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Ever wonder why closing the windows in the 17/1800 buses is so hard?

BTC bike&ride-3 inside 5 outside

Heading downtown-a walk down Morrison st


Clergy bless Valley Transit to show support for busing | Appleton Post Crescent |


ckillah77: 175$ back in debt thanks to trimet*& ·
T @shannonmmoore: You know you're a pro at riding the Max when one of the doors always hits the spot where you're standing.
bradfuc: You could have terminals WORKING / more than ONE @ a TC, no offense.
@KyleKrocodile: This man smells of tomatoes.
Agree I use Spanish & German RT @Rimbaud1854: Just had a nice convo in #french with someone from Paris. #trimet has such nice diversity


MAX – 41,200,200 trips, up 7.5 percent

Bus – 58,431,700 trips, down 3.6 percent

WES – 370,800 trips, up 21.2 percent

Lets examine this simple chart for propaganda.
Notice how even though the bus service hauls most of the people, its in the #2 position on the chart.

Notice how MAX and WES are capitalized but bus only the B is in capital letters.

Notice how there is no mention of fareless going strictly rail or of the very significant cuts in bus service.

The green line addition is not mentioned.

It's interesting that the % increase and decrease are such an important part of these news releases.

“The goal of modern propaganda is no longer to transform opinion but to arouse an active and mythical belief”

Jacques Ellul quotes

Neil Macfarlane on Comcast Newsmakers!

They have disabled comments on this video! Ha! 


Safety’s OK if you got all day.

Running a red light?


Things have really slowed down as far as operators requesting safety analysis. From March 15 there was not one submitted until July 28th!
Not surprising of course since so many of them have been disregarded. I personally have submitted four and have not had one adopted. Sounds kinda like the old yellow card system, but with a new name this time.

Petitioning for Bus Service Restorations

 Discussion of the OPAL petition HERE!
Here is a comment that I thought was important in the discussion.

Don't forget "freeloading pedal pushers" and "car haters".
Your words not mine Bob.
You guys clearly are a "streetcar lobby" are you not?
That's your right, and your lobby is highly effective.
I don't need to remind you that the streetcars are duplicating already existing services, which of course are the bus.
But bus service is not "sexy" so won't attract "development", hence the streetcar concept. And its a concept that has taken hold around the country.
But to my eyes, and the eyes of organizations like OPAL, this is an elitist hijacking of scarce transit resources that should be used for people that need transit not people that need condo's.
Put me on the Opal side of the argument.

Trimet customer incident report

TriMet: Question, Comment or Suggestion

TriMet’s Bicycle Signage

The Prudent Cyclist

Bids? We don't need no stinkin' bids.

U.S. incomes fell sharply in 2009: IRS data

Sudden death overtime

Rep. John L. Lewis, D-GA, wrote to Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood (PDF), saying, “Administrative action is needed to review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) exemption which prevents drivers, helpers, loaders, and mechanics from receiving fair overtime pay.” 
Every week another bus crash is in the news. Since spring, there have been nine horrific crashes with 26 people killed and countless more injured. ATU’s white paper Sudden Death Overtime makes a strong case for applying FSLA overtime provisions to the over-the-road bus industry.

ATU President Larry Hanley on How to Build a Strong Coalition for Transit

Have the Light Rail Votes Already Been Counted? Before A Vote?

Metrolink Lures Cyclists Aboard With Customized Railcars That Hold 18+ Bikes

Why are these positions at a transit district

Neil's crying our budget is "tight as a drum" is such baloney as evidenced by his hiring of positions such as these, which have nothing to do with transit. Neil spends like a drunken soldier and wants to save money on our back so he can hire cute little managers like these.

Korean design

While we fixate on rail the rest of the world is realizing that bus service is most likely the transport of the future giving its almost zero installation costs and flexibility of service.


Dramatic Video Shows Gunmen Firing Into Philadelphia City Bus -


8/4/11 on Vimeo

Let the fun begin

Dow plunges 512 points | Video |

$1.45 million planning grant: a help or a waste?

