boondoggle

Columbia River Crossing funding has half-billion-dollar hole: Oregon treasurer report |

Bikes on Trimet

TriMet is spending $1.4 million to build new bike-and-ride facilities. That's an awful lot of money to spend on facilities that aren't going to be used any more than the one at Sunset Transit Center -- which averages just 1.2 bicycles a day. Cyclists want to have their bikes with them when they reach their destination.
A simpler, less costly solution to bikes on MAX would be to install more bike hooks on the trains. On a recent trip downtown, I counted 11 bikes in one train car. There are only four hooks in each car, and only in the newer trains. Cyclists had to place their bikes in aisles and doorways, which created great inconvenience for the other passengers.
How much would adding four more hooks per car cost? Certainly not $1.4 million.

Northeast Portland

C-TRAN gets Automated bus-tracking

New C-Tran service revs up quickly | The Columbian

Public sector public relations: Money going to propaganda instead of services

Of all the paid mouthpieces getting a public sector paycheck, the award for excellence has to go to TriMet's communications director, Mary Fetsch.

Court of Appeals of Oregon.


TriMet: No warnings, just $175 tickets for those that don't

Let's Replace the Dinosaurs at Merlo with this Model

I could see Al M tooling down the road doing his #58 in style.

They love Portland (in other places)

Portland: weird but wonderful

Jeff "doesn't care"

Candidate for VP Bruce Peek

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#70 northbound from Center

Two passengers who adopted two kitties yesterday from the Humane Society.

Great Bumper Sticker on Morrison/14th

We should attach this one on the entire fleet.

Bike&ride report-4 outside

Daily bike&ride report-3 locked inside

Jeff Ackerson wants to know

With the push to enforce the fares are Trimet managers going to continue the practice of using
Fare disputes as SIP's that get added to an operators file? Or will Trimet managers stand by operators who attempt to enforce fares? It's been a lose/lose proposition for operators up to now!


Question: How does a train know where to go?


Bus(ting) drivers strike over toilet breaks

TriMet begins stricter fare enforcement in Portland with promises, tickets

McFarlane said the improving economy helped when it came time to scratch up the funding. “We see payroll taxes performing a little more than 4 percent better this year,” he said. 

Official TRIMET news release on the fare crackdown

TriMet: Cracking Down on Fare Evasion
TriMet: News Release - TriMet shifts to enforcement over education when checking fares

Trouble at Streetcar

Portland's $148.3 million eastside streetcar project delayed five months, includes five streetcars instead of six |

More proof the recession is over at TRIMET

They have already planned to dig a tunnel under pill hill, now there is THIS!

Jeff gets hit in the head with a garbage can by "a cop"

School bus drivers strike looms in Gresham

No recession around here.....

Johnell Bell as our new Director of Diversity and Transit Equity and Martin Gonzalez’s promotion to Manager of Multicultural Programs.
Jana Toran has been selected and has agreed to serve as TriMet's new General Counsel.


If you mess up, ‘fess up

Mr Safety

Somebody stole my safety!


  " Quench the thirst – safety first"

Al's Christmas wish

Dear Santa: Please bring Al M this bus for the Holidays.

New Flyer Buses on eastside low passenger load routes

Why can't some of this equipment be allocated to the westside where it is needed?
Where is Rockation by the way?

Beaverton TC – The Song (by Dr. Something)

Jack Bogdanski ridicules Trimet's latest promotion

How Tri-Met does things
You can't make this stuff up. Portland's transit agency is the laughingstock of the fare-dodging public, and it's needed many, many more fare inspectors for years now. So what does it do? Hire six new supervisors. Gee, Neil, how many actual fare inspectors could you get for the cost of six supervisors? Nine?
Posted at 6:10 PM

Seaside news

Residents react to threat of bus cuts - Cannon Beach Gazette: News

How Portland Keeps Homeless From Bus Stops

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

52 driver hit in the head by garbage can thrown by irate passenger!

