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Dan Christensen comment on Oregonian 35 nightmare

Dan Christensen August 13, 2011 at 7:56AM

I drive a trimet bus and I also work the extra board and that means every day I have a new route to drive. IT can be any time, any place so I'm use to driving all sorts of crazy places. I know how it is to be that driver, I know how it is to be depending on others to help you and still get lost.



RT @trimet: @PDXStreetcar Just confirmed this is a comment re: streetcar: RT @clayroody first time ever feeling carsick on a trolley @trimet #leadfoot
RFOregon: Wanted sex offender frequents TriMet stations, authorities say: Parole and probation officers ... #News #US #Oregon ·
WalkOfLife503: Old man sniffing boys on #trimet ·
lazulisong: Culinary students eating results of baking class on #trimet bus. Q_Q cheeedddder biscuuuuuiiiitsssssss

Wanted sex offender frequents TriMet stations


Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work.
Deputy General Counsel


Man has heart attack on Bridge Pedal
19000 cycle, walk over Portland's bridges during Sunday's ...
Bikes take over freeways, streets for Bridge Pedal | Portland
Providence Bridge Pedal draws over 18000 cyclists - FOX 12 - KPTV ...
Portland Bridge Pedal 2011 (2 of 2) - YouTube


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Passengers of the Los Angeles County Metro bus system now can watch full episodes of One Economy's groundbreaking web-series, Los Americans, delivered in shortened segments through the Transit TV broadcast network Monday through Friday. Hollywood icon Robert Townsend, cast members of Los Americans and representatives from One Economy and Transit TV hosted a screening of the series and answered questions today for a preview event onboard a Los Angeles County bus.

BART has opened a real can of worms trampling on freedoms

For apparently the first time in the United States, a government agency shuttered mobile-internet and phone service in a bid to quash a demonstration — the same type of speech suppression exercised by Middle Eastern tyrannies to quell dissent.
Thursday’s move by Bay Area Rapid Transit authorities was greeted by an uproar of comparisons to Egypt and Libya. The hacking collective Anonymous responded in typical form over the weekend by defacing the agency’s website, and stealing and releasing the private account information of some 2,000 San Francisco–area transit riders.

San Francisco Subway Shuts Cell Service to Foil Protest; Legal Debate Ignites | Threat Level |

Trimet capital projects manager goes to Korea

Hmmmm, do we have money for this sort of thing? But they sure do love Portland, even around the world I guess. Must be doing something right? Right?

Young Park, Manager Capital Projects, joined academic dignitaries from around the world in Korea earlier this summer for a forum on transportation. KTI is the equivalent of the Transportation Research Board in the U.S. Park’s presentation, “Portland – A case study of Livable Transit-First City” was well received and garnered many inquiries about TriMet from the attendees.

Trimet management heading out to the community

TriMet staff will be setting up booths at a number of community events this week to promote safety around vehicles and tracks:

Lloyd District Transportation Management Association Summer Transportation Fair at Oregon Square Park (Holladay between 7th & 9th streets)


I've been watching Trimet on the twitters and it appears they are really starting to respond to people there. That's good news indeed! Congratulations Trimet for finally hopping on board that boat!

About that statue of the giant teletubby deer

Portland A-Foot



If you missed the union meeting...

The 1000+ Trimet union employees that don't go to these meetings finally get to see what is going on inside the meetings. Chris Day lost the battle but he won the war on transparency.
There have been two major decisions, both involving Ellen Fox of all people, that have had a huge impact on union members.

50 organized union members attempted to prefer charges on Jon Hunt

They didn't understand the technicalities of doing it however. The new rulings allow public disclosure of union business.


In 1967, the California Supreme Court ruled that a city couldn't prohibit nondisruptive political activity inside a railroad station.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jack Bogdanski editorials and exposé

Go by streetcar, lose your pension

Why Portland City Hall employees' unions continue to support politicians who will spend money on tomfoolery like the Mystery Train to Milwaukie (population 20,291) is beyond us. When those electeds overspend on their pet projects, the unions may find themselves losing their precious retirement checks:
Cities and local governments make lots of promises: to their citizens, workers, vendors and investors. But when the money starts to run out, as it has in Central Falls, some promises prove more binding than others. Bond lawyers have known for decades that it is possible, at least in theory, to put bondholders ahead of pensioners, but no one wanted to try it and risk a backlash on Election Day. Now the poor, taxed-out city of Central Falls is mounting a test case, which other struggling governments may follow if it succeeds.
The whole thing is here.