By Matt Cooper The Register-Guard

Joe Rose picks up the bus 35 twitter saga

Something to read on tonight's TriMet bus ride: A Line 35 horror story |

Trimet bus drivers discuss the issues

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sunset Transit Center reopened after Beaverton police respond to report of a 'suspicious device' |

Rail is so gosh darn reliable

Beaverton police have responded to a report of a suspicious package at the Sunset Transit Center, according to Washington County dispatchers.

Because of the police activity, the Blue and Red Line MAX train service has stopped in the area, according to TriMet. Shuttle buses are in place to transport passengers between the Beaverton Transit Center and Washington Park Station, TriMet said.

Passengers should expect delays.

More details to come.

Twitter reports

Varchild: RT @blackedout: You knoe... @trimet should probably get this post match bus thing sorted. Sucks waiting 35 minutes for a frequent line.
anthonypants: RT @pdxcommute: Costanza? RT @lunarobverse: Guy on bus is a) wearing sweats and t-shirt b) late 30s early 40s c) bald d) reading Dating For Dummies
HelpMeMSD: @kimberlypdx we feel the same way! for a town with so many bars, @trimet doesn't run late enough for bar staff to get home.
Rimbaud1854: I've been waiting for over a half hour for a train that has room. I shld walk down and get on the green line then transfer to blue.
Rimbaud1854: We're upto 4 trains with no room! @trimet
Rimbaud1854: How about having a train start further down the line so non-soccer fans can get on?
a_SmartCookie: It smells like sweat & fresh baked doughnuts at this max stop. Weird.
  UVGKassi: 3min, er, 15min, er, 59min till your bus! #trimet #beavertonhillsdalevortex
transit_tweets: RT @UVGKassi: @trimet what's the point of transit tracker? it hasnt been remotely right all week. #line54doesntexist
deeehlaych1983: Again, Trimet, fuck you for making me miss a good game. No love, one angry Timbers fan.
deeehlaych1983: Fuck you Trimet. ·
kateheimes: Some guy is screaming the details about how to kill a gopher on the trimet
perezal: @trimet Bus 2653 Line 77 going west. I don't need the driver's unprovoked rudeness, thank you.
TheMikeDonovan: RT @PDXToddDiskin: We are on 18th by the trimet stop. Follow the smell of fresh paint.
  mikerigsby: @trimet Thanks. I already have at least once but I will again. Late once in awhile is expected but he's seriously late every day.
PDXecom: Anyone have an update on the Trimet involved MVA with injuries @ Hall x Greenway??
JBspeaksup: #trimet is full of the crazies today. #ninja pic time. #portlandia ·
sp_redelectric: #trimet: LISTEN UP! both the 12 AND 94 at 5th and Hall denied boarding due to crush load!

In Our View: A Tougher MAX
hot item max platform sunset transit no buses alowed!..bus bridge from wash park to btc..

Isn't this guy supposed to be driving a bus right now?

Analysis of twitter reports vis a vis transit-Trimet included in rankings

Transit commentary on Twitter « Sustainable Cities and Transport

Opal circulating petition to Macfarlane

Human Rights Petition: General Manager, TriMet: Restore Transit First |

Leave it to Jason Mchuff to find a google street view of this,-122.581636&panoid=-l_TkVkjg-CzxsSzIE4HXg&cbp=12,15.28,,3,8.73

Couple of good tweets from Joe Rose blog

Meanwhile, "bluecrescendos" was in no mood for the usual transit cacophony: "If only the @trimet robot announcer would shut up."

From Kelli "kelcach" Cach: "Sky is blue. Sun is shining. Man at the max stop is serenading the @trimet schedule."

From Breanna "tascherdesign" Tauscher: "Beware, the east side riverfront is a traffic catastrophe. I covered six blocks faster than a bus on foot. Take that Line 6! @trimet."

TriMet: Faster than a speeding walker? Not everywhere.



Stealing from transit districts

2 current and 2 former Metro employees are charged with theft - The Washington Post

Trimet out for your "goals" discipline baloney

Fired bus driver deserved hearing, court says

Safety is not a value at Muni apparently

San Francisco's unlicensed Muni drivers are still employed | Katie Worth | Local | San Francisco Examiner

My 12-mile, 2-hour commute on Tri-Met Bus #35, 8/3/11

Click here for this creative description of a Trimet bus route gone terribly wrong!

