Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stroller dispute snarls traffic as transit driver, mothers butt heads

Awards to actual blue collar workers at Trimet?

Will Obama sell us out?

What about Obama? from al m on Vimeo.

Is he a liar and a sellout?

Commuting on Trimet.

‪Hawthorne Bridge‬‏ - YouTube

TriMet Bus Driver Fined For Traffic Violation

Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartman

“Trimet bus stop, Portland, 1979.”

No panacea in privatization

Many European countries and cities have privatized infrastructure and city services. You want to use the highway -- you pay. You want to stroll through a "public" garden -- you pay. You can avoid higher taxes, but if you want the services, you pay the private company that holds the franchise. It is a system that works fine for those with cash to spend.

North Dakota Weather Alert

North Dakota weather alert! from al m on Vimeo.

This is interesting

If the Wizard can't guess your mystery person in 20 questions, you can continue until it finally gets the person right. Chose a famous person in your mind and then participate in this 20 question game!!

Confederate Flag-Waving Bus Driver Can't Sue After Firing

Justice in the "land of the free"

Fatal bus stop shooting was self-defense, judge rules -

What makes this place so great?

Remember the guy that fell under the MAX train?

Remember the guy that fell under the MAX train from al m on Vimeo.

National Geographic looked into this

How voters in the Buckeye state are reacting to the republican take over

Stop sign or green light for Kasich's bus? - Toledo Blade

South Africa bus crash

12 die in bus crash: News24: South Africa: News

The incredible Mary Fetsch

 Mary Fetsch told KPAM news yesterday (helpfully transcribed by Assistant producer Nick),
"[Riders] are actually feeling better when they ride transit more often because they get exposed to more, you know, bacteria and different things they said, 'I have fewer colds when I ride transit because I've just been exposed to more and my body's, you know, immune system is stronger.' So you know, it's really interesting, being part of, you know, out in the community, umm, you know, you're gonna come across these kinds of, uhh, you know, more bacteria and different things, but also, it's helpful to the body as well." 
Someone really came up to her and said thanks for the cooties? Really?

Layover on the #73

I enjoyed talking with the residents of Dignity Village before I began my run on Saturday.

Steve Banta doing all right for himself

When the Valley's economy was unraveling in 2008, transit service was an early casualty. Three years of cuts ensued. Dozens of bus lines were eliminated, rerouted or truncated. Wait times grew, and fares shot up on buses and light rail.

Some of those transit cuts, and the resulting hardship for many riders, might have been averted if the Valley's transit network were run by a single unified agency, an Arizona Republic analysis indicates. Unified transit systems are common among fast-growing Western cities.

As it is, in Maricopa County, 11 local transit agencies provide bus and rail service, creating redundant costs in administrative personnel and contracted services such as bus operations and security. At $70 million a year, administrative costs make up nearly a quarter of the system's total operating costs, making the Valley the third most top-heavy region in the country, according to data from federal and local agencies


The fragmented system creates redundant functions and staff that can add to costs. RPTA boss David Boggs, for example, earned $258,000 last year, including benefits.
His counterpart at Metro rail, Steve Banta, made $293,000. Transit directors at each of the Valley's larger cities earn at least $80,000 a year. If the agencies were combined, spending on such salaries would likely be less because fewer administrators would be needed, Banta and other transit officials say.