The treasury department has issued a new dollar bill to reflect the state of the economy.

A Growing Gloom for States and Cities

States and cities had already endured a harrowing three-year financial slide when the debt-ceiling crisis darkened their outlooks even further. In the space of just a few weeks, the Republican-led standoff on spending and taxes brought them a triple dose of bad news: a budget deal that will probably lead to a significant reduction in federal aid; a bond downgrade that could eventually trickle down to the local and state level, making borrowing more expensive; and a stock market plunge that is bleeding state employee pension funds. 
Washington should have been trying to find a way to help states avoid the layoffs and cutbacks that have contributed heavily to the high unemployment rate. Instead, it seems to be doing everything possible to make the situation worse in state capitals around the country.


Checking out Portland's reservoir

The case against ellen fox

Was dismissed under the U.S. Department of Labor — Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) — Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959, As Amended

I have been informed that somewhere in there (I don't see it) it states that union members are permitted to discuss union business both "inside" and "outside' the union, which of course means that we are now free to discuss the union business publicly.




It takes 18 years of full time seniority to get an am straight at merlo.

The Reed group is screwing drivers left and right, the company allows the screw ups and takes no responsibility.

Willie Moore and Hazel Lavalee both got the hell out of here. (retired)


In a past preferring of charges I posted all the information about that case. It now appears that it is permissible after the current union ruling.
While it saddens me that a woman can go around slandering and victimizing with impunity, the plus side is that we can now discuss openly the events of our union.



Reports are the ATU president has come down on the side of Free speech, with the approval of the executive board, and a vote of the membership.

Ellen Fox bears no responsibility in posting members names and driver numbers!

There has never been a preferring of charges that has actually gone through at ATU 757.
Is that a good thing? I really don't know.


Remember the story that KGW ran on me? Well here it is, in all it's glory. There are 4 videos, two from the station, and then the two that I made with Jason Mchuff that were not edited. I would encourage anyone who is being interviewed by a TV network to make sure they bring an assistant to film the ENTIRE interview.

My versions are the next two:
 This is the video I made before going (against all advice) down to that TV station.

Jim Karlocks website ( I think)

Inside Story-China train crash



SF transit agency’s cell phone shutdown: Shielding commuters or hints of Orwell?

(Robin Weiner, File/Associated Press) - FILE - Commuters enter and exit a Bay Area Rapid Transit station in San Francisco’s financial district in this Sept. 15, 1997 file photo. Officials with the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, better known as BART, said Friday Aug. 12, 2011 that they blocked cellphone reception in San Francisco train stations for three hours to disrupt planned demonstrations over a police shooting.
SAN FRANCISCO — An illegal, Orwellian violation of free-speech rights? Or just a smart tactic to protect train passengers from rowdy would-be demonstrators during a busy evening commute?
The question resonated Saturday in San Francisco and beyond as details emerged of Bay Area Rapid Transit officials’ decision to cut off underground cellphone service for a few hours at several stations Thursday. Commuters at stations from downtown to near the city’s main airport were affected as BART officials sought to tactically thwart a planned protest over the recent fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man by transit police.
Two days later, the move had civil rights and legal experts questioning the agency’s move, and drew backlash from one transit board member who was taken aback by the decision.
“I’m just shocked that they didn’t think about the implications of this. We really don’t have the right to be this type of censor,” said Lynette Sweet, who serves on BART’s board of directors. “In my opinion, we’ve let the actions of a few people affect everybody. And that’s not fair.”

The continuing failure and waste of resources on the 'war on drugs'

Camelopardalis MAX FAQS

Someone put Chillaxin' on the MAX on Reddit a few days ago. This is the second time MAX FAQs ended up there (the first, strangely enough, being my post about dynamic braking - who knew the internet would find that so interesting?), so for everyone still wandering in from Reddit, hi.
Anyway, some good news: we now have the video PSA for Chillaxin' on the MAX.
Can we bring these guys back for the Orange Line opening? I think I like them better than the Green Line dance team.