Todd demonstrates how to request the kneel function

Todd demostrates how a rider requests the Kneel function from al m on Vimeo.


Portland's transportation director rents developer's beach house, says it wasn't a gift |

"Cottage"? Geez. (Jack Bog's Blog)

Does Macfarlane have as much dedication as Steve Fung?


Bicyclists luck runs out

Three bicyclists hit by truck in Washington County Wednesday night |

28 year veteran comments on the Jon Hunt petition

"Whoever signs this petition better be real careful because Jon Hunt will get Trimet to fire them. Jon Hunt and Trimet work together you know and are in constant collusion when it comes to who gets fired and who doesn't".
I said to him "he can't get 10 people fired".
He responded, "you have no idea what Jon Hunt and Trimet can do".

I can tell you this much, people are REALLY SCARED to put their name on this petition. Lots of folks talk big when it comes to Jon Hunts actions and how they think he has done a lousy job, but nobody wants to take him on.

My own personal opinion  is that on the CASE REFERENCED IN THE CHARGES, Jon Hunt has played an obstructionist role.

Has Jon Hunt been a bad leader? I don't think that it a yes or no answer. It's hard to second guess the events that have happened here. From my world wide perspective, I have my doubts that any union leader could have done much different with Trimet management right now. Macfarlane is using Republican tactics and obviously is trying to break the union. Who could have stopped Macfarlane right now? My opinion is nobody, Jon is more a victim of current events than his own sloppy management.

Rest in peace Thomas Truex-5 star bus driver!

He was found dead at the Port Authority bus terminal in a bus that had been idling for hours!

The life and times of Thomas Truex-Bus Driver

Chris Day responds to critics

Rule violators tend to attempt to use fear against others to avoid any actions that might be taken against them. Words like “Union Buster, Beware, Blackballing, Hate, Take Sides and Divide” are some of the words used to distract and confuse people. As long as members are distracted from the rule violators, the violators are less at risk of being caught. The only thing rule violators have to fear is the membership staying focused on the rules. If the entire membership stayed within the rules we would all be a strong family that would be unstoppable.

TRUE Union Values?: In Solidarity

Video log


Opera singer rides the 58

Long time 58 rider

Theresa Griffin-Kennedy 

Rear ending a bus not a good idea

TriMet bus rear ended by Jetta, sending one to hospital |

Your tax dollars at work

Art on File - TriMet Light Rail

brent hunsberger's not so excellent Trimet adventure-read from bottom of post up

hunsberger brent hunsberger
My usual 12-mile @trimet bus commute is officially over -- 2 hours after it began.
4 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
brent hunsberger
bhunsberger brent hunsberger
.@trimet #35 back on route approx. 90 minutes after detour. Only 35 minutes left to go on my commute! ... I think ...
4 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
brent hunsberger
bhunsberger brent hunsberger
And we are on SW Macadam!
5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitten rides the bus

4-month old kitten (not a service animal, hence the "pet taxi" - the cat is inside for your safety!) on my #62 home.

BTC bike&ride. 2 inside 5 outside



So far I have been overruled in the previous 3 safety requests
Line-bus 1792-Going to end of line at-Direction of travel-West-Street & Cross Street-n/a-Bus stop-ID/location-n/a-Other Location-n/a-Time(s) of day-night-Day(s) of week-all
Please describe your safety concern
This bus has constant internal lighting which blinds me when I am in very dark conditions.
Please describe your suggested remedy/solution
Change the forward lighting from from fluorescent white to dim red.

Mom accused of punching toddler son on Boston bus

Senator Merkely is one of the few that said no

Call his office and express your support: Senator Jeff Merkley: (202) 224-3753

Bruce Hansen wonders..............

Why is it when a driver see's a stop unsafe to service they send out a supervisor to look at it? The supervisor looks for a sec and declares is safe. Hmmmm who would know best ( not the driver who goes past the stop all day but someone who looks at it for only a min). And this is why we don't care!!!!