2 bikes inside fence 4 bikes outside the fence

Safety first!

(this post is rated * on the safety scale)

A Humble Suggestion to Improve Beaverton Transit Center

By a different way, Trimet means the way they prefer. Just last month, Maus summarized results from a large study in Los Angeles that concluded,
Survey respondents overwhelmingly said that being allowed to take their bike on the train influenced their decision to travel by bike and rail. Of the 477 people who responded to the question, 65 percent chose “allowed to take bike on train” as a factor that influenced their decision. (my emphasis)

(this post is rated ***** on the safety scale)

No summer for us, scorching heat across the USA

Authorities are warning the heat wave currently gripping states in the Midwest could prove deadly. The heat index in parts of Minnesota reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday. The National Weather Service has called the rising temperatures and humidity in the Midwest “the most significant heat-wave the region has experienced in at least the last five years." So far this month, more than 1,000 high-temperature records have been broken across the country.

Portland A-Foot looks into the fare evasion issue

(this post is rated a ***1/2 on the safety scale)

Mr 'Safety' (aka Neil Macfarlane) expected to make big announcement

(this post is rated ***** on the safety scale)

Is Bruce Hansen The Right Choice?

(this post is rated ***** on the safety scale)

Punkrawker needs to work at TRIMET

This post is rated ***** on the safety scale.

Your blogger buddies are encouraging fellow blogger Chad Solomon to apply as a Mini Runner at the #1 Transit agency in the wide wide world, TRIMET!


This post is rated *** on the safety scale.

NASTY NEIL-this post is rated ***** on the SAFETY SCALE

Safety is my life!

Good luck trying to find a job in Portland

Oregon June jobs report shows the state remains in recession's grip |


Trimet has spent $1.4 million tax dollars to create these bike and rides. That turns out to be $3627 per bike space!


The newest dirt on TriMet

The results found an alarming amount of bacteria present on all plates, yet TriMet is cutting its cleaning staff. Shouldn't companies be held accountable for keeping their facilities clean? Many complain over a dirty table or restroom at a restaurant, and those who find the environment unsuitable may choose to go to a different eating establishment.
But, as far as public transportation goes, there is no other choice for Portlanders. Herein lies the issue—TriMet has recently reduced the amount of cleaning employees—thereby reducing the frequency the buses are thoroughly cleaned. The result is that buses are hotbeds for germs and viruses.
Germs on wheels - Vanguard - Portland State University

Waiting for my #15 bus

VLOG ENTRY 7/18/11


A Car is a Luxury, Transit is a Need

Not all Metro Drivers make the top scale, or make $60k a year. I am a Part Time operator, got this job after 16 months of unemployment a little over a year ago. I make $19.93/hour for my first 2 years. My regular shift has ranged in the last year from 2.5 hours to 3.35 hours per DAY! I am able to scrounge for extra work, and I get some here and there. Like over 1000 of my co-workers, I am on track to make around $20,000 this year (many will make less, very few will make more). According to all of you, this apparently calls for a wage reduction, because I am living the high life in my room I rent.

Punkrawker Blogs On!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jeez the BS piles up high around here

Job Opening: Senior Estimator (closes 8/1/11)
Manage the cost estimating functions from design through construction for the Capital Projects Division by ensuring that contract cost mandates are complied with and that the costing database is properly monitored. Supervise cost estimating work performed by consultant/contractor or TriMet personnel. Lead, coordinate, and manage special project work team(s). Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. More

Beaverton TC Bike & Ride Pool

On Tue September 20 at 11am (~2 months from now), how many bikes will be inside the locked section of the Bike & Ride at Beaverton TC?

Make your guess between now & July 25; whoever is closest (above or below the correct answer) will win a prize!

Killed in fare evasion sweep

Bayview Police Shooting: Cops Checking Muni Fares Kill Man As He Flees (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Beaverton TC Bike and Ride ceremony from al m on Vimeo.