After Action report
After Action report
Action report
Action report
Action report
portland is too crazy!...shuting down all these bridges for friggin in gridlock!....taking me almost an hour to get across to NE

A Half-Century at the Local Tire Factory in a Globalizing World

A Half-Century at the Local Tire Factory in a Globalizing World | Dissident Voice

The next time you buy tires,insist that your tire be made in the USA.Les Schwab,the leading retailer in the NW,sells mainly imports from Korea,Japan and China.I cringe when I look out my drivers side window and see Toyo,Yokohama, Hankook or their private labels such as Open Country.Put a US citizen to work in Ohio,Iowa,Tennessee or S.Carolina by keeping those factories running.

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Fare increases got you down?

Don't worry, just hop on Streetcar and buy your fare there (assuming you aren't going out of Zones 1-2). Still valid on bus & MAX, but cheaper than buying it on either of those!

Paul Cooper loses his arbitration hearing

We have been informed by reliable sources that the final decision on the Paul Cooper case affirmed his firing. It was his work record that did him in.

Bus wrap on 1731

It kind of made me wonder - is it cheaper for companies to advertise on a bus like this that isn't likely to spend a lot of time downtown compared to a newer low-floor (and therefore isn't as likely to be seen by as many people?)

The tea party


Coffee with Steve Banta of Phoenix Metro


Steve fung says "turn off FOX news"!


Union members will vote on charges against Ellen Fox in the next round of union hearings.
I would imagine that the first thing that most people will think is “here we go again, Chris Day and Ellen Fox “
But this is not the issue in the latest case. The issue this time is a member taking ‘private’ information about other union members and giving that information to the company for discipline and to the public at large.

Gore Vidal one on one

A COACH driver took over from his pal at the wheel of a bus doing 60mph

NY bus driver, fired for aiding police, is rehired

King County votes to save transit

Portland government didn't do that. They just cut services for citizens and benefits for employees. They also continued the rail expansion at the expense of bus service. Congratulations to the citizens of King County for having a truly progressive government.
Read the story and watch the video HERE!

Jason tells his side of the story

Jason tells his side of the story from al m on Vimeo.


The "insider"

TriMet: RiderInsider Newsletter - August 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bike Count at GTC 3pm friday

Backlash at Sunset Transit Center

Operator on 12 or 94 w/family on dozed off and hit vehicle

I wonder how much overtime that operator has been working?

Verizon claims sabotage, calls cops on strikers

Postal workers next on the hit list

Labor Fight Goes Postal as Unions Rip USPS Cost-Cutting Plan to Slash Jobs, Revamp Benefits -

Jack Bogdanski commentaries

Half a loaf

It appears that the tighty-righties are giving up on stopping the new car-free bridge across the Willamette. But they're still fighting tooth-and-nail the plan to run an expensive, frivolous light rail train across it and down to the sleepy, small suburb of Milwaukie.
How about this deal, they ask: build the bridge, but just connect the Portland streetcar loop to it? Forget the crazy MAX train to Milwaukie -- run more express buses down there instead. Interesting idea. Probably makes too much sense for Portlandia.

The BEST Twitters

cedr: RT @urbanvole: Portland first: my bus driver missed a passenger so he circled the block to go back and pick her up... #nice #trimet · Reply · RT

ORcot_Dude: RT @CascadePolicy: $205 million per mile for Milwaukie light rail was “indefensible” and should be terminated #transit @TriMet #pdx · Reply · RT

transit_tweets: RT @mrkon: @trimet the accuracy of your time boards downtown have gotten worse. Bus hasn't come yet and it displayed the time for next bus. · Reply · RT

ATU 757 President Jon Hunt

Portland 10 year streetcar event

Police State takes hold in Amerika

S.F. subway muzzles cell service during protest | InSecurity Complex - CNET News

Time for Trimet to follow King County Metro

At a press conference this morning, it was announced that the Council has come up with the super-majority votes needed to pass the $20 Congestion Reduction Charge. With the deal, The Downtown Ride Free Area will be phased out by October 2012.

545 vs. 300,000,000 People

-By Charlie Reese

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them. Have you ever wondered, “if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?”

Another sucide

A fatal fall from the Vista Bridge is affecting service on bus Line 58. More details to come. Riders should expect delays.

King County Metro is Saved, RFA cut

At a press conference this morning, it was announced that the Council has come up with the super-majority votes needed to pass the $20 Congestion Reduction Charge. With the deal, The Downtown Ride Free Area will be phased out by October 2012.

So, Metro service is spared from deep cuts, and pay as you leave is going away. There are some other parts to the deal, but these are the ones that matter most to me.

Who needs to get cut?