8/2/11 on Vimeo

Keith Olbermann's Debt Ceiling Special Comment

This is re-posted due to technical error:

Keith Olbermann's Debt Ceiling Special Comment: 'Our Government Has Now Given Up The Concept Of Right And Wrong' (VIDEO)

The men of the WES

The life and times of Thomas Truex-Bus Driver

Thomas Truex harbored a simple ambition, his relatives said: to treat the Earth kindly enough that no one would notice when he left it.
Mr. Truex's route. His body was discovered in his bus, which had been idling, unchecked, for hours at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.
“He wanted to leave no footprint,” his nephew William Wendt Jr. said.
Mr. Truex nearly got his wish.

Yubi Key gets Trimet security contract

YubiKey Replaces Legacy Authentication Solution at Oregon Transit Agency -- PALO ALTO, Calif. and STOCKHOLM, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Corruption in Wilsonville

Cynthia Thompson, a contract consultant and former city employee who directs Wilsonville's transit agency, speaks during a 2010 event. Thompson's Portland-based firm has won $1.37 million in unsolicited contracts from the city since 2007.

No-bid contract stinker in Wilsonville (Jack Bog's Blog)

It's a wonderful world (no it isn't)

AT least 50 passengers were killed on Tuesday along Zaraki-Kabaa Junction, Okene-Lokoja Road, when a truck ran over them where they were lying face down in obedience to the order of some armed bandits who had earlier forced them out of the luxury bus in which they were travelling to Abuja.


Round up of fall service changes

They have added a bunch of trips, looks to me around 12 one way trips. But I know for a fact that they have eliminated trips, but they don't show that on this update. There was one trip eliminated on the 58 that is not listed as such. So I wonder how many trips were eliminated so they could increase the other trips? As usual the facts are not really the facts, no surprise of course, its the Trimet way.

TriMet: Fall Service Change 2011 Summary

Transit arbitrators stir controversy in overruling transit district incompetence

Sacked MBTA punks back on the job -

Metro in

I am a bit confused, it doesn't say "Temp", so who knows.

Apply quickly tho, the timeframes are fairly short and quick!

Forget light rail

Magnetic gliding pods that could be transit of the future being worked on in Mountain View |

Worried about Safety at Trimet?

Muni Is Shelling Out $32.8 Million on Collisions - San Francisco News - The Snitch

Monday Morning Layover at Rock Creek

The cana and and the other flowers look great.I wonder why the Learning Garden is allowed to be fallow this year.

The criminals in charge of our government

The 4,000 furloughed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) workers and 90,000 workers on airport construction projects stalled by the Republican shutdown of the FAA are worrying about how they will pay their bills in the coming weeks.

But the only worry House Republicans have is how they are going to spend their six-week summer vacation. House Republicans leaders adjourned the House last night until Sept. 7 without taking action on reauthorizing an FAA bill so the agency—shutdown since July 22—could reopen and construction funds move down the pipeline again.

Trimet improves its pass structure

A step in the right direction for sure!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Peace Through Strength is a Fallacy-Mark Hatfield

As America is convulsed in the ‘debt debate’ it is an appropriate time to revisit the words of Oregon’s esteemed Senator.
"Today we are vulnerable. The national defense of this Nation, has left us vulnerable, but not because we lack an arsenal. The vulnerability of this Nation today is that we rank at the bottom of the list in math and science, and that at least 20 million Americans cannot read or write. The vulnerability of our Nation is the deterioration and erosion of our infrastructure, our highways, bridges, airports, our ports. Our vulnerability today is a nonproductive economy, a non-competitive economy. Our vulnerability is the people who are without homes, nutrition, education, health care.”
Senator Mark Hatfield -August 2,1989

BTC bike&ride. 3 inside 7 outside 1 using bike repair shop. 

The Man, the Myth, the Legend-MARS BRINGAS

Take good care of Dave whe you run into him!


Moscow Olympics bear now caged in parked bus in St Petersburg | World news | The Guardian

Oh dear god

Desperate, sick Indonesians use railroad 'therapy'

Ignoring the red-and-white danger sign, Sri Mulyati walks slowly to the train tracks outside Indonesia's bustling capital, lies down and stretches her body across the rails. Like the nearly dozen others lined up along the track, the 50-year-old diabetes patient has all but given up on doctors and can't afford the expensive medicines they prescribe. In her mind, she has only one option left: electric therapy.

