Friday, July 1, 2011

Congratulations to the latest TriMet Way Award Winners!

I bought some fireworks in Oregon for the first time

TriMet "Bridge School" - Portland Transport

My neighborhood

A walk down 3 of Portlands outside stairwells


One of my favorite Trimet persons has decided to hang it up, Willie Moore appeared in several of my old videos and spoke of his experiences here.
He was a true character and I for one will miss him around here!
Thanks to Steve Fung we have this clip of Willie Moore:

Got a horrible boss? Write about your experience BadBoss - My Bad Boss Contest, Tell Your Bad Boss

Don't take trimet to the fireworks?

I like how TriMet isn't even bothering with "Take TriMet to your 4th of July Fireworks!" promotions this year after how wrong they were last year about where you can actually get with Sunday bus service :)
(a reader txt)


Bus riders worry about safety after recent attacks - Dr. Gridlock - The Washington Post

Breast-feeding in spotlight after nursing mom told to get off bus

Breast-feeding in spotlight after nursing mom told to get off bus - HealthPop - CBS News


Bus driver recovering after attack by passenger

Attention operators sign needs attention


Dispatch pushes my hot buttons

All this whoopla over this new bridge brings back memories of some past bullshit

Trimet-overcrowded, not available nights and weekends, old rickety buses, but these fools pretend everything is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L

Typical elitist bullshit, the privileged party on while the rest of us suffer.

Your counting on your pension?

Judges in Colorado and Minnesota have issued rulings that could open the door for states and cities to roll back pensions to retired public workers. The judges rejected lawsuits from retired public employees who claimed that they had a right to specific cost of living adjustments.

Celente on Greece: Int'l Mafia Federation stealing big!

"Bunchie" for new TRIMET LOGO!

Portland lawyer fights development and wins

What a cool quarter million will get you

Maybe part of my negative reaction comes from spending $250,000 on a giant deer with a human face at the same time that fares are going up and buses are falling apart, and poor Dorothy is out of luck after the bond measure failed. I understand that there was a mandatory art budget for the Orange Line so money is going to be spent on art anyway, but so far the reaction to this particular piece seems overwhelmingly negative - the other proposed pieces aren't having nearly the same kind of reaction. I guess I just hope that the art budget is ultimately spent on things that people want to see at their platforms.

TriMet Bridge Groundbreaking Event Video

Portland Transport
(Excellent production by Bob Richardson)