Salary of retired US Presidents .............$180,000 FOR LIFE
Salary of House/Senate .......................$174,00​0 FOR LIFE
Salary of Speaker of the House ............$223,500 FOR LIFE
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ...... $193,400 FOR LIFE
Average Salary of a teacher ................ $40,065
Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN $38,000
I think we found where the cuts should be made! 

Asleep at the wheel

Larry Hanley

American infrastructure falling apart

Transportation: The high cost of underinvestment - Baltimore Sun

Chris Day rescinds the charges on Jon Hunt

The intention to “Prefer Charges” towards President Jonathan Hunt has been based off of communications and documents between him and me in reference towards the delivery of documents to a member. There was a dead line of July 30th, 2011 for the documents to be delivered to the member. It is not clear that this dead line had been met, yet it appears that the member has received the documents and the proceeding is moving forward.
Because the proceedings are moving forward and the member has the required documents as stated in our communications I find the intention of “Preferring Charges” towards President Jonathan Hunt Null Void and is not warranted. Though the delay is questionable the end result is the factor of dismissing the intention of “Preferring Charges”. 

Video Log-August 11 (part 2)

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 11 (part 1)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gresham Transit Center Bike Corral



AK Rucker

TriMet: Making a Difference - A.K. Rucker: Taking the First Step to Keep Kids Out of Gangs

Macfarlane panders to the bike crowd » Blog Archive » TriMet urges local agencies to boost plans for biking, walking

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 10 (part 2)

VIDEO LOG-AUGUST 10 (part 1)

Dear public transit riders

Official fare information post

Trimet information about the fares - conversation engine

Classic Trimet incidents

Union says YouTube video violated bus driver's privacy

The union representing Gatineau bus drivers wants to prevent passengers from capturing video inside public buses after a passenger caught a bus driver doing paperwork behind the wheel.

Feds want to take over safety administration for all light rail traffic nationwide

Obama administration seeks to regulate safety on subways, trolleys, light rail | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/11/2011

Church of light rail news

Legislature Pushed Rail System Regardless of Cost, Performance or Ridership | Hawaii Reporter

Transit workers in Miami told "eat shit or find a new job"

Mayor warns Miami-Dade transit workers not to consider a sick-out next week - Miami-Dade -

Trimet board meeting-August 2011

SUV smashes through mattress store

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

u hear about crash on jenkins with bus and 2 cars!

BTC bike&ride/3 inside/7 outside

Downtown building gets demolished-time lapse

Do they really appreciate me?

Graph of Trimet revenues

Graph by Jason Mchuff

Cascade institute proposes low cost alternative to Milwaukie MAX

Capatalizing on misfortune?

MAX accessibility


Are you a TRIMET believer?

Are you a TriMet believer and want the whole world to know? Have your picture taken Thursday, August 11, in downtown Portland in front of the Pioneer Courthouse at the SW 6th Ave MAX Station. We’ll be giving out TriMet stickers to our volunteer models! Look for us between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We hope to see you!

Khris Alexander thinking of running for ATU 757 VP

Flash Mobs and the Ruling Elite Plan to Control the Internet

Jack Bogdanski-doing the work of a dozen reporters and editorialists

Finally -- public corruption in Portland gets spotlight
Street of screams
Staffer of the Week -- Adopt Amy Ruiz, my old pal!
Design on the dotted line
Immigration jail takes art school as human shield

Trimet gets $22,200,000 more in revenue this year

This company has generated more than $22 million in additional revenues over last year. Where has the additional revenue been allocated?

Michael Levine says disabled want 'transit equity'

John Charles says "don't cut down the trees'

Joy Kovacks asks "what happened to the total transit system"

John Charles message to the TriMet Board Members

Then imagine all the beautiful trees getting clear-cut by TriMet contractors on or before September 15. Imagine the entire street being blown up and widened to accommodate a slow, noisy light rail line. Picture a big light rail station in the middle of the block, with all the aesthetic glamour of light rail stations such as those located at East Burnside and 102nd, 122nd, 148th, or 162nd; or perhaps the station at North Interstate and Killingsworth, or the Beaverton Round.

John Charles message to the TriMet Board Members | Cascade Policy Insitute

Bus Driver Gets Fired After Rescuing 3 Cops,0,5016366.story


I can say with complete confidence that our budget problems are not and have not been caused by light rail expansion.