"I'll keep doing this until I'm completely cured," said Mulyati, twitching visibly as an oncoming passenger train sends an extra rush of current racing through her body. She leaps from tracks as it approaches and then, after the last carriage rattles slowly by, climbs back into position.

Its Like we were just talking about it-

The (usual and heavily protested) TriMet fare increase this time around adds something new, a 30-day pass. Its only going to be available at the ticket office Downtown for now. TriMet says if these prove to be popular, availability in TVMs is a possibility. The cost of the 30 day is the same as its monthly pass counter part.

Fares up 5¢, Adult Monthly Passes up a whopping $4, Youth Fare Pass up $1 and no longer bears "Student" to lessen confusion to College kids. 7-Day Pass up $1, 14-Day up $2, and Day Passes will now be a flat $5.

TriMet "Official" Release:

Get rid of that worthless paper money


(These assholes rolled out the shot congresswoman as a "feel good" moment, just want to puke! The democrats are scum in this charade.)


NJ Transit bus driver found dead in idle bus was subject of video made by angry riders

Transit makes B-I-G- $$$$ for people involved with it

HART salaries - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Home

A Vote for the Debt Deal is a Vote for Treason

Today the U.S. Congress will vote on a legislative package that, if passed, will mean the end of the United States. If the package worked out through the debt ceiling negotiations with the Obama administration is passed, it means that the United States is sunk overnight, and the U.S. and the world goes into a Dark Age.

Video Log

August 1, 2011 on Vimeo

Regarding this fare situation

How our congressmen voted on the debt ceiling

Democrats — Blumenauer, N; 
DeFazio, N;
Schrader, Y; 
Wu, Y.
Republicans — Walden, Y.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Shame on Trimet

I think it's highly unethical that Trimet officials give no leeway to riders that do not have the correct pass on the 1st of the month! Checks don't come in till the 3rd of the month for many riders! People that have passes for years but didnt get them on time for the first have gotten ticketed!

Email Received: Service Alert: MAX Blue, Green and Red line delays due to switch problem

Due to switch problems at Gateway Transit Center, MAX Blue, Green and Red line trains through that area are experiencing delays. Delays are most significant for eastbound trains along I-84. Riders should consider alternative options. Check for updates.

Dave says: Riders are advised to consider alternative options...yet none are given.


Funny joke of the day; Jack Bogdanski has me on his "candidates for mayor" list!

Bus held together with duct tape!

Safety tip of the day

Don’t watch her behind. Keep safety in mind!

Midday bike and ride report-8 outside the facility 2 inside

People want to use this, just not deal with the bureaucracy involved with it. It would have been much smarter to just leave it open for public use and have one of the numerous BTC's  camera's aimed right at the facility.
As all government seems to do, they made it too complicated for people to bother with.

Preferring Charges against President Jonathan Hunt

Today I am making it known of my intention to “Prefer Charges” against President Jonathan Hunt for nonfeasance in office. I have created a PDF file that has all the required documentation to bring this action forward. I am in need of ten (10) signatures from members of ATU757 who are in good standing and in support of this action. Please read all the documentation and if you are in support fill out and mail the last page to me as instructed in the instructions of the that documentation. Thank you for your support. -Chris

The Route 20 passengers get boned this morning

Our good pal Jeff,had to drive this old clunker for a 5 hour shift today.What is wrong with this picture? It turns into a #4 at Gresham.No ramp,no air conditioning on a crush load paddle.As Mr.T would say,"Pity the Fool."


Agencies to review bus driver's death -


Metro board to meet to discuss wage dispute - Dr. Gridlock - The Washington Post

TriMet adding new service...but not where anyone actually uses the bus!


To improve service beginning Monday, September 5, there will be additional trips added traveling to SE School & Fireman Way leaving Gresham Transit Center at 7:35 a.m. and at 5:20 p.m. There will also be additional trips added traveling to Gresham Transit Center from SE School Ave & Fireman Way at 7:49 a.m. and 5:36 p.m. Further improvements include new signs at 25 bus stops.
Because Line 84 serves a rural area, operators will continue to serve customers who flag the bus at non-posted locations. View the preview schedule

Meanwhile, TriMet is reducing service frequency on the 76/78 line (35 minute headways instead of 30 minute headways) despite the promise to add service due to WES?