Day 1-nobody using bike and rides in Gresham and Beaverton

So there are 2 more of these things?

Let's see if they do any better than the pathetic Sunset Transit Center bike and ride.
TriMet unveils two new Bike & Ride facilities for cyclists - FOX 12 - KPTV - Portland News, Weather and Sports
TriMet opens Gresham, Beaverton bike-and-rides, hopes facilities used more than first |

The Amazing Dissolving Nation

Europe is a fit, silver-haired gentleman in a sleek Italian suit and a pair of Michael Toschi swing lace wingtips, holding a serious-looking Chiarugi leather briefcase. America is pear-shaped blob of semi-formed male flesh, in ankle-length cargo shorts, a black T-shirt featuring skull motifs, tattoos randomly assigned (as if by lottery) to visible flesh, a Sluggo buzz-cut, and a low-rider sports cap designed to make your head look flat.
ClusterFuck Nation 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stroller dispute snarls traffic as transit driver, mothers butt heads

Awards to actual blue collar workers at Trimet?

Will Obama sell us out?

What about Obama? from al m on Vimeo.

Is he a liar and a sellout?

Commuting on Trimet.

‪Hawthorne Bridge‬‏ - YouTube

TriMet Bus Driver Fined For Traffic Violation

Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartman

“Trimet bus stop, Portland, 1979.”

No panacea in privatization

Many European countries and cities have privatized infrastructure and city services. You want to use the highway -- you pay. You want to stroll through a "public" garden -- you pay. You can avoid higher taxes, but if you want the services, you pay the private company that holds the franchise. It is a system that works fine for those with cash to spend.

North Dakota Weather Alert

North Dakota weather alert! from al m on Vimeo.

This is interesting

If the Wizard can't guess your mystery person in 20 questions, you can continue until it finally gets the person right. Chose a famous person in your mind and then participate in this 20 question game!!

Confederate Flag-Waving Bus Driver Can't Sue After Firing

Justice in the "land of the free"

Fatal bus stop shooting was self-defense, judge rules -

What makes this place so great?

Remember the guy that fell under the MAX train?

Remember the guy that fell under the MAX train from al m on Vimeo.

National Geographic looked into this

How voters in the Buckeye state are reacting to the republican take over

Stop sign or green light for Kasich's bus? - Toledo Blade

South Africa bus crash

12 die in bus crash: News24: South Africa: News

The incredible Mary Fetsch

 Mary Fetsch told KPAM news yesterday (helpfully transcribed by Assistant producer Nick),
"[Riders] are actually feeling better when they ride transit more often because they get exposed to more, you know, bacteria and different things they said, 'I have fewer colds when I ride transit because I've just been exposed to more and my body's, you know, immune system is stronger.' So you know, it's really interesting, being part of, you know, out in the community, umm, you know, you're gonna come across these kinds of, uhh, you know, more bacteria and different things, but also, it's helpful to the body as well." 
Someone really came up to her and said thanks for the cooties? Really?

Layover on the #73

I enjoyed talking with the residents of Dignity Village before I began my run on Saturday.

Steve Banta doing all right for himself

When the Valley's economy was unraveling in 2008, transit service was an early casualty. Three years of cuts ensued. Dozens of bus lines were eliminated, rerouted or truncated. Wait times grew, and fares shot up on buses and light rail.

Some of those transit cuts, and the resulting hardship for many riders, might have been averted if the Valley's transit network were run by a single unified agency, an Arizona Republic analysis indicates. Unified transit systems are common among fast-growing Western cities.

As it is, in Maricopa County, 11 local transit agencies provide bus and rail service, creating redundant costs in administrative personnel and contracted services such as bus operations and security. At $70 million a year, administrative costs make up nearly a quarter of the system's total operating costs, making the Valley the third most top-heavy region in the country, according to data from federal and local agencies


The fragmented system creates redundant functions and staff that can add to costs. RPTA boss David Boggs, for example, earned $258,000 last year, including benefits.
His counterpart at Metro rail, Steve Banta, made $293,000. Transit directors at each of the Valley's larger cities earn at least $80,000 a year. If the agencies were combined, spending on such salaries would likely be less because fewer administrators would be needed, Banta and other transit officials say.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

TRIMET intercepts at freeway on ramp -- gang stalking 7-16-11

This guy just cracks me up!

