Friday, July 8, 2011

Driver of the month- John Robledo honored at Center Street

Text from 57 driver!

day!..little retard (Katy)..the 1 they had the lil party for was waiting for bus with bike. Rack was full so she started beating her fists and head on shelter

Things looking bleak for the 58 so far

My smiling little face seems to be missing!

A million here a million there, just make sure it goes to business not employee benefits and not actual service that people need

PORTLAND - Construction of a new bridge across the Willamette River is causing headaches for the Portland Spirit cruise ship.
But now, the Spirit is getting some pain relief. For all its trouble, the company will receive about $2 million from TriMet.
That's on top of the $2 million TriMet is paying the ship's owners to lease their riverfront land during the bridge's construction.

This is interesting

Something doesn't look right with this


Jason Mchuff does what Trimet is supposed to be doing....

He has organized all the Trimet service alerts to now appear on a twitter feed!

Does anyone at TriMet care?

Today, in front of my building at 4th and Hall, attempted to ride the #12 to 6th and Yamhill to Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The bus stop was completely taped off.

A TriMet supervisor pulled up...sat in his car...when I made it clear that, uh, what the hell am I supposed to do?  He just sat in his luxury sport utility vehicle, glared at me (how dare he open his window and let all that air conditioned air escape!) and left.

Called 238-RIDE.  "Well, we didn't know about that...sometimes the contractors don't tell us (never mind the dozens of buses, Supervisors, and the fact this was a city of Portland project...)"  We'll let dispatch know.

As of three hours later, there is still not a Rider Alert posted, nor anything at, TriMet's Facebook or Twitter account.  But there is a nice Facebook post about some TriMet maintenance tech that has some interesting hobby.


I ended up taking a 44 bus after a five block walk...which dropped me off two blocks further than I wanted to go...and ended up walking the entire trip back to work.  TriMet - See where it takes you today.

(I'm sure there's a good explanation from Jason McHuff how this was acceptable service to bus riders and better than any other transit agency in the world.)

Drivers sue transit district

Former Palace Transit drivers sue city, say they were illegally fired | The Daily Republic | Mitchell, South Dakota

The 10 Scariest GOP Governors: Bringing a Radical Right-Wing Agenda To a State Near You

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Trimet tales of the bizzare

The story you are about to read is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Little Johnny(bus driver) has been called into the principles (station manager) office because he has been a really bad boy.

The principle says; "Johnny, what are we going to do with you? Your classmates (bus riders) are saying you are picking on them!"

Johnny responds, "Mr principle sir, I really don't know what you are talking about? I just don't understand, who is saying I am picking on them?"

Mr principle pulls out his sheet and says "Johnny, we have 22 bad boy reports (SIP's) on you. If you don't stop this behavior we might have to call your mother!"

Johnny cry's out, "please Mr Principle, not my mother please, what did I do wrong"?

Mr principle starts reading off dates of the bad boy reports.

"Mr Principle, I was home sick on March 22nd, April 3, April 5, went home early on May 1st....

It turns out that 19 of the bad boy reports WERE NOT EVEN about little Johnny because Johnny was not even at school those days.

Mr Principle gets all puffed up; "Well Johnny, ok then, but what about these other 3 bad boy reports on days that you were here?"

"Well Mr principle, one of those the other classmate was really mad at me and made it up, on another I called the vice principle and explained the situation and told them that I couldn't get that close to the curb, and the other one, well Mr Principle, I just don't remember anything about that!"

"Well lil Johnny, you still were a bad boy two times so we need to send you to a special ed class and deal with these behavior problems!"

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience”
Albert Camus quotes (French Novelist, Essayist and Playwright, 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1913-1960)

Selling off the world to the profiteers

Fiery words over GOP proposal to cut transportation funds

Will they ever stop?

MAX tunnel to Oregon Health and Science University a possibility |

TriMet’s New Transit Bridge to the Last Century

Despite the vast expense, few people will ever benefit from Milwaukie light rail. TriMet estimates that in the opening year of 2015, the line will carry an average of 13,000 weekday “boardings.” Of those, 4,500 will be former bus rides diverted to light rail. Since each rider typically makes two “boardings” per day, the number of actual new transit customers will be around 4,250. So in construction costs alone, we will spend more than $352,941 per new rider.

Informed consent

Number of murders in US in 2009: 13,636
Number of murders committed by firearm: 9,146
Number of alleged murders discussed for past 3 years by t.v. “news”: 1
Number of most-talked-about accused murderers convicted of murder: 0
Number of extended profiles of any of 4,471 US troops killed in Iraq in a war fought on false pretenses, including 2 killed yesterday, on television “news”: 0

Power elite strangling ordinary Americans behind closed doors

It is already clear that the Republicans have succeeded spectacularly in their insistence that the agreement be mostly about spending cuts rather than building back the money lost from the Bush tax cuts that was the principal cause of the deficit. Mr. Obama has said there will have to be some revenue increases, but Republicans are in an antitax straightjacket and have defined the term so narrowly that cuts are likely to outweigh increases by a factor of three or four to one.

Adron Hall always a fan of the private sector

The Good News In Transit, The Private Sector « Transit Sleuth


ARC FLASH from al m on Vimeo.

July 7


Hell yes, they won't even repair a bus!

In answer to the question would Trimet officials stoop so low as to trick operators into showing them their cell phone.

Can't be true? Or can it?

Drivers keep getting in trouble for not calling stops.
However many of the offending drivers are calling their stops!
The  management is not being specific about what stops are not called or giving the details of these reports.
Now I come to find out what may be happening is that drivers are pulling up to stops that service more than one route, not opening the door and calling out their route number, that is why they are getting written up.
The problem is, the management is not telling operators the exact reason why they are getting written up so the offending drivers can't take steps to solve the problem.
Hence they get written up again!

Can this be actually true?
Sorta sounds like the cell phone rumor, entrapment.
Nah, I can't believe it!

entrap [ɪnˈtræp]
vb -traps, -trapping, -trapped (tr)
1. to catch or snare in or as if in a trap
2. to lure or trick into danger, difficulty, or embarrassment
entrapper  n

Jeff describes the latest rumor