No restoration of ANY service cuts.  No restoration of "Frequent Service".

This makes sense...HOW??  Adding service to a bus route that has virtually no ridership, while continuing to ignore riders passed up due to crush load conditions?

All I can say a rider to an Operator, PLEASE do your part and call in your crush loads so that the data exists.  If you don't call it in, TriMet could care less if the customers themselves complain.

His Holiness (aka Trimet General Manager) talks about increasing bus service

Amerika's elite sells its serfs down the river

Paul Krugman
The Diminished President -
‪'US going down next after Greece'‬‏ - YouTube
Sen. Bernie Sanders: "Despite Democratic control over the White House, despite Democratic control over the Senate, despite overwhelming opposition from the American people, a small minority of the members of the Republican-controlled House have successfully pushed an extreme right-wing agenda onto the American political landscape. It is an ideology which believes that despite the fact that the rich are getting richer, the middle class is shrinking, and poverty is increasing, all of the burden should rest on the backs of working people." 

Layover at Forest Grove

This garden property is owned by Woodfold Mfg and is managed by the Forest Grove Community School.It is a place for students and the community to learn.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Money money money EVERYWHERE at Trimet

Just not for buses or bus service. (Who's the director of transit 'equity'?)

Interesting correspondence between union members and union officials

The following are some communications between ATU 757 members and union officials:

It can pay to evade (fares)

Report: Subway Fare Evaders May Have Upper Hand -

Transit that needs no public money

The impending departure of Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Jay Walder for the more lucrative shores of Hong Kong to lead its metro and commuter rail system has one silver lining: It has brought our attention to a top-notch metro system that not only can pay its chief a million-dollar plus salary, but which doesn't need public money at all. In fact, the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corp. actually makes money.


C-TRAN VOTE: How much rides on November bus service ballot measure?

Express bus service to Milwaukie area soon to be a thing of the past due to rail

Too bad that rail is such a fixation around here, people could be riding like this:

Swank new high-tech buses heading here |

NW Portland today

Another walk down Portland's famous 23rd ave
And another walk down Portland NW 21st ave

This bus driver couldn't wait to get his fried chicken I guess

Raw Video: Bus Crashes into KFC - Bing Videos



Trimet wants your bid-can't figure out what it is though

TriMet: Bidding Opportunities


This guy did an interesting video about Portland

While the earth exists in constant chaos, there is something bigger and more important

Republicans have intentionally destroyed this country

The reason that the Republicans deliberately destroyed the balanced budget and created unprecedented government debt was precisely in hopes that at some point they could use the debt as an excuse to destroy social security, medicare, and myriads of educational and health programs. They represent rich people, and the rich don’t want to be having to bear their fair share of the national burden. What better way to get out of having to pay those pesky taxes than making sure the government doesn’t do anything for anyone but the rich.
So everything unfolding in Washington was planned out in a room in 2001, and is going according to plan.

A Story More Important than Debt Limit Kabuki | Informed Comment


Yesterday, two thermometers in Hillsboro read at 93 degrees.Like filthy buses,hot vehicles
which sit for 20 minutes at layovers,are a health risk.As a heart attack survivor,I was very uncomfortable for the last 5 hours of my shift as were my passengers.I even saw 2 dinosaurs working the 57 line even though there were many rows of 2900's ready to go at Merlo.
(It's very sad indeed that our management allows us to suffer even though they have the means to fix the issue)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

and here they are, direct from REAL PEOPLE...TWITTER REPORTS

PortlandAfoot: Signature-gathering is allowed on TriMet because it's categorically a "free speech" activity, TriMet says ·
  mikerigsby: A hot, stuffy #Trimet bus with several off work fast food workers on it. Nothing like the smell of sweat & french fry grease. :p
zfekede: #trimet has to be the worst transportation system in the world
esseAdamDavis: The trimet outfits look like police uniforms haha #pdx
eenrightsguy: @trimet trimet has made an enemy of me, & i really don't see the wisdom of it. i will keep people aware of the agency's inexcusable behavior
transit_tweets: RT @teenrightsguy: @trimet that is outrageous. i've already put you on notice via these tweets that i have concerns. i will not go out of my way further
sisterthyme: My love/hate relationship with Trimet is only matched by my love/hate relationship with rhubarb. And the Trimet iPhone ap? I just hate you.


edwartica: Trimet keeps saying how they're so desperate for money. Meanwhile they create two brand new positions.

