Thursday, July 7, 2011

Want a TriMet luggage tag?

Now's your big chance!

Tell us what you like best about riding MAX Red Line to PDX in an email to by July 18 and you’ll receive a TriMet luggage tag! Your story may be featured on too.

(I thought this was a joke, NOPE)

Hot rumor

Hot rumor is that management has been at various bus stops, when the bus pulls up they ask the driver, "hey, got your cell phone?" Five drivers handed the managers the cell phone from their pocket&were suspended for 5 days!

Punkrawker goes to Calgary

Jack Bogdanski editorial on the L.O. streetcar

Lake O. streetcar: shell game in progress

Homer Williams and Dike Dame are tinkering with their plans for condo bunkers with a streetcar at the eastern end of Lake Oswego. Now they're making the streetcar line shorter, so that it will serve even fewer Oswegans, and they're talking about building fewer of their ghastly apartments. But still 120 units to a block, six stories high. And without the streetcar, of course, they say "it won't pencil out."
Good -- let's not have it "pencil out." Use your eraser, fellas.
It's ironic that they've got old Matt Brown working the deal. If we recall correctly, Brown worked for the City of Portland when the economically disastrous SoWhat District was being pushed on that city. Promptly after helping hand the Portland tax coffers over to Homer and Dike, Brown went to work for them. Any city who goes along for a ride with that type of operative will get what it deserves.

Clackamas County commissioners to consider putting Milwaukie light rail to public vote

Where did this go?

YouTube - TriMet's Beaverton Bike & Ride‏ min - 2 hours ago - Uploaded by WTAOregon
Take a tour through TriMet's newest bicycle parking facility.

While Labor Unions Show Their Might In U.K., Workers' Influence Remains Slight In U.S.

Will urban renewal fund light rail?

Clackamas County commissioners see themselves as stuck between a rock and a light rail line on their promise to provide $25 million for MAX trains from Portland through Milwaukie to Oak Grove.

38 dead in bus vs train accident

The Hindu : States / Other States : 38 killed as train rams snag-hit bus in U.P.

Work till You Drop

British Strike Begins Drive to Save Public Pensions | Labor Notes

Transit thiefs

Transit workers plead not guilty to Caltrain theft

Bike-Friendly? Check the City’s Mass Transit System


President Obama hosts Congressional leaders at the White House today for talks on raising the national debt ceiling. According to the Washington Post, Obama is now backing a plan that would impose significant cuts to Medicare spending and retirement benefits under Social Security. A Democratic official said the White House recognizes a consensus to now tackle "entitlement reform" in part by slashing social safety-net programs because "these moments come along at most once a decade." Obama’s proposal of new public spending cuts would come in return for Republican backing of new tax hikes on corporations and wealthy households. At a Town Hall-style event with the social network site Twitter, Obama criticized Republicans for opposing tax increases in talks so far.


At least 14 civilians have been killed in a US-led NATO bombing in Afghanistan. The dead included eight children. The attack in the eastern province of Khost is believed to the deadliest by the US-led occupation force against Afghan civilians this year.

SHOW ME DA $$$$$$$$$$$$

TriMet to pay $2M to boat operator | Portland Business Journal

July 6


Jack Bogdanski under surveillance by Homeland Security

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