Thursday, June 23, 2011

Joe Rose stands up Erik Halstead on a joint ride they had planned together!

Portland area disabled speak to the board

Michael Levine says "something must be done"

Please get me a barf bag!

Time appears short for light-rail amendment signatures

The Columbian

Budget cuts at home, throwing money away abroad

U.S. Pledges $40 Million for Central American Drug War
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Guatemala for a gathering on efforts to combat rampant drug trafficking in Central America. The conference includes all seven of Central America’s presidents, as well as the presidents of Mexico and Colombia, leaders from Canada and Europe, and representatives from a number of global financial institutions. On Wednesday, Clinton said the United States will increase funding for regional drug war efforts by $40 million. Clinton also called on Central American countries to ensure wealthy citizens are paying their share of taxes.

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver-June 21

The "brake" breaks off and the bus is stuck

Scabs replace transit drivers

Striking ART bus drivers fired - Dr. Gridlock - The Washington Post

Trimet doing facebook survey also! (thanks Chad)

Meanwhile, in Europe

Factbox: Strikes and protests hit Europe in wake of austerity | Reuters

TriMet YouthPass: Creating our transit riders of the future

NLRB Pushes New Rules to Facilitate Unionization

Union victories

NY public workers union dodges layoffs in new pact | Reuters

United States of Amerika gone mad

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will soon change its policy on patting down children at airport checkpoints, the agency’s director told Congress on Wednesday.
But during his Senate testimony, TSA Administrator John S. Pistole offered no details about the change and defended the agency’s frisking of young air travelers.
TSA child pat-down policy to be changed - Washington Times

Loving Portland

InsideHalton Article: Goldring impressed by Portland’s approach to cycling, transit

Transit Buses killing on left hand turns

Woman Struck By Madison Bus Dies - Madison News Story - WISC Madison

T bus driver a chip off old block

The 25-year-old poster girl for T bus operators with bad driving records takes after someone else at the MBTA — her mom.
The Herald reported yesterday that Hazel S. Cannon was among a slew of bus operators hired by the T despite scary driving histories, including multiple suspensions, moving violations and surchargeable accidents. 

Transit bus crashes

The driver of an out-of-service Metro bus died this morning after he collided with a dump truck and slammed into a pillar at a railroad overpass on Texas 288 near McGregor.

Metro identifies bus driver killed in 288 crash | Newswatch | a blog

Clang, Clang, Crunch: The Truth About Streetcars

•According to the experts, modern streetcars are no better at carrying people around than other transit methods, maybe a little worse.
•Streetcars never pay for themselves.
•Streetcars are less green than buses.
•Other than that, they're great.
People love them. Something about a sleek new streetcar—the soft whir of electric technology, the aura of Euro-cool—draws people powerfully. Advocates in Portland, Oregon, claim their streetcar line has spurred billions of dollars in redevelopment because people want to live near streetcars.

Battered Bus Driver Speaks Out As Union Calls For More Protection

“I still have a lot of pain, and my head is really hurting,” said driver Marlene Bien-Aime, who was violently assaulted Tuesday after disallowing a passenger from bringing an uncaged Chihuahua onboard her Bx9 bus.
Her eye blackened, her body bruised, Bien-Aime said she never saw it coming.
“She hit me several times in my eyes, as you could see,” said Bien-Aime. “And she hit me all over, on my head and on my back… She dragged me from my hair. My nose is broken.” 

New York State Senate Passes Repeal of MTA Payroll Tax

Stopping attacks on bus drivers

Metro union details attacks on bus drivers - Dr. Gridlock - The Washington Post

Hmmmm....this sounds vaguely familiar......

NTSB: Metro needs 'culture' change after '09 crash -

Transit district gets bailout to keep service levels

2008 San Francisco bike accident will cost Muni $5.36M


That our very own STEVE FUNG is the poster boy for Trimet job recruiting?
TriMet: Jobs and Employment Info - Careers at TriMet
(Were you ever asked Steve if your picture could be used for this?) 

We need more than $500,000.00 please....thank you

Resolution 11-06-42 - TriMet


Take the survey here:

The fence gets Tom

The incredibly exciting TRIMET BOARD MEETING

Making the weakest among us pay more

“People who will be affected the most are those who can least afford it,” said Zoe Presson, confined to a wheelchair. “Why does TriMet have to balance its books on the backs of the most vulnerable?”

Disabled oppose fare increases for LIFT at TriMet meeting |