Bike Sharing petition

I Support Bike Sharing
(and I personally support the concept of bike sharing)

Be on the lookout for

He is harassing a Trimet bus operator making false claims and complaints!

As America Continues to Tank, What Will You Do?

When we are born, we are born free. As we grow older and are shepparded through public schools and out into the work force, we begin to face the realities of a centralized society – one that continually tries to collectivize people's time under a life-long bond to the State. It is as if there are fields full of gallows with fresh nooses swaying gently in the winds of time awaiting the necks of all the fresh blood entering the workforce. The heads slip in and the serpent-like noose fastens itself – for life. And once a person succumbs to the pressure, they lose their abilty to think. For who has time to think when one's life (time) is constantly being robbed by a collectivist State?


Letter from an ATU 757 member to Jon Hunt

Mr. Hunt.

It seems like we have lost another brother in "our" union. His name was Larry (forgot last), and he started a little bit after me (3yrs), he was older (50's), he stayed a mini-runner for his designation at Tri-met. He past from cancer. He'll be missed. Since you probably have not heard anything. I'll tell you that he worked while he was sick. He worked out of Powell around the last time I seen him (on a holiday run), he had lost 30lbs since I saw him before this. I didn't get a chance to talk with him at that time. He worked the 3, 10hr. shifts.

Layover at the Hillsboro Transit Center

One of the great perks on saturday is the Hillsboro Farmers Market. I came home with raspberries,blueberries and zuchinni.

Bus drivers under constant surveillance

Bus driver doing paperwork at the wheel | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun



TriMet increases police presence in light of recent attacks

To the Riders of Trimet

Poor Local Union Leadership

Our Union has its Bylaws, Constitution and General Laws that governs how it is to operate. Section 21.7 “Disclosure of Union Business” of our Constitution and General Laws states “No officer or member of the L.U. shall furnish to any unauthorized person a list of the names and addresses of the membership. All business of the L.U. must be kept strictly private from persons outside of the Union, unless publication be authorized by the L.U., and persons giving out any information contrary to the L.U. shall, after proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Section 22, if found guilty, be fined, suspended or expelled.” 

Friday, July 29, 2011

I love that blue!

BTC bike report-2 inside (1had just left)

BTC report-2 bikes unsecured

Elderly woman beat up at MAX stop

Portland area disabled speak to the board

Michael Levine says Trimet will make disabled "homebound" and is "wrong wrong wrong"
Portland disabled address the Trimet Board/part 1
Portland area disabled speak to the trimet board/part 2

Downtown Portland getting most of the $$$$$$ (we knew that)

“There are bad streets everywhere, but the city is spending most of its money in just one place, downtown,” says David Hampsten, a member of the Portland Bureau of Transportation Budget Advisory Committee, using the common term for the planning district that encompasses the urban core.
Street projects lose traction

Sam Adams calls it quits

Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Two seniors badly injured on MAX
However they may trump up statistics, they can't deny these: a 65-year-old man with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a train on the west side, and an 84-year-woman thuggerized by a sicko on one of the MAX system's many dangerous east side platforms. Does this stuff happen on buses, and we just don't hear about it?
Read more:

You'll never guess what just happened with Milwaukie MAX
All together now, kids:
It's too late to turn back now!
Public process in the Portland area is such a bad joke.
Read more:

My very own red line cup

Oh boy, no comment on this

There is no end to the amount of bureaucrats that this place is willing to hire.
(Cultural competency?)


At the August 14 charter meeting ATU members will consider weather charges against
sister E**** F** are worthy of being further entertained.

Sometimes you just don't care

Mocking bus riders for profit

Photo Richard Layman

Trimet's latest self mastabatory event

Trimet's latest self mastabatory event from al m on Vimeo.

Trimet congratulates itself and other bureaucrats for their brilliant vision for Portland Orygon, the whitest city in America.