Your tax dollars at work

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Gen Allen said that after the helicopter crash, international forces sought out the insurgents and killed them.
"We dealt with them in a kinetic strike," he said.

BBC News - US says Taliban who shot at US helicopter dead

Britian in turmoil

Over 1,000 Arrested in U.K. as Anger Over Inequality, Racism Boils Over Into "Insurrection"

BBC News - England riots: Fightback under way, says PM

Transit District Launches CT's First 22-Foot Hydrogen Bus

Transportation and Trucking News - From Horses to Hydrogen-Greater New Haven Transit District Launches CT's First 22-Foot Hydrogen Bus

Blood thirsty public doesn't get its lynching of this bus driver

CTV Ottawa- Bus driver won't be fired for doing paperwork behind the wheel - CTV News

The case of the Oregon school bus driver who flied a confederate flag and got fired

'Backyard redneck' seeks reinstatement (

More news from America's most dangerous city to ride transit

Man shoots at SEPTA train; beaten man flees onto bus | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/10/2011

WE WANT TO BE LIKE PORTLAND, the question is why?

What is it that they see that I cannot see in this? It's obviously not about transit riders, development then? Where has the MAX  spurred development? The pearl is a good example of the streetcar and how that tempted affluent yuppies to buy high priced condos partly because they have a 'free' streetcar out the front door. But where else has light rail made that much difference? The yellow line is basically a dud, the green line is nice but jeez, big deal. The WES is carrying more people and its very nice, but necessary? HARDLY! I just don't get it, what's with this church of light rail and why are so many people fixated on it?
Mayor challenges City Council to be bold and fund rail projects | Ballard News-Tribune

inShare High-speed rail price tag soars again, this time on pace to surpass $60 billion


Defendants: Beth DeHamel, Yvette Farra, Jon Hunt, Lynn Lehrback, Pension Plan for Bargaining Unit Employees of Tri-Met, Sam Schwarz, Janna Toran and Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon

Video Log-August 9

Powell Garage Driver of the Month Parking Spot

Wisconsin recall fails

BBC News - Republicans survive key Wisconsin recall elections

TriMet could sue if county reneged on $25 million

“a binding, enforceable agreement” that put Clackamas County on the hook in writing for either payment or interest charges by Sept. 2, 2013.
(Funny how some things are "binding" and others can be tossed out because of "austerity")

BCC nixes vote on light rail

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Board Meeting -- Texas Style

Looks like Houston's METRO posts video from all of its public meetings online; there's even a link from their front page!

Take a moment to watch the first 5-10 minutes of the 7/28/11 board meeting (the first public commenter & the board's response to him). Very similar topics as the TriMet board, but note how the board actually responds to the public! My favorite line is: "So you won't give me the list of the members of your organization, so I can meet with them and hear all of their good comments?" That's pure Texas, baby! haha....

Also, note how the public comment forum is up-front.

The guy with the blue shirt / red tie is their GM (who was just busted for looking at porn using the company internet access).

Bachman Boner Overdrive

 Infrared camera with sound at Beaverton TC

BTC report-3


31  imagine_enigami: Train appears to be normal, but who the fuck knows... #trimet · Reply · RT

Is Harold Hut any relation to Harrison Hut?

Harold Hut just won an award for redesigning the CSI into the SIP policy!
BOOOO to Harold Hut, we want Harrison Hut!

Jack Bogdanski editorial

New chief lawyer for Tri-Met

It's Jana Toran, 50-ish, a hard-charging litigator with a reputation among some opposing lawyers of playing rough. That may be a good trait in courtroom battle, but now she'll be running the entire legal department of a transit agency, which requires a different set of skills. What's more, Tri-Met's a scary client to have these days, as it teeters toward bankruptcy with the tea party turning off the D.C. money spigot. We wish Toran luck as she takes on her new role. She's going to need it.
At last report, Toran's old salary was north of $162,000. The guy she's replacing, Brian Playfair, was getting paid more than $192,000. Go by streetcar, people.



Soon we will all be riding the Milwaukie Mystery Train to see this!

Support the Verizon strike against corporate greed

Wednesday August 10th noon to 1:30 pm --Mall 205 Store, SE 99th and Washington Thursday August 11, 1:30 to 3:30 pm--Portland downtown store, 616 SW Broadway

Grown in Oregon? I thought it was China?

