Thursday, June 30, 2011

Railfanning last weekend with the Southern Pacific 4449

Six hours, no kids or wife, just me, two cameras, and a lot of trains.  The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is my zen place.

Streetcar fail

Taken over the course of two minutes this morning as I walked to work.  The garbage truck was serving the hotel and the garbage man had to park the truck, walk to the sub-grade parking level, push the garbage can to the street, dump it, and then replace the garbage can.  The streetcar just had to wait...and wait...and wait.
Looks like real progress!

Theme song for Milwaukie Light Rails "Rebirth"

My favorite comments about the "art" (from Bojack)

Looks like something a committee of bureaucrats would come up with.
Posted by Mr. Grumpy | June 30, 2011 8:15 AM

Remember the Simpsons monorail episode?
Posted by Robert Collins | June 30, 2011 8:19 AM

Hopefully it will be vandalized early and often. What an ugly piece of...
Posted by Dave A. | June 30, 2011 8:24 AM

My art suggestion...a very large toilet with thousand dollar bills being flushed down the drain.
Posted by Evergreen Libertarian | June 30, 2011 8:44 AM

Jack Bogdanki weighs in on the "art" for PMLR.

Tri-Met has come up with the perfect art work for one of the stations for the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. I kid you not,
If the $1.5 billion* of public money that's being blown on the new MAX line doesn't give you nightmares, that thing surely will.
* - Preliminary liars' budget. The bridge design isn't anywhere close to finished, and the funding is still sketchy, but the Tri-Met crew is rushing ahead with construction, before the public can come to its senses. This is how things go very, very wrong.

Portland politics

There's got to be a morning after (Jack Bog's Blog)

TriMet has petitioned FRA for a waiver of compliance

Trimet TVM failure

Keiser Report

The Counterattack!

New Trimet TV episode

But not a Trimet production!
YouTube - ‪Stay Alert, Stay Alive. Be Safe Around Buses and Trains.‬‏

Bridge event pics

Uh Oh, Seattle Metro Drivers under attack now

Two problems are special to Metro. One is bus-driver pay. It can be defended by pointing to the 2010 contract, which has minimal raises. But under the previous contracts, between 2000 and 2009, bus-driver pay rose 38.5 percent, to the third-highest figure of any big-city bus operation in the country.
Metro now feels the consequences of the contracts it has signed.
Editorials | King County Metro needs overhaul, not a tax to cover past unsustainable decisions | Seattle Times Newspaper

Screwing transit workers

Labor Changes Irk Transit Workers - News - The Austin Chronicle


Update: METRO rail service restored after shutdown left riders stranded in the heat - 2011-Jun-29 - CultureMap Houston

Now here is something that has a very familiar sound to it

Everyone who has ventured down into the subway is by now too well aware of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's self-promotional "Improving, Nonstop" advertising campaign.
Look, there! It's a placard boasting about how the MTA has adopted the revolutionary approach of fixing things when they've been broken.
And next to that, wow! It's a placard about the countdown clocks you just saw on the platform.

Protecting bus drivers

MTA installing bus barriers to protect drivers from violent riders - am New York

What's going on at MUNI?

City Insider City Insider / Will Muni deal lead to savings?


(Nope Portland and Trimet are not on the list)

China's 26-mile sea bridge same cost as TriMet's 7.3-mile Orange Line



There was a pot of money that was raised for the case of Ron Heinzman vs ATU International.
What happened to that money?
Is it still there?
If it is still there what will be done with it?

Meanwhile, in Greece

"They are selling out our country from under us," said Demetrios Stamatiou who has camped out in the square since protests began last month transforming it into a shanty town collective. "It's a very dark day in the history of Greece - we have been betrayed by our own politicians."
Riots herald a 'dark day' in Greek history as MPs vote through austerity cuts - Telegraph
YouTube - ‪Athens on Fire: Video of night clashes, Greek capital smoked‬‏

750,000 public employees in Britian walk out

YouTube - ‪UK grinds to a hault as half a million march against govt cuts‬‏
YouTube - ‪Massive anti-austerity protests in UK‬‏

Rantings-June 28

Chris Smith wants to know: What's Up with the FTA and PMLR?

The FTA released their latest round of New Starts funding, and Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail was not on the list.
According to some sources, $200M was anticipated.
We've queried TriMet to get their take on this.

TriMet’s bridge piles up permits