Catching bus drivers in the act

Metrobus drivers caught using cell phones by different kind of camera | Kytja Weir | DC | Washington Examiner

Killing transit fare evaders

Trojan asteroid caught circling Earth

Public testimony Trimet board of directors-7/27/11

David Kay says changing lift will flood fixed route service
Cameron Johnson says "we can not trust you"
RA Fontes says don't degrade the bus service for streetcar
Michael Levine says "forget bureaucrats, reach out to the disabled"
Big shot doctor wants streetcar to get to his office
Anything is better than funding highways says streetcar supporter
Streetcar supporter says gas is running out


An 84-year-old woman survives an attack at a MAX stop

Max service is just so wonderful isn't it?

Pedestrian trying to catch train hit by MAX in Hillsboro

Trimet bus riders pay and pay and pay for rail

Too bad Trimet management doesn't inform our beloved public just what happens when MAX service goes down for one of its numerous reasons.
Trimet management PULLS BUSES OFF IN SERVICE ROUTES in order to take care of its beloved rail riders. This includes high density routes like the 57 and 76 at rush hour!
So what does that mean for bus riders? Long delays, overcrowded buses, missed appointments, reporting to work late, and other assorted misery's.


Clackamas County commissioners reject sending Portland-Milwaukie light rail project to voters |

Party on dude

Red line extravaganza:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm sure glad Trimet has loads of $ for newspaper insert advertising but not our health insurance!

Truth in Advertising

My very own Trimet luggage tag!

Bike&ride- 9 parked outside the facility!

BTC bike&ride-1 bike

Pedestrian struck by MAX train in Hillsboro

Man uses fists for random attack on women at Gresham MAX platform

Checking out the new Trimet head lawyer-Jana Toran

Time for my performance report

It appears another year has gone by and now its time for my performance report. I guess it looks alright?

Mass Transit Is Good For Poor People

Al-Qaeda Claims U.S. Mass Transportation Infrastructure Must Drastically Improve Before Any Terrorist Attacks

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Erik Halstead comments on the Trimet Red Line celebration

ERIK HALSTEAD: TriMet celebrates MAX Red Line: 10 million passengers to PDX

Bus driver pleads guilty in death

Story here!


Max Train hits a pedestrian at Washington.

Car crash in Beaverton stops WES service.

Bus bridge in Hillsboro due to another pedestrian collision.

Trimet pats itself on the back

TriMet celebrates MAX Red Line: 10 million passengers to PDX |

Transit executive likes porn at work

Metro chief suspended over adult content

Crumbling America

America Will Lose Thousands Of Jobs And Billions Of Dollars To Weak Infrastructure

Rail and switch review



July Trimet Board of Directors

Trimet board of directors-July 2011 from al m on Vimeo.


A blogger in attendance comments:
The whole thing was very masturbatory when you consider neil was in charge of capital projects for the red line, so his speech was essentially thanking himself

Light rail news: Art committee, NDA leaders debate public input, giant deer art

Full story here!


3 summers ago many of us "overpaid" Trimet employees suffered through a grueling heat wave. I became physically ill during that summer due to the disgraceful working conditions at this company. The company that is supposedly the "world leader" in transit. Well those of us that work here know the ugly truth about Trimet.
The only thing they are the world leader of is PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES. There is a dark underside to Trimet's shiny downtown rail bonanza facade, and it was captured in this film by Dave Stubblefield, staring me of course. The funny thing is, not a thing has changed as far as equipment is concerned in the two years since this was filmed. Culture of safety? My ass!


Our political elite selling our lives away, Americans go to sporting events

Richard Wolff: Debt Showdown is "Political Theater" Burdening Society's Most Vulnerable

Race is everything in the land of the "free"

Wealth Gap Between Minorities and White Americans Doubles After Housing Crisis, Recession

Bus Haiku #7

Trimet legal department loses appeal

WAKE UP AMERICA! - The Real U.S. Budget Problem: Defense & War Spending Equal 94% Of All Federal Income Tax Revenues

I thought this kind of puts things in perspective. In 2010, the US government collected $898 billion in federal income tax revenues. The same year, we spent $847 billion on useless wars and national defense. That means that 94% of all federal income tax revenue is equivalent to what we spend on the Pentagon. Who out there thinks it was money well spent?

Also, just to piss you off a little bit more - defense spending is equivalent to 443% of what we collect in total corporate taxes