Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Light Rail Transit Webinar -- May 24, 2011

On the MAX video

Remember this fiasco

Commit to safety!

Let's take a look at how bus service could be!

I wonder who this is?!/ExPdxBusDriver

Northrop Nut needs a new ID

Republican bimbo's for president

While the American labor movement is impotent and paralyzed the Greek unions join in real protest

Greek Police Fire Tear Gas as Strike Overshadows Budget Vote - Bloomberg
Thousands of Greek demonstrators have begun gathering in front of the parliament in Athens at the start of a 48-hour general strike. Union leaders called for the strike to protest against deep budget cuts demanded by international lenders as the price for more financial aid.

What voters get when they elect republicans


All Work and No Pay

Except what's good for American business isn't necessarily good for Americans. We're not just working smarter, but harder. And harder. And harder, to the point where the driver is no longer American industriousness, but something much more predatory.

Vancouver City Council says it's sold on I-5 Columbia River Crossing

Feds handing out some loot

Rantings of a Trimet bus driver

June 27

First zoo bus-thanks Mark Dillon

Saw your 6/27 link to old Trimet bus wraps. Beginning in the early 80's, I worked at the Zoo. The very first Trimet art wrap bus I ever saw was this Flxible New Look bus in Zoo/OMSI/Forestry Center graphics. It was painted directly on the bus skin. At that time, Trimet only used this bus on the old #63 run to the Zoo. After a decade, it was replaced by the one pictured on the "Rantings Of People..." blog.

Jeff talks about the recertification class