My fourth safety request is APPROVED

One of the buses was blinding me while I drove around the Canyon Rd curves at night.
I wrote it up as a safety defect, and believe it or not, I have received a letter that they are installing the correct lighting where I requested it!

Hallelujah, Thank ya Jesus!

Portland Cop Tasered A Disabled Man on TriMet

According to Welch's written report, Green had his hands tucked into the sleeves of his bulky jacket and refused orders to take them out. Green said "I just want to go home" and "I'm not doing anything wrong," according to Welch's report.

Story here! 

While bus service is in shambles...come celebrate the shiny rail!

Trimet bus repairs-part 1 (thank god for duct tape)

Trimet bus 'repair'-part 4 (leaks from roof cause flooding)

Trimet bus repairs-part 3 (wire holds pedals on)

Trimet bus repairs-part 2

The truth about the debt ceiling

Hidden Agenda: The "Debt Crisis Plan" was to Strike a Blow at the National Social Safety Net


Private Messaging Network Is Said to Link London Rioters -

Meanwhile, back in Greece where all this current shit started

Factbox: Key political risks to watch in Greece - CNBC

Scott Walker-the future of a divided Amerika

Walker Union Fight Intensifies as Wisconsin’s Recalls Threaten Republicans - Bloomberg

Republicans get ready for next hijacking

US gasoline tax renewal fight in Congress imminent: House Democrat - Oil | Platts News Article & Story

Bart goes down due to glitch

BART service restored following computer glitch - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

Muni starts live video transmissions from buses

Do Muni cameras infringe on your right to privacy? |

Philidelphia-most dangerous city to be a transit worker

Man shoots at SEPTA train; beaten man flees onto bus | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/09/2011



This one over 'forced' overtime.

Beaver transit workers vote to go on strike


Rally in support of public transit scheduled for this Saturday |


Joe Ayala, a driver for 18 years — who said he has driven more than 1 million miles without an accident — provided an example of what he described as a disciplinary approach that has managers second-guessing what's happening on the street.
Ayala pulled his bus to the side of the road so a woman could, for safety reasons, get control of her child. The woman instead got off the bus and called in to complain.
"I was suspended for two days," Ayala said, adding, "I know what I'm doing out there."

Mary Fetsch responds to Joe Rose, and then gets some responses to herself

Mary Fetsch TriMet August 05, 2011 at 3:56PM

Joe: I sent an update to you and Brent. Wanted to share with your readers more details about what happened.

Video Log-Monday

This is a photoshopped train to Portland Airport

I'm probably late to the game on this because I never pick up maps/schedules for the trains (given that I have no need of them..) But anyway, this is the map of the Red Line that's currently available. Do you see what I see?


Further riots in London as violence spreads across England



BBC News - Asian markets tumble after share sell-off in the US

Monday, August 8, 2011

BTC report-3 inside&5 outside

The latest TRIMET TWITTER REPORTS (some good ones in this stack)

1 m 5945  KOIN_Local_6: Yes @bkkimball: RT @trimet: Due to mechanical issues on MAX, red/blue lines between Rose Q. & Jeld-Wen Field will be served by a bus bridge · Reply · RT

3 m 132  transit_tweets: RT @mattrabe: @trimet thx. I can see the problem train. Switching tracks. Assume they are taking it to Galleria. Waiting for shuttle. None seen. · Reply · RT

Light rail fail pic

Never a good sign when you see 2 @trimet trains that close. on Twitpic

London burning!

BBC News - London riots: Violence erupts for third day
‪LIVE update: Riots spread to Birmingham, London chaos no end‬‏ - YouTube

And yet ANOTHER light rail fail

This is becoming a daily event!

TriMet <>
Due to mechanical issues on a MAX train, Blue and Red lines between Rose Quarter and Jeld-Wen Field will be served by a bus bridge. Riders should expect delays.

Ballad of the Mystery Train to Milwaukie

"Our budget is as tight as a drum"-Neil Macfarlane

But we here at Trimet can afford to send him around the country to speak about his wonderful rail inventions.(notice how they mention his non existent bus system improvements, what baloney)

Neil McFarlane is General Manager of Portland TriMet. Before that, he served for 12 years as TriMet’s Executive Director for Capital Projects, advancing the expansion of the region’s rail system and overseeing extensive capital investments for bus systems. McFarlane helped establish TriMet’s MAX light rail transit as an internationally known and respected system for planning, design, and construction innovation, delivering three light rail lines on-time and on-budget.

