Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Portland A-Foot sends out a bizzare newsletter that I can't read!

Here's one for Erik!

Washington Park to the Oregon Zoo - Train Ride‬‏
‪PDX Zoo Train‬‏

I thought this was weird

I have been listening to dispatch calls (something I can do but visitors to this blog can't apparently, at least by me posting them)and an interesting call has come through that said:

"A lot of people are getting on with those new HC ID's and using them as passes, don't they have to pay a fare with those cards?"
"Yes they do" was the answer!

That is what I thought people have been doing, But I never know what's a pass around here and whats not!

It turns out that DISPATCH does not even know about the HC free passes either!

Korean bank workers shut down banks!

SC First to shut branches today - INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

Been screwed by REED GROUP?

Not to long ago I asked for FEMLA leave and was denied.
I was 5 hours short apparently.
I said the hell with it and took care of the problem myself.
I find out today that I could have been granted leave under OFLA, the Oregon Family Leave Act, which has a lower threshold for qualification.

The UNETHICAL REED GROUP, did not bother to mention that OFLA was an option.

That is who Trimet has hired to take care of this important part of our work lives.



The Oregon Family Leave Act ( OFLA ) and

TRIMET flow chart and info


That when Trimet requires you to get a doctors note to return back to work then TRIMET must pay for the doctors fee for getting that letter!
ORS 659A.306


Click here!


You would think by now that it is fairly widely known, and pretty damn obvious, that my INTERNET activities and associations OFF THE JOB, are not the business or concern of my employer, nor do I ever pretend to be any sort of representative of my employer, who happens to be the Trimet Transportation District of Oregon.

Recently a law office sent some letters FOR ME over to the Trimet legal department, who then forwarded them over to me, UNOPENED.

If you have a problem with my driving, then contact Trimet customer service.

If you have a problem with my internet activity, which is always on my own time on my own equipment, then you can contact me via the email address which is listed on my profile.

It is also fairly easy to find my snail mail address using conventional methods!

This guy does some strange Trimet movies

YouTube - ‪TRIMET gang stalking‬‏

Not sure what this is

YouTube - ‪downtown Portland OR train horn trimet MAX vs civic‬‏


The solution to all of this as we understand it is war. We've been predicting war – serial, elite wars – for years. Well, lo and behold, the US is now somehow involved in seven or more separate conflicts. There are reasons for each of these conflicts – spurious ones to be sure. But the nice thing about the War on Terror (which we think generally is a flawed elite promotion) is that it is like a portmanteau war. You can pack it up and carry it anywhere.

The Daily Bell does an excellent job of explaining why I do not use facebook (at least very often)

We can see from this narrative how The Economist twists the analysis. We've written about this before. Social media are to be THE transformative enterprise. There's a reason of course. One need merely work with a Google or a Face Book and data mine to one's heart's content. Blogs and websites are not easily controlled. Social media is.

The Daily Bell - Wishful Thinking: Why The Economist Wants Social Media to Replace Blogs

No such thing as safety in India

UP: Murder as bus crew leaves 38 to die on tracks : Uttar Pradesh: India Today

Government pleads "deficit" all the while wasting our tax dollars like there is no tomorrow

Columbia River Crossing has spent $130 million, without lifting a shovel |

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