Portland sand in the city

Nothing like a well kept Trimet bus stop!

This is cool

Once you type in the year it will start counting back - then it will fade to black and the text will appear on that black screen. Lots of interesting information is given. Just click on "year of your birth" below........
The screen is going to fade to black; have your glasses on, and follow the instructions below.
You'll be pleasantly surprised with this one... Type the year only!! Then click the question (?) mark!
Sit back and enjoy!!

Year of your birth


Heard of Allodial Title?

6. You never truly own Real Estate. Even if you own your home outright you still have to pay taxes on it. If you do not pay the taxes you will see who have real ownership of your property. There is away around this and you can get Allodial Title to your property.

What's With Social Security?

When shortly after I arrived on these shores I got my first job as an usher in a cinema in Philadelphia, back in the fall of 1956, I asked about the deduction from my paycheck that went to social security. I had no agenda, just curiosity.
My employer said those funds are taken by the federal government and put aside so that when I get old I would have a nice little bundle instead of spending it now and being left with nothing for old age. I recall asking why it wasn't up to me. My employer had no answer to this. But he did try to assure me that I should relax because at least there will be this stash awaiting me when I get old and won't be making much money anymore.

Lions discuss Zebra's

Listening to Congress debate deficit deduction is like listening to a den of lions discuss the welfare of zebras. In both cases the debate is very one-sided. Democrats and Republicans sound disagreeable on TV, but their arguments differ by the tiniest of degrees (like lions fighting over how best to eat a zebra.) 

Working on buses without informing the operator is stupid---don't blame the operators for it

Minor repair work and vehicle inspections commonly occur while buses are parked at a layover, relief point, or end of the line. Staying safe, even during routine operations like these, requires vigilance from all personnel.
Prior to boarding and/or operating a vehicle that has been parked, operators should take a moment to check for potential hazards or persons around the vehicle. Special attention should be paid to the front and rear of the vehicle.
Mechanics or any personnel working on or near a vehicle should make sure that their presence is known to anyone on board or boarding the vehicle.
To ensure safe operations, staying aware of our surroundings and clearly communicating with each other is a responsibility we all must share in.


America the beautiful

‪Video: Giant Marilyn Monroe statue unveiled in Chicago‬‏ - YouTube

Log entry July 15

Hearings Calendar

Appeal of Jessica Marie Trimble
Appeal of John Lue Lee

Light Rail Down South

Max Red Line

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jack Bogdanski on Think Out Loud

Interview Here!
Bomb threat on max

Cars vs Bikes battle in SF

Bike Lane Plans Move to San Francisco’s Fell and Oak Streets -

Yet another tourist heaps gobs of praise on Portland

Unfettered Letters

Portland officials brace for transportation cuts

(Hold on just a second, we have tunnels to bore and miles of track to lay!)

"Where do we put the bird?"

Click here for


TriMet: Take TriMet to Summer Events
Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project: About the Project
TriMet: Bike & Ride - Secure, Enclosed Bike Parking with Keycard Access
TriMet: Transit to Trails
TriMet: Youth/Student Tickets and Passes
TriMet's July Poll: How many rides have been taken since the start of Red Line service?
‪Stay Alert, Stay Alive. Be Safe Around Buses and Trains.‬‏ - YouTube



No matter how broke you claim to be, there is no justification that supports jeopardizing the health and safety of the public, or those who provide a public service. But, that is exactly what TriMet did several months ago when it decided to cut or eliminate bus cleaner positions.
Dirty Vehicles at TriMet | Portland Transit Workers Voice