Federal Transit Administration - Federal Transit Administration Announces Panel to Help Advance Transit in Southeastern Michigan

More accidents of the week

Our union dues at work

I've been looking at our unions LM2 report for last year.
I didn't realize that our union officers are enjoying such luxurious travel budgets:

Bus crash of the week

Musical bureaucrats continues at Trimet

Kim Sewell has been promoted to replace Toran to lead the litigation department as TriMet's new Director of Legal Services. Sewell has served as a litigator for the agency for nine years, handling complex personal injury, employment, labor and contract-related disputes. 
(The big shots are cashing out with their loot, lots of loot I bet. How much is fearless Freddie pulling down traveling around the world right now?)


As we know, Sam Swartz is retiring soon. 
The question has been asked what exactly is Sam retiring with in terms of benefits. 
We know he will get is Trimet retirement and social security (who knows about any of that of course) but does he walk away with anything from our union?

Dumping stocks

Market Report - Aug. 8, 2011 - CNNMoney


The losing war on drugs continues sucking down our tax dollars

Wars war and more war, great country we have here.

The New York Times has revealed the United States has increased its involvement in Mexico’s bloody drug war. In recent weeks, CIA operatives and former military personnel have been posted at a Mexican military base in the northern region of the country. Manned by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, CIA officials and retired military personnel members, the intelligence outpost is modeled after compounds operated by the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. For the first time, U.S. operatives are reportedly working alongside Mexican authorities in collecting information about drug cartels and planning operations. Officials from both countries are also considering embedding private security contractors in a specially vetted Mexican counter-narcotics police unit. In addition to efforts at intelligence collaboration, the United States has also begun flying unmanned drones over Mexican soil in recent months.


Watch as the board of sock puppets, oops, I mean directors, hands out nice big fat contracts to build a mystery train to Milwaukie!

No transit equity for residents outside Portland!

And no transit equity for residents outside London either!

Transport spending per person in London is twice the level in Wales - Wales News - News - WalesOnline

New Flyer gets contracts

Streetcar? We don't need no stinking streetcar!

"With respect to rail, wires and the monetary return on the investment, it's just not there with streetcars at this time," he said. "We'll strengthen our transit network and we'll make further investments in the alternative methods of transportation for downtown."
Instead, the board is exploring the idea of an electric bus shuttle.

Transit scandals

Many on track to jail as two MTA workers plead guilty to taking bribes from unqualified work-seekers

Greatest Show on Earth is bus contract antics

The circus is coming back to town, and this time it might be goofier than ever.
Swing by the Regional Transportation Commission on Thursday and see for yourself. Come join dozens of Mesquite residents taking the bus to Las Vegas and bus drivers taking their concerns to the commission.
Witness high-priced consultants and attorneys pumping up their companies and punching holes in the competition's reputations, as First Transit and Veolia Transportation continue their feud over a $600 million contract to operate a bus system.
Watch commissioners listen intently as Veolia representatives describe how buses will break down and union workers will be paid pennies if the contract is awarded to First Transit. See them squirm in their seats as they explain to taxpayers why they are voting in favor of Veolia's bid that over a seven-year period costs $50 million more than First Transit's proposal.

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Streetcar Fail

Riverfront streetcar tracks shift due to heat |


 Video shows Metrobus driver swerve to avoid 4-year-old | Kytja Weir | DC | Washington Examiner

These camera's are installed to "spy" on drivers. More evidence that entering this occupation nowadays is foolish, you basically are allowing your employer to legally spy on everything you do. I can't think of one other occupation that is allowed to video tape your every action like this. Who would have ever believed that being a bus driver would ever evolve into such a lousy job. This used to be such a great job back in the day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mark Hatfield

Mark Hatfield, 89, Dies. Lion of Oregon Politics

Guess who?

Being from Boston

Here is a little history of my home state Massachusetts, and Boston, where I spent most  of my time  growing up:

Dead Horse Theory

If you don't understand this theory, you haven't lived long enough......

 The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to
 generation, says that, "When you discover that you are riding a dead
 horse, the best strategy is to dismount."

The green thing

In the line at the store, the cashier told an older woman that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren't good for the environment.   
The woman apologized to him and explained, "We didn't have the green thing back in my day." 
The clerk responded, "That's our problem today.  Your generation did not care enough to save our  environment." 

London bus burnt to a crisp